Hands-on video with Thick Buttons, a keyboard replacement for Android

There are tons of keyboard replacements for Android available in the Market, and there seems to be one for just about anyone if your not in love with the stock keyboard. From skinnable keyboards to Swype, there is a lot to choose from. But after a while, they all start blending together. Well, add one more to the list. It’s called Thick Buttons and it’s definitely one of the more interesting replacement keyboards around.

What makes Thick Buttons unique is its spin on text prediction. It looks exactly like the stock Android keyboard – same text prediction bar, same everything. The difference is that Thick Buttons tries to predict the next letter you want to type by highlighting and making the selected keys bigger so they will be easier for you to hit. Through my short use of Thick Buttons, my experience wasn’t exactly optimal. The keyboard works much better in landscape mode (obviously), but the shifting of sizes of the keys makes your eyes constantly readjust the placement of the keys, even if it is bigger.

With more practice, the ease of use will probably get much easier. I always have to use the HTC keyboard that comes on the hero/Eris devices, but Thick Buttons is nice enough to set the HTC keyboard aside, and hopefully I may have found my new keyboard of choice.

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