iPhone 4G Display Assembly Caught on Video?

The last 24 hours or so have been jam-packed full of next-gen iPhone rumors… First we had the WSJ claim a CDMA iPhone is on the way to Verizon. Then, Daring Fireball stepped in with some very interesting iPhone 4G specs. The specs detailed a hi-res 940×640 capacitive touchscreen display, a front-facing camera, Apple A4 processor, and iPhone OS 4.0… Oh, and OS 4.0 will support multitasking. If these the rumors are indeed true, the iPhone 4G (or whatever Apple is going to call it) will be a big deal.

Today, a video of the rumored next-gen iPhone has been leaked (surprise, surprise). Via Smartphone Medic, this new vid gives us a look at the iPhone 4G LCD & Digitizer Assembly. In the video, the iPhone 3G and 4G display assemblies are compared side-by-side for a quick comparison. You’ll notice the faceplate is roughly 1/4 of an inch longer on the 4G. Gotta fit in that new display somehow! You’ll also notice a small hole next to the top speaker. Could this be for the rumored front-facing camera? The hole is located where the current proximity and ambient light sensors are located, and since those operate just fine through the display glass, me thinks those could be easily moved to the other side of the speaker without compromising any performance.

One other thing you’ll notice is the actual color of the display. Be sure to take note of this when you watch the video. The 3G display has a lighter grey, almost ‘brown’ tinge to it, while the 4G looks dark, dark black. Chances are this is due to the new IPS technology that lets us easily view the device from any angle. If you want to get your hands on IPS, head down to an Apple Store or Best Buy location this weekend (if you can get in), as the iPad packs the new display wizardry.

For now I’ll shut up, so take a gander at the video above and let me know your thoughts. Sure, it’s early days, but I’d expect more and more videos like this to trickle in all the way to WWDC. Which, by the way, I am now officially stoked for. April is for the iPad, June will be for WWDC and iPhone 4G 🙂

[Via: TUAW]

  • anon

    Since I have a less than one week old Nexus, I’m very frowny at first on this. But actually, it’s all great. The more Apple can push this stuff forward the better.

    I hope the screen size is real.

    I await the day I can shitcan my desktop and carry my phone around and let all my records and porn live in the cloud. But all of them need better keyboards.

    An app I’d pay for would let me attach a regular bluetooth/usb keyboard to a cellphone.

    Another app would allow for remote logins into my cellphone and export the screen and resources.

    So go go go Apple.

  • matthew

    I’m curious. If the reported screen on the nex-gen iPhone is 940×640, or anything in the ballpark, the screen would have to be substantially larger than what’s speculated to be the 4G in this video. It’s going to be an interesting couple of months of speculation. Apple is probably the most notoriously tight-lipped about upcoming product. Well, maybe Verizon comes close, as it’s been incredibly mum about the release of the Nexus One and Incredible.

    • Me

      Why does the screen need to be larger? The pixels could be smaller.

  • Will Park

    Can’t wait to see how all these rumors pan out!

  • MeatloafEater

    Nice screen.

  • Trent

    Verizon = Wrong. It’s china unicom’s flavor of CDMA.

    Oh hey, remember all those rumors yesterday about a new iPhone coming out for Verizon that had everyone all excited? Well, analysts, wet blankets that they are, had to go and ruin the fun. Maynard J. Um, an analyst who is only indecisive in name, was quick to deem a Verizon launch “unlikely” for this year, with CDMA iPhones possibly going to China Telecom or Japan’s KDDI. Um, whatever. [AppleInsider]

  • Steve

    hello iPad mini. 🙂

  • Bashar

    i think the rumors about the screen size is wrong !!!
    because 940×640 screen i very big ,it is bigger than your both hands !,then it will not be a smartphone ! , it will be a tablet device ! and Apple already made the IPad , so i don’t think there will be such a thing …

    thanks for reading

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