University will give out iPads to students

This was gonna happen at some point – Seton University¬† in Greensburg, Pennsylvania will give all full-time students an iPad who are a part of their Technology Advantage Program, starting this fall. The iPad is capable of many things, but as a text book replacement? That’s gold for any student!

Much like other colleges have done in the past, giving all students iPhones, undoubtedly, to keep track of them. Seton looks to continue that tradition. Only this time, it will be a more functional device for education. With iPads, instead of text books, it could be a dream come true for students who would otherwise have to carry a massive stack of books with them. Textbooks can be directly downloaded to the iPad using the iBook store. Students can also take advantage of the phone, file-sharing, and note-taking capabilities of the device.

It’s a good time to be a college student, get an education and an Apple product. I’m sure some of you are already signed up.

This is where the iPad will really shine – as an education and entertainment (edutainment) tool. It won’t necessarily work well as a heavy duty workstation. I’m sure it would be frustrating to write a ten-page paper on one.

[Via: Tuaw]

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