Rumor: iPad Coming to Canada April 24th?

iPad Coming to Canada April 24th?

Yo, Canada! Have some awesome news all Canadians this morning. If ‘late April’ was just a little too vague for you, I’m happy to report that some actual launch date rumors for the iPad in Canada are finally coming out. According to iPadinCanada, the weekend of April 24th has been set as a ‘black out period‘ for Canadian Apple Store staffers. What does that mean? It means that no employees are allowed to book this time off. If this is proven to be true, it could only mean the iPad would indeed be available north of the border on April 24th. I can already visualize the lineup at my local Apple Store. Blarg. 😛

If lineups aren’t your bag, I’m hoping a pre-order will be set in-place for Canadians as well. In the US, pre-orders started roughly 3 weeks before availability. If the same plan goes into effect for Canada, we could see pre-orders available as early as this weekend. Very cool stuff.

I’ll keep my eyes open and ears to the ground for any more Canadian iPad news for ya. Good times!

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