iPhone tops customer satisfaction survey

Apple’s iPhone has bested Research In Motion, HTC, Nokia, Palm and Samsung in overall customer satisfaction, according to the latest survey from J.D. Power and Associates.

The iPhone received top marks in every category except for battery life, which shouldn’t be a surprise to those who have tried to get through a full day on a single charge. Apple’s smartphone was followed by Research In Motion’s BlackBerry, which was a distant second. An interesting fact is that the survey found touch-screen users were often more satisfied than non-touch users. More than half of those surveyed with a smartphone had a touch screen and I still think touch-only controls aren’t done that well across the board. I’d take an E72 any day over the wonky resistive nightmare of the Omnia II.

“Touch screens are ideal for those using their phone for entertainment, as the displays are generally larger and provide a richer viewing experience,” said Kirk Parsons, senior director of wireless services J.D. Power and Associates, in a prepared statement. “It is critical, however, that manufacturers meet expectations with regard to providing adequate battery life, as these large displays can drain batteries very quickly. In addition, for customers to have a truly rewarding experience, wireless carriers must continue to provide a problem-free, high-speed downloads, as customers rely on them to deliver content quickly and on the go.”

[Via J.D. Power and Associates

  • Ed

    I think this has a lot to do with the attitude and nature of iPhone (Apple) users too. Not to say that the phone isn’t good, but just that a good % of it’s users (tech and non-tech) subscribe to this whole Apple is good at all so everything needs 5 stars….
    I just think other users are more critical about their devices, as they should be.

  • FT

    You should have mentioned that the study is relevant only to US customers, and Apple ranks highest in customer satisfaction only among smartphone manufacturers, because, as the source says, it’s LG that “ranks highest in overall wireless customer satisfaction.”

  • Marinperez

    Good point FT, I get too caught up in U.S.-only focus. You’re 100% correct. Thanks.

  • Kurt

    I take any customer satisfaction ratings involving Apple with a huge grain of salt. While not all users are like this, the vast majority of iPhone users I’ve met either were Apple people, or have become Apple people. If a good portion of the people surveyed are like those I’ve met, the Apple device could kill their dog, break up their marriage, make them lose their job and blow up and burn down their house, and they would still give it excellent ratings, and say Steve Jobs wanted it all to happen for some reason.

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