Nexus One’s paint chipping?

The Nexus One has a lot going on for it, including problems. From holding on to a 3G connection, to multi-touch issues, it’s has its fair share of faults. But, it’s still an amazing phone, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything on the market. Anything on the market today, at least. This time around, it looks like some paint has begun chipping off of some Google Phones.

The Nexus One shown in the picture has chipped paint on the bottom, where the optional dock is placed, and on the side. No real word on how the device has been handled, but let’s just hope this is the only time it will happen. But it probably won’t be. Similar stories have been said about the iPhone back cracking on the white models, and I’ve personally seen it on the black models, though the owner of that particular iPhone has a history of just beating phones to death. Although sturdy in design, you can’t expect the iPhone, or the Nexus One to be bulletproof.

Poor Nexus One, when will you get a break?


  • jason

    im pretty sure this could happen to almost any phone depending on how people use big deal

  • Alan

    I have experienced a similar problem, but more of a “bubbling” of the coating and ultimate peeling of the paint on my Sprint HTC Hero. This is the second Hero I’ve had with the same problem. The problem only exists on the “top” and side of the top half of the phone, not on the rearside or bottom half of the phone which appears to have a different coating on it
    . the problem developed over the last two and is progressively worsening

  • Your nagging mother

    That is why it comes with a pouch. I’ve had my phone since launch and it still looks like it did when I took it out of the box minus a few fingerprints on the screen. Even my engraving looks like new. And I keep this thing in my front pocket (in the pouch of course) for most of the day.

    Expect these things to happen if you abuse your phone. I can see wear and tear easily but dont expect any electronic device to hold up if you dont take care of it.

    • Alan

      I too keep my phone in a leather pouch, or slip in, slip out case which had been provided with my prior phone, namely an Instinct. My phone is only out of its case when it’s in use and then it is returned to the case.Time permitting I am going to bring it to the Sprint store today or tomorrow for their opinion and resolution.

      • Alan

        Bottom line : my local Sprint store fixed the phone! It is now like new. They replaced the top half of the phone(screen side …down to the volume control) and they replaced the phone on off button which was peeling. They said that they had never seen anything like the bubbling and peeling before. It may have been caused by suntan lotion which had been on my hand. In any event the store manager was very accommodating and all this was done at no cost to me. I have been with Sprint for over 10 years and they have always been good to work with.

  • Veronica

    My husband has just pointed this out to me. We both have the same phone (Nexus One), we both bought the car dock when it came out, but he uses his daily, while I used mine once. The bottom corners of his phone are chipped and it looks horrible. This chipping has only started happening since he started using the dock. He protects that phone like it’s his “Precious”. I don’t want this happening to my phone so I won’t be using the dock anymore.

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