Droid getting Android 2.1, for reals this time

If you read IntoMobile, you’ve probably already manually updated your Droid to Android 2.1. But you’re in luck if you prefer the simplicity of an over-the-air update because Big Red is shooting the firmware out as we speak.

“Wanted to make sure you saw that the Android 2.1 upgrade for the Droid by Motorola started rolling out to Verizon Wireless customers Friday,” an e-mail from Motorola said. “The upgrade is happening in phases and will be delivered over the course of the next few weeks to users who will receive a notification to install it.”

What do you get? After upgrading my Droid manually Friday, I was kind of disappointed to realize you don’t get that much. Sure, you get pinch-to-zoom in the browser, maps and gallery, but I never felt this was desperately needed. The live wallpapers are cool but I’m still trying to see how this is impacting my battery life. The news and weather widgets are awesome, as is the settings widget to easily toggle WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, etc. The speech-to-text feature works pretty darn well but I’m actually a little miffed that the icon takes the spot of the comma. I use commas often, dammit. The new picture gallery is pretty slick, as well.

Overall, I’m glad I have 2.1 but am not amazed by the update. I haven’t had any slowdown with my machine, as some have reported, but please let us know what you think and how your Droid’s holding up.

Update: It looks like the update has kind of fixed a potentially nasty security vulnerability with the Droid. You used to be able to bypass the unlock pattern by answering an incoming phone call and selecting the “Back” icon. BFD? Well, this does give an unscrupulous person access to all your contact and personal information. The Assurer says the 2.1 firmware fixes this flaw but only after you’ve powered down the device and turned it back on. This will probably fly under the radar for 95% of Droid users, but it’s good to know.

[Via The Assurer]

  • Randy Endsley

    Like the update. Like you said….nothing spectacular. I really like the voice to text–seems to work well 99% of the time but is easily erased accidently if you don’t hit the space bar first before adding to voice text or correcting little mistakes which is needed @ times. All I say is at least they are doing updates often….Iphone friends are jealous with that. 😉 Randy

  • AusFest

    I did the manual update. I like the live wallpaper but dont use it. I did use the comma button alot but im slowly getting to like the voice to text. Really like pintch to zoom. Phones doing good. Feels pretty much the same. Yahoo mail isnt supported any more that it was before, thats disapointing.

  • Neil Middleton

    I lost my haptic feedback one the soft keys and keyboard.

  • Ron Ferraro

    The automatic update caused my Droid to reboot in an endless loop of the Droid logo and red eye. Only taking the battery out stops it, but it still does not boot normally after. I am now going to have to re-set the entire thing to factory settings.

    So, for me, the update sucked. Completely.

  • erwin felling

    Got the upgrade this morning, OTA. I was a litter disappointed hat the icon menu didn’t change, but that’s aesthetics, not functionality. Pinch n zoom is nice, makes for a more fluid interaction and sort of puts us on the same level as iPhone (“hey, my phone does this, doesn’t yours?!”).

    As for text typing (or voice input), while it seems to work okay, yes, the mic button over the comma is annoying. Good thing you can turn it off! Go to your Android keyboard settings and deselect voice input. Voilá, your comma is back. Of course, voice input is off, but I would rather have my comma 🙂 likewise for haptic feedback on the on-screen keyboard: it is now optional for vibrate on key strokes. You an find that in the same menu…

    Otherwise, it’s nice to have some little tweaks that don’t require third party apps. Although, on my Droid, I have had the Google maps abilities since the last upgrade or two, so I don’t notice a difference. Same for the settings widget mentioned here for Bluetooth, GPS, etc. I have had that as an option on the Droid since day one. Oh well, maybe I’m missing something.

    Enjoy your update!

  • Marinperez

    I think part of the problem is that jerks like me have been constantly reporting about the delays and made it seem like some incredible firmware boost. It’s a nice little bump, but there’s a reason it’s a .X update.

  • The grump

    Yeah, I got it all right, version 2.1. Now, NONE OF MY JPEG PICTURE FILES WILL OPEN !!! GRRRRRRR….. I HATE MY DROID. I want my old Windows based phone back. I’m sick of crappy Google based apps from the “market”. I miss folder based operations. I hate Google map results that do not show the nearest search results (gas, pizza, etc) first. And most of all, I hate the side button on the droid that accidently reduces ringer volume while you hold the phone in your hand. The ringer volume should be accessed by software, not a side mounted hardware button, mounted on the only safe place to hold the phone (where it is sure to be accidently pressed).

    And now, 2.1 has f**ked my “gallery” functions. Thanks a lot, Google.

  • Shawkins

    Moto Droid 2.1 OTA upate caused my phone to have Haptic Feeback (with no option to turn it off). I loved the phone when it was quiet (no haptic feedback); now the phone vibrates with every email I receive, ever selection of the four main menu buttons, and every other selection I make on the phone. I tried to reboot the phone (removing battery), reset factory settings, and still cannot get the haptic feedback to go away. The toggle is not working on Settings >> Sound & Display >> Haptic Feedback. No matter of the little check mark is grey or green. I still get Haptic Feedback on the phone. It is driving me bonkers!!!

  • josh

    you guys just do not know what your doing, android is the best phone software out there. there is so much you can do to your phone and if you ROOT your phone the things you can do are endless. such as overclocking the processor and wifi tethering. stop complainging and do some research

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