Google acquires Episodic, broadcasting platform provider

And the latest company acquired by Google is… (drums please)… Episodic, which makes platform for broadcasting live and on-demand video to the web or any web-enabled device. Their solution lets publishers and marketers host, stream, measure and monetize video content.

So what will Google do with this? Some kind of integration with YouTube instantly comes to mind, but we care about mobile part here – those “web-enabled devices” actually. Are we looking at a birth of an Ustream/Qik kind of service with Google’s or maybe even YouTube’s brand behind it?

On the other hand, the search giant may only use Episodic to actually make some money out of YouTube, which ad sales can’t pay existing bandwidth costs.

According to Episodic’s blog post, existing customers will have no interruptions in service, while new account sign-up has been put on hold.

We’ll certainly be watching for the whole mobile video space (and especially every move Google makes) and keep you guys and gals in the loop. Stay tuned…

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