Samsung launches TV Remote Control app for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

Although it sells phones that run few different platforms, Samsung decided not to forget about its iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad-ownin’ users. Hence, they’ve released a dedicated remote control application in the AppStore.

As you can presume, using it you can control your TV from a comfort of your beloved handset/media player. The application supports both on-screen controls as well as gesture-based control for changing volume and channels.

The problem (if that’s a problem at all), however, is that you need to have one of the newer Samsung TVs. The official line is that the application will sing along only the 2010 models with Internet@TV. Moreover, a TV set should be WiFi-enabled — you can buy a USB WiFi dongle if wireless connectivity doesn’t come built in. One wonders what happens with 2009 models which also support Internet@TV? Are they not supported, or Samsung just wants to get more people to buy new TVs?

Anyway, the application is free (you did pay a small fortune for a compatible TV, after all), and you can grab it from the link below.

Samsung TV Remote (FREE) [iTunes link]

[Via: SamsungHub]

  • Roland

    Little correction. You do not need wifi, Ethernet connection works as well.

    • Gaurav1hs1

      it requires

  • Bengt

    How did you get it working with Ethernetcable?

    • Bob childress

      Tv can be wired but you do need a wireless access point or wireless router on same segment. I was so thrill to see this as I was going to try and get an omnia ii just to use it’s keyboard for account entry, etc. Now I hope that this will work instead . Can’t test it while wife watching Dancing with Stars finale!

  • PJK

    No go with 7020. I hope they do a firmware update.

  • lolgal

    ummm well will this app work with the syncmaster T240-HD???

  • john wright

    your i phone and tv should be connected to the same acess point please chjeck network settings……can someone please expolain this to a technophobe yes i have a new model internet tv and yes i have a wireless router

  • Nancy

    yes, please explain as john wright asks. I have a brand new PS50C7000 and can not get this app to work. I have directv app that works with the tv, so I am sure my network is set as the same from phone to tv. Is my tv not supported?

  • john wright

    anyone got this thig working and know how they did it?

  • Alex

    any android app that does this? it seems silly to make it for the iphone and not samsung’s own android devices such as the galaxy tab.

  • Ha

    I have a plasma PN58B860, wireless enabled, but the application DOES NOT work!

  • Anonymous

    How did you guys get this to work? I’m still having issues. I have a PN7000 and it’s connected by ethernet. My Wifi is enabled but the app doesn’t recognize the wifi. Do the TV itself has to be wifi enabled? I do not have wifi on my television unless I buy the wifi USB. BUt again, my TV is connected to the internet via ethernet.

  • Gary

    I tried this app with my PN51D550. The app was not able to find the tv at first.I figured out that the issue was a switch I had put in a my living room to support my xbox and samsung blue ray player and tv. As a test I directly connected the tv to the router and the app on the iphone was able to find the tv. Not sure I want to pay $75-$100 for 2 usb network adapters just so I can use this app…

  • Blade86sam

    i have L32C550 and it has allshare on… im connected to my wireless router via ethernet wire.. but it does not detect.. why not?

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