Google acquires Plink to boost Google Goggles

The folks over at Plink are sure to be hitting the town to celebrate tonight because the visual search engine for art has been acquired by Google.

“We started Plink to bring the power of visual search to everyone, and we’re delighted to be taking a big step towards that goal today,” Plink said in a blog post. “Google has already shown that it’s serious about investing in this space with Google Goggles, and for the Plink team the opportunity to take our algorithms to Google-scale was just too exciting to pass up.”

Plink has an Android app that lets you identify, discover and share art. The coolest feature of this is snapping a picture of a piece or art and then it identifies it for you. This should be a good addition to Google Goggles, which, as you can see from the video below, is still not quite 100% accurate.

– [Download Plink Art for Android by scanning the QR code (free)]

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