Gowalla Adds Support for Events

Gowalla, a popular check-in app for webOS, iPhone, and Android, has updated to include a new type of spot specifically for events. These spots only have a shelf life of 12 hours, which can be irksome for folks who would like to have a single spot for longer events, like conferences, but on the whole, this should do the trick for birthday parties, concerts, weddings, and lots of other kinds of gatherings. Gowalla users who check in can attach pictures of the event, making for a great way of putting a bunch of pictures together in one spot.

Gowalla is the leading competition for Foursquare in the mobile check-in application arena. Both apps detect your smartphone’s GPS position, allows user-submitted data for new locations, and gives you friends list functions to see what the other locals are doing. Although largely similar in concept, Gowalla focuses more on exploration rather than the game element that makes the competition so popular. After using Foursquare for awhile, I’m still waiting on a BlackBerry app to really take the dive and see how much Gowalla really differs.

[via Gowalla]

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