iPhone 4.0 to have Facebook integration?

We all knew iPhone OS 4.0 would have a few surprises and it looks like it will have some stronger social networking integration from Facebook.

After digging around in the 4.0 code, the website Gunning for Safety found:

It looks like Apple plans to implement Facebook’s Events into the iPhone’s Calendar app, as well as add Facebook’s friends network to the iPhones contacts database. Even more interesting is that Apple seems to have created its a separate type of contact for Facebook contacts.

This is good stuff for iPhone users because the platform is still a bit behind competitors like webOS or even HTC’s Sense when it comes to strong social networking integration. I know Apple hates giving up some control of the OS but any modern platform has to make room for these services that are taking up more of our lives.

[Via Engadget, Gunning for Safety]

  • Minch

    So they are following in the footsteps of Windows Phone 7 – / – Windows Live?

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