Video: iPhone hacked to dual-boot iPhone OS and Android OS

Well, hell has officially frozen over. The iPhone, which has been at odds with Google’s own Android OS, has been hacked to run its nemesis mobile operating system. What you see here is a video proving that Android can indeed run on the Apple phone, with dual-boot capabilities, no less. There have been other Android-on-iPhone videos, but they’ve been full of hot air – this one, though, is totally legit.

The video shows the Google OS dual-booting on one of Apple’s original handset by way of the dualiBoot loader that iPhone hacker planetbeing cooked up in his spare time. The Android OS isn’t completely functional, but we do see that touch inputs are more than adequately supported, as is the WiFi radio.

Now, the question is – when planetbeing polishes his Android-on-iPhone hack to the point where regular Joe iPhoneUser can boot Android on his iPhone, will anyone want to actually use it? If you’re an iPhone user, you probably decided a while ago that you’re down with Cupertino and shunning Mountain View. Or, are you more open-minded than that? Sound off in the comments below!

If you want to play around with dualiBoot for yourself, you can download the system image and documentation here.

[Via: quickpwn]

  • Cart

    If they come out with a stable hack for the 3G I’ma be all over this.

  • roger

    This is a nice video, even impressive … but given the number of fakes out there including Windows Mobile on iPhone, why would you even say that this is legit. As a reader of IntoMobile because you normally post only true stuff (including the recent iPhone leak) I am highly disappointed that you don’t have your usual “fake warnings” in this article. Any cleaver video guy can do this and it would take a lot less time than writing all the drivers that would be necessary to make this thing work. I hope you will do better fact checking next time …

    • Will Park

      You make a good point. I’m fairly confident (after speaking with some devs) that this is the real deal.

  • Peter Tosh

    To “roger”,

    You must have ridden the short bus. The article clearly states that the code has been released.

  • yknot7

    Yes yes yes

  • MacGyver

    Yes, I’d play with the dual boot. 🙂

  • don clark – atlanta

    Why wouldnt I like to have both on my iphone. The best of both worlds – and I can decide as time goes on – which is better…

  • andrei-romania

    dude this guy is apple and steve jobs nightmare =))))

    • hardly, this would only add to sales as people generally shun iPhone for either the operating system or the price, having the option to change OS would make the iphone far more attractive to potential buyers

  • spete

    I would consider moving to Droid when my contract expires and potentially I will not have to! This is for the best. It should help get Apple’s heads out of their asses if they dont immediately put out a fix.

  • Zepher

    i want this. wish they had touch android devices (no phone) when i bought mine. any chance of a newer android though?

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