Mobilicity Given Conditional Approval by CRTC

Mobilicity, the up-and-coming Canadian wireless provider previously known as Dave Wireless, has been approved to operate after a review by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission. The decision hinges on Mobilicity appointing four more Canadian directors, since one of the two major investors are outside of the country, and leaving the command structure like that would infringe on the foreign ownership laws that kept Wind Mobile tangled up.The CRTC was still concerned about the veto rights of that one other investor, but are willing to let them slide if the veto rights are capped at expendetures worth 5% of the company or less.

Like Wind, Mobilicity will be running on AWS bands, which means we’ll start seeing even more hand-me-down hardware from T-Mobile in Canada. On the other hand, Public Mobile another young carrier gunning for Quebec, is using CDMA, an interesting choice since all other carriers, including the old CDMA giants Bell and Telus, are going GSM. I’m looking forward to these spry lightweights duke it out over the next couple of years, since the Big Three have settled into complascency. Wind has a head start, but still can’t get into Quebec, Mobilicity seems to have the right attitude but have little to show right now, while Public is lowballing for the feature phone market.

For a closer look at Mobilicity, be sure to check out their website.

[via CRTC]

  • paul

    I bought a phone and got a plan under false pretenses that I was to be provided service in a covered area. I am right in the middle of their supposed coverage area and I have to re connect to the network every 2 – 3 minutes. I brought my phone back for a replacement and the lady was outside trying to connect to the mobilicity network. This company is NOT ready to provide the service, they should NOT be selling phones to anyone!

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