Video: Jailbroken iPad Runs SNES Emulator with WiiMote Controls

If you’ve got a jailbroken iPad, a copy of snes4iphone, and a WiiMote, have I got a doozy for you this morning. Check out the video above. It shows off a jailbroken iPad running the popular SNES emulator, with Super Mario World in full-tilt. Awesome. But what makes this even sweeter is the controls. The Nintendo Wii Remote (WiiMote) is used to navigate Mario around each level. It’s like having a portable SNES system right on your lap. I could get into this.

To get started you’ll of course need a jailbroken iPad, and version 7.0 of snes4iphone. This app provides support for the Wiimote via BTStack. snes4iphone can be purchased for $5.99 via Cydia… So, if you were addicted to Super Mario World or any other SNES game from back in the day… It may be time to jailbreak, grab your WiiMote, and get gamin’. Again, check out the video above for more awesomeness.

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[Via: Toucharcade]

  • @calvintychan

    Sick! This is for you @dwu!

  • Peter Voth

    You know what else you can do this with? ANY OTHER COMPUTER IN THE WORLD. The only difference is that I don't have to "jailbreak" my ultra-portable PC laptop.

  • anon

    Nice boobies

  • bruno

    ipad is overated

  • phenom

    terrible, have you never played super mario world before?

  • Nick k

    Wow, this guy knows how to find a Mario video on YouTube with the ipad.

  • ObamaCareRecipient

    @peter voth…hahaha, I have 2 netbooks and they sit on a counter gathering dust while I use my iPad. It blows laptops out of the water and if you had any sense, you would see that. Money problems? Get a better job. Cheers.

  • GSC

    WOW, that was really cold. I can tell you that I have made more in one year than you will likely make in your life and I have watched friends and family members who have been VERY high earners lose lifelong career positions without any notice! A couple of these very fine people are now working 2 or more hourly jobs just to eek by… I suppose you would tell them the same thing? Last year my company was ravaged by the results of, well it really doesn't matter, but I too had to dismantle my company. Only because I had the money in the past to invest and save has my family not been forced to work at a minimum wage job(s). Those people really work hard, take a lot of crap, and get such a low wage as to make it hard to buy food let alone a crass gadget that I admit I love but is not the end all…

    Lets just remember not to gloat over those who make a lower income, they likely work far harder than most for far less.

  • Techwatch

    Amazing how these old games still stick around even with the innovations that have happened since they were launched

  • Andreez44

    Ok this totally rocks! But has anyone tried to do a video out from the iPad to their TV? I’m DYING to put it on my big screen when I’m home (just like the old days). I downloaded the extension to export the video from my iPad to my TV and everything i load works perfectly EXCEPT when I load the emulator and roms; the picture SHAKES like crazy! Anyone know why or how I can fix it?

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