Older iPhone 4 prototype gets another photoshoot

Remember the next-generation iPhone that leaked out from some little corner of Vietnam? Right, well it looks like that iPhone 4 prototype is making its rounds on the interwebs today. We’ve just picked up on another set of pics from a Vietnamese forum, showing off the alleged iPhone 4’s clean lines and the microSIM card holder. It’s hard to tell if these latest leaked photos show off the iPhone that we previously laid eyes on, or if it’s yet another prototype that has somehow managed to find its way to Vietnam and get some time in front of another camera.

Still, the images are clear and well lit. We get close-up shots of the volume control buttons, the headphone jack, the power button, and the backside of the iPhone 4. We also get a real nice shot of the speakers and the dock connector port along the bottom edge of the handset. You’ll probably notice that the bottom edge lacks the screws that we saw on the iPhone that Gizmodo got their hands on. That’s likely because the prototype you see in the above and below images is an older “PRO2” (Working Prototype 2) variant of Gizmodo’s N90 (codename for the next-gen iPhone).

We have to say, despite being initially disappointed with the lack of an aluminum-styled unibody, the industrial design of this iPhone prototype is growing on us. Of course, we have no idea if the design you see in these images will be the version that actually makes it into production, but with no less than two separate prototypes showing similar design aesthetics, we wouldn’t be at all surprised if Apple launched a new iPhone that resembles these leaked pics.

The way things are looking at this point, we won’t have to wait too much longer. Apple is going to have to hit this one out of the park, if it’s going to compete with new Android smartphones like the Sprint HTC EVO 4G!

[Via: BeGeek]

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