Google bumps students to head of class for Google Voice

Google is giving students priority for its Google Voice. So, you students now won’t have an excuse for missing a call.

Since Google Voice is currently only available by invite, a lot of students are still listening to voicemail and sending text messages the old-fashioned way. As a recent college graduate, I can’t think of anything more painful! So starting today, we’ll be giving priority Google Voice invites to students. To get an invite, just visit and enter an email address that that ends in .edu.

If you haven’t used Google Voice, I’d suggest checking it out if you can (I still have an invite if anyone wants it). It’s essentially a call-routing service that gives you one universal number for all your desktop and cell phones. I’ve found this to be invaluable for the type of work I do and I’m really put off when a device doesn’t have a good native Google Voice app (I’m looking at you, iPhone).

Even if I didn’t review phones for a living, I’d still love the service because it provides me one number for the rest of my life, if I so choose. Moving phones or carriers won’t matter, as I’ll have a consistent number that I give out.

  • JD B

    I have been trying to get an invite forever. How can I do that?

  • JD B

    Let me clarify. I know how to request an invite from Google, but have not heard a response. If you have a spare invite, I would appreciate it.

  • james

    Hi. i am an intomobile subscriber but dont know how to contact Marin Perez for an invite to google voice. Please help. Thanks. james

  • Tom Langridge

    Sounds like a good way to lock in the young customers early. The lifecycle and importance of a cell phone number is getting greater and greater.

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