Sprint CFO admits Palm Pre failed

Sprint’s Chief Financial Officer Robert Brust let a ill-timed statement slip out to investors – specifically, that “The Pre didn’t work out as well as we hoped,” He told investors that the worst is behind them. Sorry to be blunt, but no shit.

Why the man waited this long to say the Palm Pre bombed is a bit confusing. This may have well just been a reiteration of what’s been obvious for almost a year now. The Pre’s sister, the Pixi didn’t help either. From a mix of odd hardware, horrible marketing, and more compelling offers from the competition, the Palm Pre stood no chance. The lack of applications in the OS’ App Catalog could use a nice overhaul as well. Don’t get me wrong, the device is great in its own ways. WebOS is a slick OS with its ability to seamlessly transition between tasks as it multi-tasks like a champ. It could have been a real winner, if not for the hardware that failed to keep up with webOS and caused it to become really slow at times. What makes it so good, though, is its potential for what it could be, not what it is.

The fact that the company was bought out shouldn’t be much of a surprise, either. Palm really fell hard, and only they are to blame. Maybe their advertising company had something to do with it, too. Those horrible TV ads with the overly-medicated porcelain doll were downright creepy at times. No wonder Palm fired the ad agency. Not too long ago, we saw a Palm ad that shows how easy the OS is to use, while mixing it with real-life use cases, even if it was trying to find shoes. It worked. Too bad a Windows Phone 7 ad looked painfully similar.

Brust also mentioned¬† that the company would love Apple’s iPhone. Yep, you and every other carrier, but then you’d be answering to them all the time. Sprint bet big on the Pre, and so did Palm. Unfortunately, the Pre didn’t work out for either party, and Palm became a sinking ship. Let’s hope this all gets turned around when a device that we know is good, the HTC EVO 4G hits the shelves on June 4th. At least one of the two companies will see light at the end of the tunnel, sans buyout

[Via: InformationWeek]

  • DavidB

    Just gives one a big warm fuzzy about AT&T launching the Pre here real soon. Ya gotta ask yourself WHY?

  • Brian Sanders

    And the loser IS……
    The Sprint Customer with the Palm Pre. We can expect no new apps, no software updates, and we’re not eligible for upgrades until June 2011 at the earliest. Somehow, Sprint screwed me once again.

  • Jay Nelson

    Glad i got the pre last year. I gotta say overall the pre wasn't too bad. They did well with some of the game. I guess it helps that I only paid $60 for my pre. Got it off of Craigs list. Some lady got it for her husband and he didn't want it. So she sold it brand new for $60. So she said anyway. I have an HTC EVO on preorder. After seeing all that it can do, the pre really is a peice of sh*t….. Sprint also found the oppurtunity to recover some money by charging the xtra $10 Evo fee and $30 for Hotspot.

    I guess they really kicked themselves in the ass after puting out that free mobile to mobile any network. I'm taking Everybody and thier Grandmother dropped down to the 450 min plan.

  • Shadi

    This might be the saddest thing I've ever read. I have been loyal to Palm for over a decade and truly do love my Pre. I sure hope this isn't really the end…c'mon HP!!!

  • Sleeepwlkr45

    I doubt this is the end….and Sprint's CFO doesn't seem to understand that if the Pre didn't outright save the company, it let it linger on….cause without the Pre, I would have been long gone and nothing else they have would stop me. The same goes for everyone else who bought one…..The Evo is tempting…but I will wait until I know the Pre isn't going to have an HP/Palm successor and until I know for a fact the Evo won't get left behind with the Android froyo train coming…..and my Pre will make the wait easier…

  • Dream

    Agree with Brian.
    Now if they would admit it to the customers that bought one, and help us become eligible for an upgrade rather than suffer with this phone another year.

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