PayPal’s Mobile Payments Library now available for Android, too

On the heels of the iPhone launch, PayPal used the Google I/O event in San Francisco to unveil its Mobile Payments Library for the Android developers. As a result, interested parties are able to add checkout functionality for donations, personal payments, physical goods and services sold through apps on the Android phone. This process is done without having to worry about keeping customers’ personal financial information secure – PayPal will manage that part.

In other words, PayPal’s Mobile Payments Library works (as expected) like its iPhone counterpart, and it’s also available for download from the website.

In the other, “not that mobile related” news, PayPal also introduced the PayPal X Toolkit for Google App Engine (GAE), helping developers easily and securely incorporate payments in their applications and services built on GAE platform. If you want to know more about this, check out PayPal’s CloudComputing XSpace on their Developer portal.

Now I wonder, what’s Google waiting with its Checkout service. If they want to compete with PayPal, they should be faster, or at least me thinks so…

[Via: ThePayPalBLog]

  • Peter Tosh

    Froyo is out… you heard it here 1st. Check XDA. It's blowing up..

    P.S. Legalize it.

  • Pachpindg

    please give mi link for blackberry paypal library  🙂

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