Vlingo Voice Control App for Android Now Available

Vlingo’s voice control application has already found a home on iPhone, BlackBerry, and Symbian, and it’s finally coming to Android. Just like the other versions, you can launch into applications, initiate searches, dictate text messages and e-mails, update Twitter status, initiate calls to contacts, and even have your messages read aloud to you through their new SafeReader feature. For quick and easy access, Vlingo for Android includes a home screen widget.

Having spent some time with Vlingo on BlackBerry, I gotta say that this app is at least worth trying out. A lot of the voice recognition that Google offers in its various services, like Search and Maps, is great and all, but Vlingo does a great job of tying everything together into something more universal. The system does take a little while to process your voice, and might take some training to adapt to your voice, but I’ve yet to see another app that even tries to pull off what Vlingo does.

It seems like Vlingo is unfortunately foregoing their usual freemium model altogether and are only offering the single version for $9.99, which includes all the fixings. Download links to the Android Market are below, or you can check out Vlingo’s information page for a closer look.

Download Vlingo for Android ($9.99) [Market Link]

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