Woman Suing Google for Dangerous Walking Directions

I wouldn't walk here.So here’s the story. If you’ve ever used Google Maps for walking directions on your BlackBerry… you may find this interesting.

With places to go and people to see, Lauren Rosenberg popped open Google Maps on her BlackBerry to find the best walking route to her destination. In doing so, the application told her to walk along a busy highway, where, unfortunately she was struck down by a vehicle. As a result of the accident, Rosenberg is now filing a lawsuit against not only the driver of the car that hit her… but Google as well! Rosenberg’s lawyer is claiming that Google’s suggested route didn’t afford her safe passage, and as a result are asking for $100,000 in damages.

OK, call me crazy, but if my GPS app of choice gave me directions asking me to walk along a busy highway with no place to walk, putting me in harms way… you know what? I’d find an alternate route! Sheesh, some common sense has to come into play here. Hopefully this isn’t the same lady that spilled coffee on her lap, only to sue the coffee maker claiming the coffee was too hot.

What happened to common sense and taking responsibility for your actions? C’mon now.

[Via: Mashable]

  • tina

    ok you meant gave not game right?

  • Elvis

    it's called natural selection to weed out the galactically stupid. One less idiot sucking up useful oxygen for those who actually contribute to society and humanity.

  • Name

    The coffee *was* too hot. McD's knew it and had been warned (and even sued?) over it before.

    She should not have put the coffee between her legs, but McD's knew it was pouring a dangerously too hot cup of coffee and did that anyway.

    • Yourdumb

      What this person said. McD's was boiling the coffee to the point where it would require them to use less coffee beans to cut expenses and they figured the amount of lawsuits that would occur would be less than the cost of the coffee beans until that lady put it in between her legs and burnt her private parts.

  • Nancy D.

    Where there are acess roads next to a highway is either land or businesses, she could have prevented this accident which makes her liable for the cost of her damages.

  • Lubomir

    Right on Elvis , right on. Morons should NOT profit from their stupidity.

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