Walmart slashes Sprint HTC EVO 4G $100 mail-in rebate

Walmart is following in the footstep of Best Buy and Radio Shack by stripping the Sprint EVO 4G of its mail-in rebate. With all of these other retailers doing this, it makes me wonder why would anyone even go to a Sprint store to buy the HTC EVO 4G?

With the release of the Sprint HTC EVO 4G on Friday, it’s nice to know these stores are giving customers some other options that don’t require them to wait for months on end for a mail-in rebate check. We know Best Buy and Radio Shack have been taking pre-orders for the device, but it’s still a little surprising that Walmart is doing this. They have always been known for “rolling back prices”, so maybe it’s not so surprising.

Some people may not worry about a mail-in rebate, but why go through the trouble when there are alternatives that automate the rebate? If you buy your EVO from a Sprint store, you will be paying $299.99 for the phone, and will be made to wait for the $100 rebate check to come in the mail. You’re still technically paying $199.99 for the phone, but the upfront out-of-pocket expense might be something to consider. Walmart (and Best Buy and Radio Shack) will give you that extra $100 discount on the spot and will collect the mail-in rebate on your behalf. Of course, if you want the EVO, you’re probably going to get it from the closet place you can find it, and that’s understandable.

Whether you’re a Walmart shopper or just detest them as the mass-market goods peddler for Satan himself, there’s no denying that Walmart’s got your back on your EVO purchase.  At least after you sign your two-year contract to Sprint, you can pick up a Happy Meal at the in-store McDonalds.

[Via: Phandroid]

  • joe

    if you buy at Sprint's website YOU DO NOT PAY $36 ACTIVATION FEE unlike the other sellers. So I'd rather wait for my $100 from Sprint and save myself $36 with which I can buy accessories.

  • Jack

    There are some advantages to buying from Sprint over the phone. I didn't pay activation fee nor did I pay for shipping. I was able to get all the accessories that I needed and made the necessary changes that suited me. In addition to the $100 mail in rebate, I was able to get a $150 credit for renewing my contract on all of my 3 phones. You signed a new two year contract, so it made sense to extend my other two lines and get credit. Try getting that from Walmart or Radio Shack. Hope you enjoyed your "happy meal"! What kind of toy did you get?

  • Eric

    If you chose online billing only, and say no to all paper mail options, they will credit your account with 5 dollars.

  • johnny

    does enyone have a evo phone want to sell dnt matter if have a bad esn

  • Anonymous

    I just got a postcard in the mail saying my $100 rebate on the EVO wasn’t any good even though the Sprint associate filled out the paperwork and mailed the documentation in for me! They’re going to give me my $100 or I’m going to take them to small claims court.

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