Motorola Droid gets blessed with Android 2.2 OS – Froyo gets unofficial on Verizon Droid!

Have you been waiting on pins and needles to get Android 2.2 OS “Froyo” in your Motorola Droid? Well, today, your patient wait is unofficially over. We’re excited to announce that the good folks at MyDroidWorld have graciously put together an Android 2.2 ROM for you to use! The Froyo port is now ready to bring native USB tethering and support for Flash Player 10.1 to your Verizon Droid in a strictly unofficial capacity.

To be clear, Motorola and Verizon have yet to officially release a Froyo ROM for the Droid. This particular 2.2 port is basically a hacked-together version of the oven fresh Android OS build – which totes along a new JIT compiler for faster operation, boosted Javascript performance, supper for Flash 10.1 and native tethering. Unfortunately, all that hackery couldn’t get WiFi enabled with this ROM. If you install it on your Droid, don’t expect to hop on any WiFi networks – you’ll likely also miss out on the native WiFi Hotspot feature built into Froyo (which is why we only mentioned USB tethering above).

On the upside, if you decide to go ahead and beat the curve by installing this on your Droid, you’ll be enjoying SuperUser privileges right out of the box. That’s right, the ROM comes pre-rooted and ready to be modded any way you see fit. Whether or not this is enough of a perk to get you to give up WiFi is totally your call. Remember, you’ll always have 3G data access to pull down wireless data.

The other option, if course, is to wait for Motorola to get Android 2.2 OS Froyo officially ported to your Droid. But, given how long it took the smartphone maker to push Android 2.1 OS out to users, we wouldn’t expect to see an official Froyo update anytime soon.

Find download and installation instructions here.

There is now a more functional version of Android 2.2 OS “Froyo” for the Motorola Droid. You can find that new Froyo ROM here. No need to bother with the ROM below.

And a very welcomed update, at that! You know that bit we mentioned earlier about the Droid’s unofficial Android 2.2 Update not supporting any WiFi connections? Well, a new patche has surfaced, and it fixes that little WiFi issue. It didn’t take long for the just-released Droid Froyo ROM to gts its first patch, now did it?

There’s more. The WiFi-fixing Droid Froyo patch comes in a handful of flavors. Each version sets your CPU clock speed to a different setting, allowing you to manually force the CPU to run at 800 Mhz, 900 Mhz, 1000 Mhz, 1100 Mhz, or 1250 Mhz. That’s impressive.

Download the patches below:

[Via: MyDroidWorld]

  • Dretchlet

    Well, I've heard official 2.2 roll out for the Moto Droid is only 2 weeks away… Might as well wait?

    • Gary St. Lawrence

      Where the *HELL* is the dzmned Droid 2.2 update from Verizon? How many times are they going to jerk off customers like this? It's out there. MAKE THE DAMNED THING AVAILABLE!!!!!

    • mike

      got my OTA last night 🙂

  • robot 3000-21

    Honestly, wifi on the droid is terrible anyway. Its slower and uses about 4x as much battery when its on, but I wonder if any of the many wifi apps would be all you need to get it back up after the install… anyone tried this, btw? I don’t trust it, but if the update gets delayed anywhere close to 2.1, I might as well try it. Just don’t want to brick my beautiful droid… 🙁

  • MyDroidWorld

    This is a Beta Droid Froyo not a port. Designed for the Droid.The reason for Wifi not working was the original Kernel was removed to protect the source. As you already have seen and have we have produced a variety of Overclocked Kernels that have WiFi enabled.

    Thank You


  • zack

    I’m got they finally got “supper” for flash 10.1 now, it must’ve been mighty hungry.

  • zack

    Haha wow I screwed up in making fun of your mess up ha. I’m glad*

  • matt

    how do i install the patch to fix wifi?

  • Kristi

    I'm all about installing this, but I sure would love to see some posts from those that have done it already. I'm no techie….Kinda worried I might mess up my phone.

  • Master P

    When doing the WIFI update do you need to rename the file or how do you update using either ClockWork or SP

  • paul

    do I need root acess in order to install this update? if so is it hard to do? is there any websites out there that explain it in a simpleton type way, I am new to this. tia-paul

  • robert

    I put 2.2 o it fast who needs the increadible this makes it look slow wifi work great so is the wifi tether iphone sucks they got to copy android to keep up and they still don’t get flash haha great job motodroid. Rules droid does

    • james

      Punctuate much?

  • Don

    I've never rooted my phone and need to to port this OS. Any good links (instructions) if your using a mac to do it?

  • daniel

    If I do this version, will I still receive the update from Verizon when it finally releases?

  • smm

    I did the upate and now having force closure issues with apps. I almost wish I had stayed with version 2.1

  • Ben

    Where the freak is it???

  • Lmo

    Do not install this. It has jacked up my Droid so bad that it has become unusable.
    Lockups, random shutdown and restarts. Apps. crashing.
    No release notes. What a nightmare

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