Sprint Destroys First-Day Sales Record with HTC EVO 4G

Despite some mixed reviews and qualms about battery life, the HTC EVO 4G for Sprint blew away sales expectations for its first day. While the Samsung Instinct had decent numbers on its first outing, and the Palm Pre did even better, the EVO 4G crushed those two combined on its first day. At this time, however, Sprint hasn’t released any official numbers or even ballpark figures. The EVO 4G was flying so fast off the shelves that some stores had their stock quickly depleted, favoring those who made the smart move and pre-ordered the device.

Sales are predicted to keep going strong as some customers who pre-ordered the EVO 4G didn’t get their handsets. A hot device and nationwide shortages are sure to create even more of a demand. Of course, it’s hard to say how long Sprint will be able to keep up this momentum with the U.S.’s first 4G WiMAX handset. Like the Palm Pre last year, timing has been tricky because of WWDC 2010, where the new iPhone 4G / HD will undoubtedly be announced.

Will Sprint’s latest Android handset be able to hold its own against Apple’s upcoming iPhone? Or will it succumb to the hype and frenzy generated by Apple and its fanboys like Sprint devices of yesteryear?

[Via: Electronista]

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