Android 2.2 (Froyo) coming to a MyTouch 3G near you ‘soon’

HTC has recently come out and said that if your device was made this year, there’s a good chance that it will see the Android 2.2 (Froyo) update in the future. Sadly, the MyTouch 3G was not made this year, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be getting some Froyo love! The screenshot above says that MyTouch 3G users will indeed see the Android 2.2 update “soon.”

Similarly to the way the HTC Hero leapfrogged Android 1.6 and 2.0 to go straight to Android 2.2 OS, the MyTouch 3G will do the same. That means it will be skipping Android 2.0, and 2.1 OS, and will instead go straight to Android 2.2 OS. This is certainly exciting for MyTouch 3G owners, as their aging device hasn’t gotten much  love in the updates department recently. The JIT compiler will certainly give the MT3G a speed boost (though you shouldn’t expect Nexus One speeds). Still, many features in Froyo will likely be present. Let’s hope they don’t leave out the hotspot feature in the update.

Also included with the updated devices is the MyTouch Slide, of course. The device has been out barely a week, and T-Mobile is already talking updates to it. Good job, Magenta.

I’d expect the Slide’s update to come a little later, since HTC has to update their Sense UI to be compatible with Froyo. Only time will tell exactly what T-Mobile means by “Coming Soon,” but I imagine it’ll be sooner than later. Next month, latest I’m guessing. Let’s hope that’s not wishful thinking.

Who knows what features will make the cut in T-Mobile’s updates. The MyTouch 3G doesn’t sport a Cortex-A8 processor, so that means it won’t be able to run Flash content. Officially, at least. The original MyTouch, or the Slide will not be able to run Live Wallpapers, due to their lower-spec CPU’s. That’s no deal breaker in my book, live wallpapers are fun to play around with, but can kill battery, and there’s no real use for them. There will be a little give and take with the upcoming Froyo update for the devices, but doesn’t mean you should be any less excited!

MyTouch 3G users, what features from the Froyo update are you hoping will make the cut?

[Via: TmoNews]

  • Anon


    • Zachh

      The mytouch 3g didn’t support multitouch because of its screen. But the mytouch 3g slide does support multitouch. Pinch and zoom. And supports flash. And I have a live wallpaper on mine. And it works fine

      • elnomi813

        How u can put live wallpaper on mytouch slide and I can wait tmobile drop the froyo for mytouch slide

        • TravisF_

          You have to root it.

  • Abe

    Hope the Mytouch 3g Froyo update doesn't have any Senseless UI integration.

  • CrkJak

    just got the mytouch 3g slide. and the multitouch is amazing. love it.. can't wait for 2.2 I would recommend ditching the old mytouch and upgrading, so much better. and it is very snappy with the speeds.

    • goldtracker

      i'm also hearing that 2.2 helps boost battery life too. Is that true do you know?

  • chidori602

    dont listen to the retard that wrote this article, he doesnt know shit of what he is talking about.

  • Robert

    Why couldnt T- Mobile get a real phone like the samsung Galaxy with the 5 row keboard and 4 inch screen.It staight kills the My Touch Slide. Look it up people.Dont let T-Mobile screw you.

    • arctik_dave

      Yo Robert, T-Mo IS getting the Galaxy S, albeit without the useless keyboard. Look it up yourself before you post nonsense. Same Hummingbird chipset, same AMOLED screen, same 16GB internal memory as the Galaxy S Pro going to Sprint, as that's the phone you are likely referencing, just without a keyboard. Who needs that anyway? It just adds weight and thickness. A "real phone" doesn't have to have a keyboard. Just look at the juggernaut that is the iPhone. Dumbass.

      • thunderhead777

        I got the MyTouch Slide -because- of the keyboard. Some folks actually prefer the feel of the full keyboard to the on-screen version. And I must say the Slide is quite a good smartphone.

  • rst_ack

    lol…well said, arctik_dave. I have had my MT3G since about a week from its release. Love that phone. I got the MyTouch Slide only because it was "free" (as in "free beer") for fathers on father's day. Great phone. I don't, personally, care if I have a keyboard or not, but I make use of it when I can, I suppose. I'm not 11 and huge on texting though. Dave…did you hear that HTC is dropping AMOLED screens for Sony's LCD? Rumor has it that it is because of a AMOLED shortage because Samsung manufactures the AMOLEDs and there is a shortage because of the push to the Samsung Galaxy S, lol.

  • MeBabes

    Ummm I had both flash AND pinch + zoom going on a mytouch 3G.

    With a different rom. : )

    As far as I know pinch + zoom was a matter of a kernel inclusion, and flash lite is just a package compatable with the browser, etc.

    Check out an HTC Hero rom for the mytouch 3G…

  • Ben

    I've got the MyTouch slide… It's played Flash content from day one. (got it on June 2nd).

  • alex

    The mytouch slide is very responsive, and does not lag its awesome

  • ulises

    so not a date for the update 🙁 let me know if you get a date

  • LuizRich

    Mytouch slide is the best lowend android yet I put it up against froyo 2.2 on my gud friends nexus 1 lol the browser speed is the same an more responsive then the n1 I installed flash 10.1 on my mts an it works fine an remind u its not rooted lol! Plus I took all the gud apps from evo n1 Droid an Droid x etc an added them to the mytouch slide so if u really want a gud LOWEND ANDROID MYTOUCH SLIDE IS THE BEST YET!!!!!

    • Tzatlacael

      My friend! True, it’s the best low-end phone xD
      Can you please tell me how to put the Flash 10.1 on the MyTouch Slide?? I found an installer, and installed it, but it won’t change anything, so, can you please tell me what did you do to do all that without rooting??

    • Tzatlacael

      Hey Luiz can you please tell me how to install flash 10.1 on the MyTouch Slide without rooting?? I found an installer, and installed it, but it didn’t changed anything, was there any other .apk I had to install? Or remove? Can you please tell me?

  • fans


  • Bill Smith

    Wondering how long a release date of "soon" is?

  • alex

    the update is started already aug 4 – aug 19th

    • Andres

      That update wasn't for Froyo… I updated on my MyTouch Slide and I don't have any of the stuff Froyo promises.

  • Craig

    Alex, I own the Fender edition and my wife owns the Slide. That update for the Slide was not the Froyo update.

  • Bill Smith

    "Soon" is along time it seems.

  • jonah

    yeah i havnt gotten an update on my moms mytouch 3g yet, they need to hurry the fuck up she hates 1.6 already , its to fucking out of date

  • Rowin Andruscavage

    Heh, I don't know why everyone has their hopes up… T-Mobile has been promising OTA updates "next month" to the "current" Android OS for their myTouch 3G phones since I bought a used one for my wife back in March 2010. 😛

    Gee, I'm starting to think that they're just saying whatever it takes to keep the current stock selling.

    FWIW, Android 1.6 still works fine, and she's not the kind of person who likes updating everything every week or month anyway. So if they're spending time on testing the deployment to make it a smooth experience, all the more power to them. For us tech geeks, there's always CyanogenMOD.

  • SonDa5

    Check out the tmobile suport forums. I got kicked out for 48 hours for complaining. I don’t know what they think they are doing trying to pull a jedi mind trick on their customers.

  • ki

    wow u all are soo impatient ive seen the 2.4 prototype and trust me the 2.2 for the mts is coming out soon

  • VigorousArts

    The “roadmap” that leaked a couple of months ago, shows an update coming to the MT3G at the end of this month. Around the same time the T-Mobile G2 drops.

    Anyone know if this is true?

    I want Froyo, but I want it officially… don’t wanna root this phone again.

    Why don’t I just buy a Froyo phone, if I want it so bad? Because i’m waiting for the Emerald in November.

  • Tom

    I got this, too, and am convinced by now there’s no way it’s going to happen. If T-Mobile wanted to update the original MyTouch, they would have by now. Having bought mine < a year ago, and promised at the time that I'd get an OTA to 2.x, it's never happened. Bottom line is that T-Mobile has sold a bunch of pre-orphaned phones, out of the box. After eight years with them, this is my LAST T-mobile phone, and contract renewal. On to the Droid next time. Lesson learned.

    • Howard

      I have had the 2.0 update for a while now. It happened, your phone just never got it

  • I just got rid of my G1 and got a MyTouch 3G Slide and it was originally running Android 2.0 but shortly after I got it I got an OTA update for Android 2.1 – I have yet to hear or see anything (other than this) that says the MT3GS will be getting an update to Android 2.2

  • Ismaelcanete

    Mytouch 3g slide will never see android 2.2

  • Jcardigan

    i went to the t-mobile store in nashville (on west end) and was told that the 2.2 will be coming out in next couple of weeks for mt3g 02/14/2011

  • The main reason I got a mt3gs was because they said it was getting 2.2 “soon”… that was 6 months ago. Not gonna fall for that one again.

  • Devon

    i had to order a new mt3g and it updated to 2.2 in a day this was back in december.

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