REVIEW: T-Mobile myTouch 3G Slide – Is this the Android you’re looking for?

T-Mobile knows that the myTouch 3G Slide is not going to out-spec other flagship devices like the Droid Incredible on Verizon, EVO 4G on Sprint or the iPhone 4 on AT&T but it is hoping that the customized software tweaks and and overall ease of use will attract many first-time smartphone buyers. I’ve been using the handset as my primary phone for a while now and have been quietly impressed with a few of the elements but can it compare to some of the other high-end devices we’re seeing out there?

Read on after the jump for a full breakdown.

T-Mobile HTC myTouch 3G Slide
Available now for $179.99 w/ 2-year contract from T-Mobile

Specifications (Specs – sheet)

  • 3.4-inch HVGA (320×480) capacitive touchscreen
  • 5-megapixel camera with LED flash
  • 3G data connectivity
  • WiFi (b/g)
  • GPS (aGPS)
  • microSD up to 16 GB, 8 GB included
  • Bluetooth 2.1 with A2Dp
  • 3.5mm headphone jack
  • Accelerometer
  • Full, slide-out, four-row QWERTY keyboard
  • Android 2.1 (Eclair) with Sense UI and custom software

The Good

  • Large, comfortable QWERTY keyboard
  • Customized software makes for a good user interface
  • Call quality was good
  • Good battery life
  • Multi-touch support

The Bad

  • Software keyboard can be annoying
  • Somewhat boring design
  • Screen is solid but feels mid-range
  • Overall sluggishness
  • Hard buttons on face aren’t as responsive as they should be


Not surprisingly, the myTouch 3G Slide looks like a myTouch 3G that has put on some weight. At 4.55″ x 2.37″ x .6″ the handset is bigger than the myTouch 3G in every way because it has to make room for a full, four-row QWERTY keyboard. While it’s not as light as its little brother, the Slide feels good in the hand and can easily fit into most pockets. The hard camera button is on the right spine and it works well and the solid volume rocker is on the left spine. The standard headphone jack is correctly place on the top while the microUSB port rests on the bottom.

The 3.5-inch screen takes up most of the device’s face and there are four hard buttons near the bottom of the screen. These include the home, menu, back and “Genius” button (more on that in the software section, as well as an optical trackpad for navigating. I didn’t like these elements at all. The responsiveness of the buttons felt off – I had to put more pressure on these than I felt was necessary – and the trackpad seems unnecessary with a full touch device.

The display is fine, but it’s tough to go nuts over something once you’ve seen the amazing displays on the EVO 4G, iPhone 4 or Samsung Galaxy S. If you don’t care about the competition, then the Slide’s screen will be more than adequate because it’s bright and responsive.

Of course, the main reason to get the myTouch Slide is for the full QWERTY keyboard. There are a few negatives but, overall, it’s an excellent way to bang out messages on the go. The shape of the keys are just right and the feedback and “clickability” make it easy to write long e-mails wherever you are. Hitting the secondary function or Caps lock key will bring up a handy light above the keyboard and I always appreciate dedicated comma and period buttons. There’s also pretty good auto-correction software with the keyboard so you don’t have to worry about throwing in apostrophes. The sliding mechanism produces a satisfying sound and it feels like it will hold up over time.

On the downside, I found the Tab button and A a little too close together and this led to multiple frustrating typos. What’s even worse is that the top row doubles as the number keys. This happens on many keyboards but usually you’ll have the letters and numbers a different color or font size to help you quickly find what you’re looking for. The myTouch Slide has “T5” “Y6” “I8” and others the exact same color and size, which can take some time to get used to. None of these quibbles are deal breakers though, as I was quickly able to get up to speed with my typing.

The back cover is made of plastic and it feels a bit cheap. It’s easy to take off though, and I absolutely love that you can access the microSD slot without having to remove the battery. Overall, the handset feels like the mid-range device it is: it will be able to stand up to a pounding but it’s not going to appeal much to your inner gadget lusting.


The myTouch Slide rocks Android 2.1 (Eclair) with some of HTC’s Sense UI thrown on top, as well as a dash of customized T-Mobile software. For the most part, the interface is well-done, the tweaks are handy and the handset is a capable device but there is far too much sluggishness for my liking. Maybe it’s the pokey processor (same as in the myTouch 3GLegend [Thanks, Blake]) or the software layer on top of Android but it takes too long for some apps to come up.

The Android heart means you can make calls, browse the web, send and receive e-mails, check your Facebook and download new apps on the go. While Android apps still lack the overall polish of iPhone counterparts (don’t fight me on this one fanboys, you know it’s still true), the platform is quickly maturing and the Android Market is now filled with more than 50,000 programs. It’s an operating system that is pretty darn cloud-friendly, as you’ll be able to easily sync multiple web and corporate e-mail accounts, as well as calendar and contacts.

You can also be sure that the platform will be going strong, as Google already showed off more features with Android 2.2. It’s unclear when this handset will get the latest version of Android though, as the customized software always leads to update delays.

I really enjoyed many of the software modifications T-Mobile added because these are simple, yet pretty powerful. For example, when you use the window-shade-like pull down bar for notifications, the myTouch Slide also includes the last few apps you’ve used in that window. Sure, you could just hold down the home button to bring up the native app switcher, but this makes it easier to check a notification and then hop back into the app you were using. I would have loved if you could kill apps from this menu, but the switching is pretty fine and dandy.

Another tweak allows you to quickly switch the profile of the device for work or play. This is well-done but I still question the real usefulness of it – Nokia’s been doing this for years but I just want my handset to be capable of both, I don’t need to change the face that often. Maybe it’s a sad reflection of my work/life balance, but I didn’t find this mode switcher very useful. You may, though.

The Genius button is another tweak that takes a little while to get used to. The button is where you’d expect the search button to be on an Android phone – this really annoyed me when I first had it because I’ve been conditioned to use this button for lots of things. Instead, the Genius button and software gives you voice-activated control over your phone – think of it like Google Voice search on steroids. This can include searching the device, finding local restaurants, voice dialing and more. The voice dictation works pretty well and I found myself using it a lot more than I thought I would.

It also has preloaded software like HTC’s Peep Twitter client, but I prefer the official Twitter for Android. I also despise the software keyboard – it’s cramped, there’s a nasty default clicking sound, and the auto-correcting software is somehow way worse than with the physical keyboard. Luckily, you can turn on Swype and this makes the virtual keyboard somewhat bearable.

Overall though, the Slide’s software works fairly well – with a few annoying delays – and you can be sure that Android will only get better in the future.

Web Browsing, Multimedia, Camera

The Slide uses your typical Webkit-based browser that comes with Android and you should have no trouble surfing most of your favorite sites. We’ll have to wait until it gets Froyo for full Flash 10.1 support but you may not care too much about that yet. Most pages rendered well – even with strong JavaScript – and, of course, IntoMobile looks great on the device.

Like nearly every Android device, the Slide is just a decent multimedia machine. This utilizes HTC’s music and video software, so it will look nicer than the stock version of the little green robot, but it’s not quite as good as the iPhone. Still, you’ll be able to play most of your files and it comes with Amazon’s MP3 store for over-the-air downloads. Google has shown off some neat multimedia capabilities that will be coming to Android in the future (you’ll be able to freaking stream your home collection soon!), so this will soon be able to go toe-to-toe with the iPhone.

The Slide can also play multiple video formats but the only-average screen kind of makes this a disappointing experience. I was coming from using the huge, nice screen on the EVO 4G, so my perspective may be skewed.


At 5-megapixels, the Slide has a decent shooter but the sluggishness of the device killed many of my magic moments. There’s a wicked slow shutter lag and trying to take rapid shots can be a pain. Like most cell phone cameras, it doesn’t handle low-light that well and you can forget most action shots too. To be fair, there’s a good touch-to-focus feature and it’s a breeze to upload shots to Facebook, Picasa, Flickr and other online services. It’s not going to replace your basic point-and-shoot but you could do a lot worse than the Slide’s camera. The video recording wasn’t great (as you can see from the embedded clip below, but it will do in a pinch.

Photos taken with myTouch 3G Slide:

Call Quality and Battery Life

I’ve seen some other reviews out there complain about the volume on calls with the myTouch Slide but I had no complaints with it. Calls were pretty crisp and those on the other end knew I was on a cell phone but said the overall quality was good. The handset easily paired up to multiple Bluetooth headsets and the speakerphone was decent but don’t expect to be holding any high-powered business meetings using that.

Coverage and data reception were definitely mixed. I had no problems making or receiving calls but I would routinely dip down to EDGE speeds while sitting at my desk. It would then toggle back to 3G but the actual download speeds would vary wildly. I didn’t have this problem with the Cliq XT (also on T-Mobile), so you can draw your own conclusions from that.

The battery life was pretty good, as I was able to get through a full day on a single charge. That may not be as good as your RAZR from 2002 but it’s about all you can expect from a data-intensive device like this and it was a godsend after suffering with the power hog that is the EVO 4G.

The final take: Should you buy the myTouch 3G Slide?

The Slide is a pretty good mid-range Android handset that beats the tar out of devices like the Motorola Devour, Cliq XT and the Motorola Backflip and it should make a lot of first-time smartphone buyers happy. The problem is that T-Mobile is positioning this as a flagship device, which puts it in direct competition with the Droid Incredible, EVO 4G and iPhone 4. It does not stack up well against those handsets.

That’s why I have a hard time recommending this device despite the useful software tweaks and the comfortable full QWERTY keyboard. It probably won’t even be the best Android handset on T-Mobile, as the Samsung Galaxy S is expected to land on the carrier very soon.

Give us your thoughts on the Slide in the comments.

  • Charles Eldredge

    So far the MyTouch 3G Slide has been really good. Overall I like it a lot.

    Pros: It is strong on web browsing, watching video, emailing, call quality. It has an excellent physical keyboard. and the virtual keyboard for vertical use typing with 1 thumb was really good. I could type quite well on it….better than other horizontal virtual keyboards.( I have not used the horizontal virtual keyboard on the MyTouch because of the great physical keyboard)

    Con: The so called 5mpx camera is not very good at all. If it was not for this one important flaw I would be giving the phone top marks.

  • @TamahomeJenkins

    According to multiple sources, the Slide can support 32 GB memory cards, not just 16.

  • Malcolm

    I have been using my mytouch 3g slide for a few days now. As someone who is a former iphone user I can tell you this phone is a lot better than an iphone. Apple tends to make overpriced stuff that they claim is revolutionary but we have seen multiple times before. Revolutionary to apple perhaps but not to any longtime smartphone user.

    I have had both the iphone and iphone 3g/3gs and I have used and reviewed the iphone 4g. It Is nothing new in the phone world. The front facing camera is a complete novelty. How many people do you know outside of europe that have front facing cameras? May I also point out that that visual calling haas been around since the 90s and seeing it on a phone is nothing new. My old nokia smartphone had one back in early 2000.

    Most Smartphone can already multitask

    What the iphone does offer is a nice 32gb of storage which is good if you plan on watching a few movies on the road or you have a ton of mp3s. But then again I don’t waste my phones memory on movies. This is why I have a tv and a dvd player and a laptop if I want to watch movies. Pumping up the memory is a way to charge a lot more for a phone. The 8gb card that came with my mytouch is more than what I need on a phone.

    They did also finally add some basic features like a flash and better quality video and picture taking. But why bother with hd pictures and videos? Wastes more battery life and you would be surprised to hear that the quality is on par with a mid range digital camera. In the right lighting, my mytouch’s picture and video quality is just as good and I don’t plan on taking pictures in the dark.

    The processory speed is great but remember it is a phone and processors can always be overclocked. For a phone a 1ghz processor is just a waste as the phone will never need to process much to begin with.

    The only reason I can see buying the new iphone is you are an apple loyalist or you need something for dicksizing. A phone is just a phone in the end. Besides if you are like me you will be getting pretty darn tired of apple making phones only to replace them a few months later. Buy your iphone 4g now and 3 months later, her comes the 4gs but one or two new features and they can get away with charging you more. They are good marketers, that’s for sure.

  • remyr12

    I got the phone last Saturdy for Father's day when we added another line. Free so it's ok but just imagine the increase in our monthly bill!

    So far I like it. However, I kept on getting low on space even if I only added a few apps! After a fully charged phone, and after a few minutes on playing around the phone, the typical stuff, learning the curves of the phone, after an hour, battery is down to 25%! Trying to figure out why the low on space!

    Friends kept on bugging me to get the new iPhone, however, I like an actual keyboard and not the virtual keyboard. Also, email, calendar and contacts are all hooked up to gmail and I don't like having another party to connect to all our stuff..added work.

    I used to have the G1 and gave it to my kid. One of those people who got it when it was released. I think I'm missing my G1.

    However, myTouch is slide is good, if I take out the myFaves and all other stuff that are preinstalled. Also, as soon as I stop getting low on space!

    • lizzy

      I also got the myTouch Slide on Saturday when it was free (certain restrictions…).
      Overall I am pretty happy with it!

      I like the actual keyboard; I don't like messing around with touchscreen keyboards although I did TRY to Slide's touch keyboard and it worked as well as any other phone's.

      I am having trouble figuring out why the battery keeps running out: I've adjusted the dimness on the screen to practically 0, I've turned off Wireless and GPS, but it seems to run out overnight!

      Been testing out the Genius button – so far so good. Voice txting worked fairly well, I asked for directions to a shoestore in NJ – it worked!

      If I can work out the battery problems I will keep the phone; otherwise it's back to t-mobile!

      • monicavolcom

        download the app "advanced task killer" it turns off apps that are running and it'll save ur battery

      • Guest

        You must calibrate the battery in order for it to run like normal. Let the phone completely die out and recharge twice and you should be golden. Also, auto sync can kill the battery and so can leaving apps open and running. Have you downloaded a task killer from the app market?

    • justin

      Hey how’s it going? I read your review and I think I can help! My battery was constantly dead until I noticed that the phone was constantly syncing. This obviously uses a great deal of battery. All you need to do to fix this is go into settings, then into the accounts sync part. If you scroll down you should see facebook, weather, tmobile, etc. Go to tmobile and click on it. It will open and the check mark in the box will be lit up. Click on it and turn it off. You don’t need to be synced with tmobile the same way you need to be synced with weather or something similar. If you don’t turn off the tmobile sync, your phone will try and sync constantly. I asked a tmobile rep and he said they have had about a million people come in with this exact problem. Apparently its a software glitch that will be fixed in an upcoming update. Anyway I hope this helps. You’ll know you did it correctly if the sync icon is no longer on at the top of your screen. Its the little circle with the arrows.

  • LuizRich

    Just got the new mytouch slide best smartphone yet I seen I compared it too the incredible an evo lovl! The speed is the same an it plays any flash site I go too video quality good pictures great no lagging no sluggish movement an I love the way they made the new keyboard anyone thinking about buying a mytouch slide do it you won’t regret it don’t listen too the lames judge yo self!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • justjill

    i am soooo unhappy ! i was on my third blackberry, and on the 29th day of california's 30-day buyer's remorse return period.

    i saw the price for the BB9700 had dropped so i went to T-mobile store to get price match credit, and the salesman talked me into trading the BB in for the mytouch slide. i've had the mytouch for less than a week, and it's been a disaster for me.

    i have to recharge the battery 3 to 4 times a day, and this is AFTER turning off WIFI, GPS, and everything else i could find.

    i activated my hotmail and earthlink email accounts, and they maxed out the phone's memory. the level-3 tech i called said the phone had to be reset to factory default, and that i couldn't load on my email accounts without breaking the memory. WTF? i searched the marketplace for an app that can push emails to the phone, but none can push hotmail, which is what most of my accounts are on.

    i've had problems with the display when switching from horizontal to vertical — the display simply disappears, in either orientation, white screen. i have to switch to a different application to fix it.

    many forced closes. quickoffice couldn't read a Word document, meaning yet another application download needed. and when reading through a long html page, the scoll starts running away on its own, down dozens and dozens of pages before i can stop it.

    anyone else have these problems (besides the obvious battery one), or am i just using it weird?

    thanks for reading !

    • David Conner

      I have had the phone sice the fathers day sale as well and I also have the crazy scrolling problem on mine too! Its insane and I have no idea why it does it. I also was using a bb 9700 before i switched to the slide and the only thing i dont like is NO SPELL CHECK! I also downloaded some new themes from the app world and I cant use them!! Why? Can anyone help me with that I would really like to change the theme and maybe use a live wallpaper. Battery last all day for me though but deffinitly doesnt compaire to the 9700 battery that thing would last me 2 days if needed!

      David Conner
      T-Moble Sales Rep
      Orlando, FLorida

      • monicavolcom

        it does have spell check

      • Ryan

        My battery ran out and when turned my phone back on I lost all my address in my phone. Do you know any reason why or how to get back?

        • abby

          that happened to me too. Go to your adress book and press the menu button then press import contacts from sim card and you will get them all back

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  • Monica

    I love my mytouch slide!

  • Sherri

    I'm new to the smart phone world (felt I only needed a phone – razr). Since my husband needs one for work decided to get me one while the phone would be free. Added monthly cost but that's the price for the functionality….. I'm thoroughly enjoying the device. Glad I got the slider – much prefer the actual keyboard when typing. Have downloaded quite a few apps and so far most of them have been good and free. I was a little dispointed with the battery life but have been improving the battery life as I learn to adjust my settings. I feel this is definitely a good starter phone. One thing I have found out is that you it's hard to find every single function, option or capability in one phone. You have to decide what you need the most and pick the device that handles that the best.

  • Dizzygrl28

    I've gone from a Blackberry to a G1, which I loved, to the first Mytouch, which I HATED, to the Slide, and I can honestly say that I am in love with my new phone. I contemplated leaving T-Mobile for Verizon in order to obtain a Droid, but I am glad that I stayed and gave the Slide a shot. I personally have not had any problems with it, and when I compared the phone to my friends Droid, I could find little that the Droid had that the Slide didn't. I've had a couple 'force closed' prompts but that can happen with anything, even your personal computers, and I attribute this more to the program running and not the phone itself. No lagging issues with the exception of 'genius' who can at times lag when responding, but it's not significant enough to me. Overall I am extremely please with the choice I made.

  • Tracey Hempel

    I went from a Blackberry curve to the mytouch slide and am so far loving it. I love the fact that many of the apps are so much cheaper. The bar code scanner is nice as well as all of the apps to compare prices of stuff. I also love how many cheap/free apps there are. Also, the slide out keyboard is so much easier to use than the curve. A neat thing is the my modes setting. The fact that I can have a "professional mode" on my phone but still have crazier stuff when I'm not on the job is a personal plus. The genius button is nice–especially for voice texting. I haven't had any problems with the battery, although I did put the app killer on when I first got the phone as well as ran the battery down all the way 2x. I also have downloaded my music and liked it with my eadbuds as well as with my plug-in speaker. The speaker on the phone itself wasn't overly impressive on the phone but it was still better than my Blackberry. Am I happy with this phone–heck yeah! I am able to coordinate my professional life, my academics, my personal life and those of my boys all pretty seamlessly on my phone. (And the white color appeals to my fashion sense.)

  • Cheetah

    i got the phone yesterday for my birthday & i absolutely love it, i am usually not this excited over phones being i get the latest t-mobile phones but this one i might consider keeping for a while. at first i thought the idea of the my touch getting a keyboard would just pull us back down to the G1 days but the keyboard is really appealing, but i never use it because i'm in love w/ swype. the camera works lovely 🙂

  • @tmwsiy

    Used an iPhone for two years and loved it.
    Bought the myTouch when it came out and returned a few days just wasn't there.
    Bough the myTouch Slide and will never use an iPhone again, simply love it.
    Great, great phone.

  • D. L.

    I have had the mytouch slide as a replacement for the mytouch 3G for a couple of weeks now, and its sluggishness is offensive. It's supposed to have a processor speed of 712 but it acts much worse. I'm sorely disappointed. There are other problems too, including changes in screen sensitivity, as well as connectivity issues.

  • JMH

    I have had Windows Mobile phones, many BB's an Iphone and a plethora of other less high profile smartphones and I have tyo say that the slide is one of my favorites. It does everything it needs to and then some.

    I have had the phone for 5 days and I am still trying to work out good power management but other than that I love the phone.

  • Linda

    I"m thinking of getting the mytouch and sending back my LG Sentio, my eye sight isnt what it used to be and I like the large font on my LG. Does the mytouch have large font's, I went from a HTC touch pro 2 and the font was so tiny I couldnt even see it with my glasses on! Please let me know ASAP before my 2 weeks runs out to send the LG back. Thanks!

  • Question

    Do you have to have a data plan to access anything on the mytouch 3g slide or can you just use wifi to use the android market and the apps etc.

  • watchawannaknow

    i've had my mytouch slide for about 3 wks now, and it's works really well. At first, I noticed that my battery life ran out by the end of the day making me have to charge it twice in a day. It was the fault of me playing with my phone too much as well as 'my gps, sync mode, notifications and etc' being kept on. I soon realized that if I turned off those awesome features when I'm not using my phone, my battery life is a lot longer. its an awesome phone.

  • Mark

    Why would T-Mobile call the Slide a "flagship phone" to compete with phones like the Evo when it's not even in the same hardware ballpark??
    Has everyone forgotten about the HD2?
    I just got my wife the Slide and anyone on here who says they miss their G1 is a drooling idiot. I had the G1 for 18 months and it constantly reminded me of its limitations, and piss poor system memory capacity. The Slide has been a very refreshing change. And who was complaining about the battery draining 3 to 4 times daily? Return your phone and get the battery replaced. I have had no such problems.
    And I have the HD2. THIS IS A FLAGSHIP PHONE, TMOBILE!!! Fantastic phone. Don't believe all the negative hype you read about it. I love it. And I am a tech geek so to love this phone still after 3 months is amazing.

  • Mark

    Has everyone simply written off the HD2 and crowned the My Touch Slide "flagship" phone?
    HD2 is the T-Mobile flagship phone, with the Vibrant second. I would not trade my HD2 for my wife's MyTouch Slide in a million years.
    Microsoft most definitely is continuing to support Windows Mobile 6.5. which is a very good OS if you know how to use it.

  • Genrih

    I was a blackberry user for some years. When I decided it was time for something new, I went to the store and got an HD2, – seemed impressive with its large screen and overall hardware capabilities. It was a disaster. Battery life sucks, – lucky if you get a day out of it, with moderate use. The os kept freezing and crashing. Dont even want to get into usability. Went to the store today and exchanged it for a mytouch slide, and half a day later I feel like I've had it for months. So far – loving it.

    • nicole

      same here! the hd2 was terrible!!

  • Lars

    I find that many of the things in this review are correct and on point. A few points are a bit off but no big deal.

    The camera is an issue if you want a camera on your phone. It reacts VERY slowly. You won't be surprising anyone.

    The on screen keyboard is where I disagree most with this article. It is at least as good as an iPhone keyboard. I find it interesting that you had to turn Swype on. It was default on for my phone. Swype, though not the same as the Android keyboard, is far better than anything I've used. I tell my wife that if she would practice using it she would probably stop using the slide out keyboard (except when walking, it doesn't work when walking).

    The Genius button is almost useless because it is far too slow. Anything it can do you can achieve faster another way. I wish I could remove the application and remap the button to do something completely different.

    The biggest drawback is the power button. It is far too sensitive. For instance, I like to turn my phone off at the movies. Then I put it in my pocket. It EASILY turns back on. I wish it was more like Nokia's hold for a second before it will turn on. But oh well. My phone stays on MOST of the time anyway.

    At first I was really worried about the battery. I thought it was too small. I find that it lasts all day most of the time. If you watch videos it can drain faster. The thing that we have to get used to is keeping an usb cable available all the time. I found a couple of dual USB car chargers at for $5 each. Put one in each car with two cables each. Carry one in my laptop bag and have the charger that came with the phone by my bedside, though I use a 6 foot cable there instead of the 3 footer that came with the phone. My phone has NEVER run out of battery because if I turn on the GPS I plug it in.

    This phone is perfect for FaceBook. If your wife or girlfriend doesn't want a smartphone and you want her to have one show her the Slide. My wife was skeptical until about 5 minutes after she started using hers. She is always doing something on it whether it is checking FB or looking up movie times or trying to find prices for something. Yesterday she was looking up baby names on the internet (not the mobile internet like so many phones use these days, actual web pages) while I was driving home. We both check the traffic for whoever may be driving today.

    One other thing. I noticed that once we got these our minutes dropped off the map. We still make phone calls but most of the time we use text, email and google chat now. We tend to use actual phone minutes more on weekends now because of the many new options for communicating. I find it especially nice to have the phone set up so that i hear different noises for text, chat and email notifications.

    I also disagree with the assessment that this phone is slow. The real issue is that Android 2.1 does not reclaim memory very well. Also, Android in general doesn't shut off programs that are running. Many programs tend to set up in the background. These have to be flushed from time to time. Easy to do with a free Task Killer app. Do this once per day and your phone will run well. Word is 2.2 is supposed to fix this somewhat by recovering unused and sitting memory blocks from apps that are not doing anything.

  • Emil

    I love my Mytouch slide so much!!! But the internal memory completely sucks! even with the external memory sd card
    (8 gb. sd card comes with the phone) i can't get alot of apps. im hoping the android 2.2 (Froyo) update comes along so that i can store my apps on my sd card…

  • molly

    i had the slide since it came put. i love it. never had a problem with it.

  • Louisa

    I’ve had the phone only 3 days, but I strongly prefer it to my iPhone 3G. The hearing aid setting enables you to achieve a loud volume, lacking on the iPhone. The iPhone allows you to place a curser after a word only, not in the middle of a word as does the 3G Slide, enabling faster corrections. Swype is awesome for entering text quickly, and yet it still great to have a physical keyboard (lacking on the iPhone). The Genius button (vocal data entry) works as well as can reasonably be expected and is a great time saver. I am so happy to have a Back button, which the iPhone does not have and which I sorely missed. It’s great to be able to sync over the air instead of having to plug into iTunes (although I guess you could pay Apple for MobileMe).

  • chris Vance

    i am a new owner of the mytouch slide and its a pretty sturdy device. i think it can hold its own against the iphone (un-jailbroken ofcourse) maybe the browser could use a better update but i think that will be handeled with the update to Froyo (hopefully that comes sooner than later :P) anyways even though T-mobile does use this as their flagship device (which is kinda ood on their part) it does not dissappoint. the Qwerty keyboard is nice, full sized and convienent. i find myself using it more than the on screen keyboard. but when i am forced to use the onscreen keyboard, swype is a must. it’s fast and productive on the go (plus my teachers cant hear me typing in the back of class :D) if you download certain apps for the mytouch it can be a really great phone. apps i have installed are:
    Astro file manager
    OI file manager
    multilang dictionary
    picsay pro
    photofunia (i use this in conjunction with picsay)
    Task manager pro

    as for games i have:

    some of the games like zenonia and caligochaser a a but saluggish compared to the iphone, and some other high end android devices but its overall satisfying!!

    i myself have reccomended the mytouch slide to various friends and family and they also agree that it is a great device :))

  • Darqwarrior

    Love my MyTouch slide..would not exchange it unless one comes along that can hold more apps as the only problem I have is that I keep getting a notification that the phone is low on space, that is annoying, cause I have to keep deleting apps in order for some to update…..if anyone knows the solution to this let me know plz…Otherwise I love my phone.

    • Jennjenn Jb

      get a larger micro sd card.

    • Jennjenn Jb

      get a larger micro sd card.

    • aguy

      Get astro file manager and back up all your apps to that. Then, restore your phone to factory settings and then reinstall all apps again. Make sure you backup your contacts as well on your sd card. Then once it is restores, all you have to install again is astro. It freed up about 70 mb for me just by doing that and I have all my apps.

  • fran

    I loooveeee my slide and I’m getting pretty good at playing and looking for stuff. I have a question… it has preinstalled quickoffice. How can I export a document that is in there? All docs that I sync to my phone are in there and I need to send an attach through my email and don’t know how to do it. when I press attach in my email,the only files that appear are the ones in GALLERY. So I checked trying to send it through quickoffice but also didn’t appear any option. If any one knows…please let me know. Thks a lot!

  • Nanne

    How do I get to the speakerphone? Sometimes I can see it while I’m on a call and other times all I see are the numbers. The buttons on the bottom will navigate me away from the call, but not to speaker phone… any suggestions?

    • helpothers

      click menu, when you are dialling a number. You will see a option “speaker phone”. Tap it.

  • NewDroidUser

    Does anybody know how to attach files from my myslide? It only shows up to gallery and not any files which is depressing.

  • marc

    My SD has 7 GB left but phone keeps running out of memory. does anyone know how to transfer more stuff to my SD. not pictures or music. I’m talking about transferring data or apps onto my SD

    • john

      menu -> applications -> manage applications -> “All” tab -> select app and click “move to sd”

      • Oraj90

        I dont see where it says “All” tab. Please help..

  • C Rod602

    I need help figuring out how to save my pictures on my memory card. I’ve tryed looking in all the settings and I can’t seem to find it. Help please?

  • Queen Feather

    is there an app or some other way that can help me send longer videos to friends from tha mytouch slide 3g? right now I can only send between 5 to 10 seconds of video, while friends have been able to send me up to 1 min. please help!

  • Meetsly

    i downloaded a new theme but couldn’t run it. how do i put this new theme as my main theme?

  • Tasha

    Do it have a front-facing camera?

  • Fred

    do I have to go to the internet to increase my font size?

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