Microsoft paying developers to port iPhone apps to Windows Mobile 7?

When it comes to the number and even the quality of available applications and games, iPhone is the king. Android is growing fast as well, but it still has a long way to go before coming even close to Apple’s figures. Microsoft is trailing way behind along with the likes of Symbian, Maemo and others. So what the Redmond giant can do to entice developers to make apps for the upcoming Windows Mobile 7?

First and foremost, the new OS must be rock solid! Then, they could do such things as provide great developer tools, work closely with OEMs to make great handsets, organize developer contests and so on. I’ve no doubts the next Windows Mobile (that’s Windows Phone now) will pack significant improvements when compared to the existing version 6.5, even with the lack of Copy/Paste functionality. But that’s not enough when you’re competing with Apple and Google, something more needs to be done.

Microsoft is a smart and rich company and they can, let’s say, pay developers upfront to embrace the platform. Forget such things as developer contests and challenges – it takes too much time to get some seriously great apps and games. This way, you instantly have world’s greatest developers on board! And yap, that seems to be exactly what they’re doing — offering “substantial” incentive to the iPhone developers, according to PocketGamer’s sources.

Paying developers upfront means Microsoft will loose money in the first few years, but if you remember, that’s how they played the console game in the beginning, only to turn the X-Box unit into a profitable division few years later. We definitely want to see what Microsoft can do and are eagerly looking forward to see the first Windows 7 Phones hitting the market later in the year…


  • Fran

    Microsoft is panicking, as there are not very many major apps on Windows Phone 7.

    Microsoft's development tools have attracted many bedroom programmers and hobbyists, but not much else. Adding to the woes, the Windows Phone 7 platform is not rock-solid. In fact it's still incredibly buggy, and missing vital features.

    I think Windows Phone 7 will be slaughtered by Android and iPhone when it goes to market. It is just too incomplete.

  • Fran

    "Microsoft is panicking, as there are not very many major apps on Windows Phone 7."

    Really? You mean there isn't a high adoption rate of a product that hasn't hit the shelves yet? No way!

    "Adding to the woes, the Windows Phone 7 platform is not rock-solid. In fact it's still incredibly buggy, and missing vital features. "

    References, links…you know proof that you aren't talking from your ass.

  • Fran

    Let us not forget that the Apple app store has thousands of apps, majority of which ARE crap and are developed by those bedroom programers and hobbyists you speak of. Microsoft is simply offering incentives for those applications that do stand out and are popular to port over.

    And heaven forbid you are referring to the copy & paste function. Microsoft stated that they have an alternative which acts as a replacement for the traditional copy & paste function.

    Quit reacting to baised articles like a mindless drone until you get the physical production product in your hands. Then make your decision.

    I am looking forward for additional competition. Especially to those features that don't revealed until day of launch.

  • Mike w

    I say let the games begin! It’s time for some new inovation towards future app development. As far as copy and paste, MS was the 1st to implement it on a mobile phone. I’m sure if they say the new inovative way is better, it probably will be. Time will tell. If it does “suck” , they can always downdate it to what we’re used too. Despite having that creepy looking, just a little out there, Ballmer dude as their face, they know how important it is to have proper copy and paste, it won’t take them 2 yrs and 2 phones later to figure that out. Until 2016 when apple decides that a 4.3 in screen might be useful for all their media applications, and watching movies on a 3.5 inch screen like I have now, even if it has “Retina”, Is ridiculous. Then I’m ready to switch. Bring the apps to windows, make sure the screen is big, the phone is thin, and the phone doesn’t freeze up every 2 hrs, and I’m on board.

  • Jon

    Fran, Mike w….um yeah…. I' m sure you know what you are talking about. The only way MS is going to make inroads in mobile is to spend multi millions (billions?) sucked from Windows/Office revenue's to copy and buy loyalty from OEM's and partners.

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