Verizon iPhone “Inevitable” – Exec

Verizon’s president of the Washington-Baltimore-Virginia region, Michael Maiorana, has said that an iPhone on Verizon is inevitable, it’s just a matter of when. Of course there are no specific plans just yet, considering AT&T still has a U.S. exclusive on the iPhones which will likely stretch to until at least the end of the year. Even when that time arrives, AT&T isn’t too worried.

There have already been plenty of  rumours and whispers about a Verizon iPhone, who have been pretty up-front about wanting the iPhone. In the meantime, they have a tiny army of Android handsets to keep their smartphone business humming. Even though Verizon is still the biggest carrier in the U.S., I can’t help but imagine their network would buckle under the same traffic that has put AT&T in such bad shape – heck, they can’t even deal with the preorder volume, let alone people using the dang things.

It’s good to hear Verizon remains confident that they’ll get the iPhone sooner or later, especially since iPhone 4 preorders have just begun, and many people are wondering if they really want to take the 2-year plunge with AT&T when the possibility of a CDMA version could be just around the corner.

[via eWeek]

  • Hassan

    I doubt there will ever be a CDMA version of the iPhone, doesn’t sound like apple to fracture the iPhone line between CDMA and GSM. Rather, when iPhone goes LTE, it will be available to Verizon, as AT&T will go LTE as well (and the rest of the world except for Sprint). If that’s true, perhaps this time next year we’ll see an iPhone that could work on VZN.

  • Ender


    Cool let me look that one up. Wait a minute…

    • Simon

      Woops, thanks.

  • @Migotohoseki

    i will not be turning blue waiting for this one to happen, as nice as it might sound!

  • Hammad

    Apple (Jobs) stubbornness will be their downfall. Release the iPhone on multiple carriers and destroy Android market.

  • Mike

    Boy..I’ve never read a group of editors that hate on a company more than you guys do with At&t. Any network would crumble with the amount of data used with these devices. How bout this, it’s “inevitable” the same thing will happen to VZN w/ the Iphone. Not going to happen though on CDMA-although it would be nice! Verizons choice to stay CDMA and not proceed to GSM was to maintain great network service/coverage. Once they change technology to 2010 they will welcome the dropped calls. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it has been the motto they’ve been living by, but once they go GSM/LTE it’s all downhill for VZN in terms of service-even worse when they get the iphone & that amount of data.

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