MobileMe Service Gets a Makeover

Last night, MobileMe went down for a while for maintenance and it came back into action with some new features. More recently, the mail program went into beta and picked up the following new features:

  • Widescreen and compact views. When reading your mail at, the new widescreen view lets you see more of each message with less scrolling. Choose compact view to hide your folders or classic view to see more of your message list.
  • Rules to keep your email organized everywhere. Mail rules help you reduce inbox clutter by automatically filing messages into folders you select ahead of time. Set them up at, and your rules organize your incoming email on the web and everywhere else — on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, and PC.
  • Single-click archiving. Click the Archive button and the selected message is quickly filed into the Archive folder where it’s always available for future reference.
  • Formatting toolbar. You can create great-looking email messages using formatting buttons to bold or italicize text, change font color, insert images, and more. You can even create formatted web links to hide long URLs.
  • Improved performance. Mail at loads your inbox and messages faster. And with interface refinements such as the ability to scroll through your entire inbox without having to manually click to load the next set of messages, you’ll be able to work more efficiently.
  • Increased security with SSL. With the MobileMe Mail beta, accessing your email on the web is more secure than ever. Your inbox is protected to prevent anyone from eavesdropping on your webmail. As always, you receive SSL protection when you use your MobileMe Mail account on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, and PC.

Now other areas of MobileMe picked up some upgrades, too. One is an app we told you about earlier called “Find My iPhone,” which works exactly how you think it does. If you lose your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, you can use the app to locate your device and hopefully recover it in good shape.

It looks like MobileMe is finally heading in the right direction and piling on all the right features. Hopefully there won’t be any more security issues or unexplained down time. And who knows, perhaps one day this killer service will become free like sweeter competitor, Google.

[Via: World of Apple]

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