Quiznos teams up with Layar

Quiznos is teaming up with Layar to provide users of the popular augmented reality app with an easy way to locate nearby Quiznos restaurants. In addition to just locating a nearby Quiznos place, there will be the special deals available for Layar users, as well as the ability to connect with other Quiznos fans.

U.S.-based Winvolve helped the restaurant chain with the Layar integration and the plan is to keep up with the Layar updates in the feature to offer the best possible experience to the end users. To achieve that, under the deal, Quiznos (or that’s Winvolve in behalf of them) will get an early access to new Layar features before they go live.

Quiznos is definitely a smart company when they embrace the augmented reality technology. I’ve no doubts other restaurant chains will follow shortly, but in the meantime they have the advantage of an early adopter. Way to go Quiznos!

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