Apple Crushes It with 3 Million iPads Sold in 80 Days

Remember back in December and early January when analysts and armchair journalists were predicting the failure of the Apple iPad? There was no market for it and Apple would have to create one, they said. A tablet computer is a niche product and would have no practical use. Between notebooks, netbooks and smartphones, a tablet has no place. Well, Apple just crushed everyone by announcing that it has sold three million iPads since the Wi-Fi only version launched on April 3.

If you’re thinking that this is some kind of fad that will pass, perhaps you’re ignoring the 11,000 iPad-specific apps that are now available in the iTunes app store. Or maybe you’re ignoring the big players in the publishing industry who are trying to get their books and magazines to be iPad friendly. Then there are the media and content producers who have been experimenting with HTML5 and testing videos that would run on Apple’s tablet computer.

Whether you think it’s an overpriced, oversized iPod touch or the future of computing, it’s pretty clear that the Apple iPad is here to stay. Steve Jobs’ dream of making the device a permanent fixture or appliance in everyone’s homes just might come true. Or at least get very close.

[Via: MacRumors]

  • urbansync

    All I can say is that my iPad continues to amaze. Just when I think I've exhausted the capabilities of this thing, I find a new use, feature or application. There is a *lot* more functionality than meets the eye at first. We waited in line the first day to get ours and have not regretted a minute. Almost scary how quickly the iPad has become pretty much an indispensable part of my life.

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