iPhone 4 Retina Display Protected by Corning Gorilla Glass

iPhone 4 to Feature Corning Gorilla Glass

Chances are you read the iFixit iPhone 4 teardown yesterday. These teardowns have become somewhat legendary, and quite honestly, I do very much look forward to them any time a new device is on the cusp of arrival. The iPhone 4 teardown offered up a few surprises for us, including the following:

  • The LCD is glued against the front glass
  • 1GHz ARM Cortex A8 processor
  • 512 MB of RAM
  • easy-to-replace 1420 mAh battery

That’s all cool and all, but I stumbled across one more cool tidbit via my buds at TiPB. It looks like the iPhone 4 Retina Display is confirmed to be protected by Corning Gorilla Glass. Neat-o!

The front glass panel of the iPhone is constructed of Corning Gorilla Glass, a chemically strengthened alkali-aluminosilicate thin sheet glass that is reported to be 20 times stiffer and 30 times harder than plastic.

Gorilla Glass holds many advantages as the iPhone 4’s front panel including its high resistance to wear and increased strength from a strengthening process.

Sounds all good to me. Although, quite honestly, I haven’t had any issues with scratching or marking on the glass of previous-gen iPhones. I’m probably not as hard on it as many users are (even though I typically don’t keep it in a case, or anything!). If you’re of the type that throws your iPhone in your pocket with your car keys and other various sharp and/or pointy objects, it’s looking like the iPhone 4 will stand up to your abuse. At least, in comparison to previous gen iPhones.

So how long until we see folks taking pictures and video, trying to bust the iPhone 4 front glass and display for all to see? Oh wait, we’ve already seen that. My bad.

For more info you can check out the full teardown over at iFixit, or hit up our hands-on video with iPhone 4. It’s good stuff. Check it out!

  • Arschgaudi

    iPhones have been utilizing Gorilla Glass since day one.

  • Charles

    If it's using Gorilla Glass, which is meant to be so wonderful, how come the iPhone 4 fails a simple drop test so spectacularly?

    The glass on the iPhone 4 looks to be incredibly fragile, yet it's meant to be so much tougher than traditional displays. Since it's not tougher, and arguably more prone to shattering, something ain't right with the glass on the iPhone 4.

    I've also seen evidence of an iPhone 4 arriving in it's box with the front glass already cracked (poor quality control at the factory, or a pressure related fracture?)

  • Sidvics

    The iPhone 4 does scratch really easily. I had gotten mine replaced and I managed to get scratches on the new one again. And i have never had the phone come even near anything that resembles abrasive or sharp. The older gens were far better, which makes me believe Apple is not monitoring this issue or managing quality as they used to

  • Applesack13

    Iphone4 is NOT gorilla glass people.

  • Fake! 

    iPhone 4 is using glass from Lens Technology – a Chinese manufacturer. While there are unconfirmed reports that other manufacturers are occasionally involved, Gorilla Glass has never been used in iPhone 4. 

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