LIVE: iPhone 4 launch – Continuous live stream

Today is iPhone 4 launch eve, and that means we’re less than 24 hours away from Apple’s launch of the new-generation iPhone 4 on the AT&T network! This year, we’ve seen iPhone 4 leaks the likes of which we’ve never seen in an Apple product launch, but those leaks seem to have only built more hype for the latest Apple phone. So, for the sake of showing you what Apple fans look like in their natural line-waiting habitat, Team IntoMobile is camping out at the Palo Alto Apple Store with our stream-tastic live coverage of the launch day madness. We’ll also have live coverage from the Manhattan Apple Store, just to round out our comprehensive coverage.

We’re going to try to stick to the live-stream schedule outlined in this post, but please bear with us if we stray from the scheduled programming from time to time. Live coverage can be tricky, and we’re aiming to have keep our live stream up and running continuously for a little under 24 hours.

Make sure to keep checking this post for the latest goings on with the iPhone 4 launch crowds and festivities. Oh yes, there will be festivities.

[Update 1]
5:14pm PST
The iPad displays are already being broken down to make room for the iPhone 4.

[Update 2]
7:05pm PST
The line is getting longer. About 60 people in line right now.

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  • K8F

    This is brilliant, now we can time out visit to the shortest line!

  • iPhone4

    Very cool.

  • neediPhone4

    is there a way to know how many are in line? i.e., can we get a live counter going?

  • Chingon

    How long is the line?

  • zizzlleee

    wow NERDS!!! I've already gotten my iphone 4 in the mail today

  • vara411

    You've gotta be kidding me… is this even necessary?

  • knucklechaos87

    hahaha i already have my iPhone i got it today

  • Stephen

    what is the point of this ?

  • ginny

    how many people are in line? we are coming tomorrow morning but can't get there before 9 😉

  • ……

    I also got my iPhone today, happy with it 😉

  • nirm

    The audio is overdriven and clipping. it almost hurts to listen at times. Hopefully you will read this before the night is over and adjust the audio levels for those still listening.

  • SamSalter

    You will not be able to do this with the new data plan that ATT is offering now hehehe… Long live Android =)

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