Win a FREE Sprint HTC EVO 4G from IntoMobile!

Image showing Sprint HTC EVO 4G being held in a hand

If you’re still having trouble getting your hands on a Sprint HTC EVO 4G – and we totally feel your pain, what with Sprint repeatedly selling out of EVO inventory – we’ve got just the thing to boost your spirits. IntoMobile is proud to announce that we’re giving away a Sprint HTC EVO 4G for FREE!

We’ve chosen a winner. Thanks all for entering the contest! Congratulations to Nancy for winning the EVO 4G, expect an email from us soon!

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The EVO 4G has proven itself the mightiest of Android smartphones currently on market. Its 4.3-inch touchscreen display and 1Ghz Snapdragon processor and 8-megapixel camera make the EVO one helluva smartphone by any measure. The handset’s HD 720p video recording and 4G data connection make it a media-making monster. And, with gobs of RAM and a microSD card slot that can expand storage without limit, you’re not going to be left wanting when it comes to taking all that media with you on the go. Of course, the EVO comes trimmed with all the smartphone features we’ve come to expect: WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth, 3.5mm headphone jack, and Android 2.1 OS.

Best of all, it can all be yours for FREE!

For those of you not sure what the EVO 4G is, check out our review here (also, really? You’ve never heard of EVO?).
EVO 4G review

Here’s what you need to do to win the Sprint HTC EVO 4G from IntoMobile:

That’s it! We’re making this contest as simple as possible because we want everyone to experience the Sprint HTC EVO 4G for themselves. Or, you know, maybe sell it on Craigstlist – what you do with your EVO is your business.


  • Leave only ONE comment in this comments section below. If you post multiple comments, you will be disqualified. Allow time for the comment to post to the site. If you suspect thereโ€™s something wrong with your comment, contact us.
  • Only US residents aged 18 or older. You are only eligible for the contest if you are 18 or older and live in one of the 50 United States of America. We canโ€™t accept any non-US entries. If we could, we would. Besides, this is a Sprint-only phone, it’s not going to do you any good in Canada or the UK.
  • Winners will be chosen at random.
  • Winners will be announced on the front-page and through Twitter (follow @IntoMobile for the announcements).
  • Winner has have three (3) days to contact us to claim the prize. If you donโ€™t contact us within three days, your prize will be given away to another lucky reader.
  • Contest ends Monday, June 28, 2010 at 11:59pm PST.
  • nate2884

    I bought pants with extra giant pockets just in the hopes that I win this thing… good karma good karma good karma good karma….

    • Sarah

      I want the EVO! Sign me up for the contest please!! ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Josephine' Sheppard

      I'm Josephine' -but everyone call's me Jodi. Honestly the situation here is my fiance' & I have been watching our finances. I have an older HTC that keeps going out & I am an independent freelance writer and Counselor that is dependent upon technology for my work and business and income. On a personal note, I have one of my sisters that is going in for heart surgery in a week and when she called to try and report that her doctor is doubting if she will survive the surgery and asking for my help and I couldn't receive a multitude of her calls under an emergency situation for family, having a phone not work properly & resetting day after day… well you can imagine the emotions that have come about. We love and hate our technology and yet need quality in today's society for all the right reason's. Sometimes, we just need a break in the right moment in life too. Thanks for listening. (It'll be a new experience discovering twitter -something new everyday.)

  • JAson Edwards

    I am a tech / cell phone geek and have been for years and years. My gf does not even recognize the word tether and she has one and tells me she likes how it displays the weather. Please feel my pain. She has a 1Ghz processor and has never rooted (nor understands what it is) anything in her life. I could cry. : (

  • Jerry Turnbow

    I need the EVO to soothe the pain that my Hero has caused. From update to update my Android experience has gotten worse. I'd like this phone to help me stay on the robot side, otherwise I may just slip away to the iPhone dark side.

    Help a brother keep the faith.

  • Charles seifert

    I need this phone because I want apps but I don’t want the iphone.

  • Phenomenon

    I need this phone because all phone on T-mobile suck! No I don't have Sprint… yet ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Doug Hardin

    Went to the store, The EVO I wanted to buy,
    The wife looked at the price tag and asked, "Why?"
    "The Hero does the same thing and costs much less"
    Now I'm stuck with a phone that's a slow, irritating mess.
    Yes I'm hoping to win an EVO with this cute little rhyme,
    And I'm going to leave the wife at home next time

  • Jason

    I believe I should win because I have tracked this phone's information for about 6 months and my father has worked for Sprint as a field tech for 10 years. Please let me win this phone!

  • lorenzo

    This is the best phone I’ve ever seen. Just can’t afford to get it.

  • Leander

    I would welcome the chance to trade in my 1980's phone for a modern cool phone. I would also like to try Sprint.I heard that you guys have pretty good customer service and coverage.

  • Michael

    I am the first person to comment so I deserve to win the Sprint Evo!

  • Chris

    Hope I win ๐Ÿ™‚

  • MillennialDusk

    I deserve to win, because my WinMo 6.5.3 TP2 ages a year with every passing week. I *NEED* to get away from this dying platform, and I think that Android is getting there. Besides, you giving it to me for Free will let me spend the $200 bucks on something else. So just give it to me…You know you wanna!

  • danielleK

    I would love to win!

  • Charles Huckabay

    I purchased a T mobile G1 in 08 but I purchased it improperly through t mobile (logged onto website using my wife's' number not mine) so I had to return it. I returned it via post office and purchased another one at the 179 price point. The next month my bill still included the first G1 at $340. I called t mobile and they said they never received it. After a year and a half of trying to track down this phone I finally found out that t mobile could track the lost phone to see if it was being used. To my surprise it was being used by someone else and t mobile continued to allow it! Eventually I was reimbursed for my stolen/lost phone and T mobile agreed to let me out of my contract…Sprint and HTC evo would be nice conclusion to this frustrating story.

  • Matt

    I am a big google fan for years, I am thinking about a good phone for years. I checked the EVO, it is fantastic, I want one.

  • Kamiko

    I JUST helped an old lady CROSS THE STREET PICK ME

  • Steven Lopez

    Man… if I had the ability to hold and feel the HTC EVO, I will feel in haven. This phone is extremely a beauty, sexy and HOT. The reason why I should win is because I never win anything, especially a phone for free. There nothing free in AMERICA…… if I win this, I guess I will always have faith in wining free stuff.

  • @Ac3of2pade2

    I should win the evo cause I Love Android ๐Ÿ™ I've had the g1 since the 1st day it was release and i have no contract now to get the evo but I can't afford it cause of college I've also tried the hd2 but windows mobile fails sooo please can i have it please :'(

  • Hector E

    sorry no story or why i need to have this phone. ill take my chances with just posting on here that i want the phone so i would like to win the phone if not ill just go out and keep on looking for it : /


  • parker amaker

    hi my name is parker and I believe I should get the evo because 1 I seem to b first and as we all learned from iphone and ipad sales being first puts you ahead… Also because I’m an avid reader of this site.. I’ve been followin since I first heard about the evo ( back when it was the supersonic) trying to prepare for this phone. Unfortunitly money has been in the way of me gettin this phone. I was the first one in my family to say I was going to get it but as of now 7 PEOPLE HAVE IT!!! How much of a slap in the face it that to me. On top of that none of them use it for more than making calls. It frustrates me to no end I need to show them what this phone is capable of. I need to show them why the evo is selling the way it. I need to show them how to use the phone by leading with a great exaple. The way my lick goes this comment will get lost in the sea of other comments soon to follow but I will still kep my head high. Me and my brother are tech geks tht looks hearing and reading about tech and we know so much about this phone. I’m on sprint and possese the original palm pre . I need this phone more than most because I will wield it’s power with the kwoledge and skill it deserves!!!! PLEASE PICK ME I BEG OF YOU KIND SIR!!!!!! On a side note I wrote all this because this is how I talk I’m a communications major and was bread to write like this like a monolog. I hope this wil be the biggest omment and will atch your atention. Bye and may luck be on my side.

    • Rock Steady

      Ever think of a spell checker?

  • Michael Carr

    I tested this bad boy out at my local Sprint store and I was instantly blown away! I have been craving this device since before its official announcement by Sprint, and now that it available… I realize I don't have the funds to buy one! :(:(:( THATS WHY I'M BEGGING INTOMOBILE TO GIVE ME ONE! I don't care what it takes! I neeeeeeeeeed this phone! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!

  • Tisch

    EVO and ECOnomically is a perfect match. You could help me to save the planet, so why I shouldn't win?

  • JEVO

    My wife is constantly working. She is a stay at home mom, but works continuously on her job as Family Ministry Director. She is in charge of hundreds of different things, but is technically part time. In a single morning you can find her checking her email, replying to emails, updating Facebook, making a phone call to schedule volunteers, fixing 2 kids breakfast (4yrs and 2 1/2yrs) and breast feeding an 8 month old. I've experienced the power of the HTC Evo. I honestly believe she would benefit from having one. From managing ministry of over 150 kids to managing our 3 boys, the administration power of the Evo would make things a little easier.

  • David

    I would love to have my face in the place
    with 8 MPs
    from the new HTC
    (of course using all 4Gs).

    I tweet everyday, write Facebook essays
    and post YouTubes all the time,
    but I won't be complete
    with Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter until the EVO is mine.

    I can’t wait to use the multi-touch
    And Qik and tether and Leap,
    HDMI and HD videos on the fly
    Almost makes my heart skip a beat.

    I can not wait to surf the net
    And talk at the same time,
    To do both of those things on the EVO
    Would truly be sublime.

    No I-phone, I-touch, or I-pad
    And certainly not AT&T
    Just Sprint and the HTC EVO
    Is all I really need.

  • George Williams

    I should win the EVO because I want something flashy to show my 10 iPhone toting friends & have my EVO is better fanboy point, won.

  • Felisha Phifer

    I think that i should win the HTC EVO for multiple reasons one being i am the first to comment lol!!! But also because off the trouble i have been going through to try and get the phone. June 16th when it had finally came back into stock sprint customer service reps ran me back and forth to a sprint location about 10 times and when i finally got the chance to order the phone it had sold out!! AGAIN!!!! the next day on june 17th i found a radio shack that said he had one more so i literally ran to the car and did about 90 to get there and when i did i walked in to him programing the phone for the guy that had came in before me!! Because of the shortage of phone i have been phone-less for about 25 days now! not being able to stay in contact with anyone!! i mean i work an hour from my house im a student so i need a phone. And this is the phone i wanted i've been saving my very first paycheck for this phone and i have yet to get it so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me be the winner of this contest!! PLEASE!!!

  • jason lee

    i want the evo so badly! is that enough? lol

  • @NitroExpressNY

    i'm here cause i know it's gonna be mine

  • AKash

    i would love to win this phone cuz i never tried a android i have this moto razr 2 for past 3 yrs i went to buy this phone 4 times but they were out of stock so i really hope win this phone.

  • jesus g.

    I think i should win because i dont have enough money to buy one right now is a awesome phone with all the features and all you can do with this phone i hope i win that phone

  • Duy Nguyen

    i've had att since 2002 and i've only stayed on b/c of their family plan but never had a data connection. I'll be starting at a hospital in DC where there is absolutely no att reception and great sprint coverage. I'm ready to move on to Sprint as I'm a tech geek and have wanted an evo since it's first word. Unfortunately it's sold out and I'm going to be stranded with no phone or data coverage for my phone. I need reception not only for personal use, but also for work as communication is key among my coworkers. Fast access to online databases will also greatly facilitate patient care. PLEASE…. HEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLPPPPPPPPPPPP!

  • Ephrayim Masse

    I think I need one because I will do anything to come against AT&T as well I have been a costumer of sprint for a long time and a loyal one. Through thick and thin I have stayed with sprint and now they have a device that is worth waiting for. Something that combats the iPhone!! The reason I need it though is because of the operating system, Android is amazing I love Google and the open source ability also the 4g coverage for video conferencing is a very useful tool for what I do. Please consider me for possibility.. I would be ecstatic if I were able to use such a device and the company I work for will be greatly increased due to my ability to be on the road and work.. Thank you for what you all do!!

  • Anik Amin

    I need a new phone bad. I the one I have now does not even have a camera. ๐Ÿ™

  • Christopher Lutz

    I need the new Evo 4G phone because I work in the entertainment industry and one of my fellow producers recently said, "Look at you Chris rockin' the old school phone." I was devastated, but realized that I look pretty obsolete using the corner of my fingernail (yes that's right) to scroll on my 3 year old HAND ME DOWN palm centro which lost it's stylus sometime in 2008. I can't really read or reply to work emails on this phone and there is hardly any memory left on my geriatric phone so taking pictures is out of the question. I would sucked into getting an iPhone if it weren't for the fact that I lose phones about once every 1.5 years and I simply cannot afford to replace an iPhone. My Sprint phone is affordably insured, so to me the release of the Evo 4G seems like a message from God that I belong with Sprint. The Evo is just plain better than the iPhone. Faster, larger and with way more features. Please give me this phone and propel me into the 21st century like the rest of my co-workers. "Old school" and "phone" have no reason to be in the same sentence together. Please help me ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Taylor

    I am a twenty year old college student that just received my AA and was accepted to USC as a transfer student. Something as great as this accomplishment should make anyone feel ecstatic, (which it has =D), but for so long I’ve felt as if I am missing something. As my phone rings and I literally punch the buttons to make it answer (because my send button has decided to work when it wants to) a light bulb turns on and I realize what the missing link is. THE HTC EVO 4G!!!!! I am still using an old busted 1st generation Palm Centro that gets constantly made fun of. Its touch screen (which is not really a touch screen anymore) barely responds, and the phone itself shuts off and resets itself periodically when it feels like it. Unfortunately, with the new steps I’m taking in life, I just cannot afford a HTC Evo. I literally rack my brain all day, trying to figure out how I can possibly get this phone, and well…this seems like the perfect way =]. Please help me so that when my cousin gets the new iphone I will finally able to give her some competition and show her what Sprint, and the HTC Evo are really made of!!


  • Mike L

    I deserve to be picked because despite the fact I wasn’t eligible for another upgrade (got the Hero last November) I purchased the Evo for the FULL PRICE. I had the phone for every bit of 2 wks then my 2 yr old nephew comes over(06/19) and knocks my EVO on the floor, shattering the glass screen. The crazy thing is the phone still works despite the cracked screen. Now I have to go through Assurion insurance, pay $100 deductible and wait 5-7 business days for a new phone. In summary I will have kicked out upwards of about $600 for the EVO and tht is why I definitely deserve to win a Free EVO.

  • Sandra Brooks

    My Dad is 87 and he wants the new HTC EVO 4G Phone
    he saw mine and his eyes just glowed saying I got
    to get one of these phones, I can watch TV and everything
    so I took him out to get one in Louisville we tried all the
    Sprint Stores, Best Buy even tried the Office Supply Store
    Hoping to get him one for Father Day but no such luck
    Please Please Please let me win this phone for my DAD.

    • @malexander131

      I've sold cell phones for awhile now- all 4 major carriers, prepaid, postpaid, direct and indirect channels. This is one of the best things I've heard in awhile. So often, I was used to hearing about people this age complaining about how many features phones nowadays have ("I just want a PHONE, not all this crap" is the most common response I get), not to mention the cost of the plans.

      I was gonna come up with a comment for why I wanted the EVO, but hey, I can survive. If this guy really exists (not that I doubt he does, but hey, its the internet), give him the EVO!

  • Esteban Vargas

    I would like to be the winner becouse as of today I still have an old nextel i870 and have never own a smart phone. I dont know what this 4G really is but would like to find out first hand.

  • jorge landron

    Even though I don’t have enough cash to buy it, Itold my daughter I would give her my palm pre as soon as I was able to get my hands on the EVO.

  • Melissa Nguyen

    My blackberry mysteriously got stolen/lost/eaten by my washer. I've been with out a phone for almost a month, which is partly nice, but I'm ready to be reinstated into technology world again. I want the EVO ๐Ÿ˜›

  • EdD

    i want the Evo and I have a blackberry storm 9530…enough said right there.

  • Tom Bailey

    My first smartphone purchase was a Palm Pre. I need a break. Already a Sprint customer.

  • B Town

    I should win because I've been stuck with my Blackberry Pearl for 2.5 years and I've been drooling over the EVO for far too long to just watch some other lucky girl/guy win this phone. Plus, I never win anything.

  • Doug Hardin

    Went to the store, the HTC EVO I wanted to buy,
    My wife looked at the price tag, furrowed eyebrows and asked, "Why?"
    "The Hero does the same thing and costs much less"
    Now I'm stuck with a phone that's a slow, irritating mess.
    I hope I can win an EVO with this short little rhyme,
    And I promise to leave my wife at home next time.

    • john dungeon

      keep the hero the evo a piece of junk and slow to make sure you live were you can get 4g service sprint well tell you anything to get your bussiness they told me i could get 4 g service and i have to go outside to get to get 4g sent phone back and went back to old phone htc touch pro 2 at least it works wanted to buy att i phone 4g but to much money per month

    • @lslemond

      If I could give this more than one Thumbs up I would! LMAO!

  • Sherwin

    I want to be introduced into the smartphone phone world, but do not want to support Apple’s iPhone. I am graduating in 2 weeks and starting my long road in the business workd. Not only would this be a great gift, but an awesome tool I would use in the business world. Thank you for this opportunity IntoMobile Team. Keep up the good work. =)

  • Jbee

    I should win because I spent all my savings in an impromptu trip to vegas last month. The trip came with strippers and booze and that was not included in my vacation package. Please help a brother out!

  • SaxMan

    I think that I should win the evo because I've been using the iphone and am very happy with it and tell people how cool it is all the time. But I've heard very good things about this latest evo and if I loved it more than my iphone I would be a great advertiser for it.

  • Jared E.

    This is the first contest I entered where I figure I may actually have a chance to win. I love this phone, and my family has been a Sprint customer for years. Money has been an issue, as with this new phone I would not only have to pay for the phone, but I would have to upgrade my plan by a large amount of money, plus I would have to pay for Sprint's mandatory 10 dollar charge. Hopefully, I may win this phone so it can help offset the cost of this phone and its plan.

  • persona nongrata

    Bigger IS better! That is why pocketbooks were created, LOL.

  • shawn J

    I have been trying to get my hands on this monster since day 1 only thing Is i was in between pay. So I was going to use best buys trade in program but but a couple days before the evo was released my touch pro screen went dead so I went to get it replaced come to find out that because of the sticker on the battery was red that i had to file 100 insurance claim but the sticker had been red for months and the phone was still working not to mention that i used a friend battery and the screen was still dead. so i took a sticker of a old phone replaced it and had my girl take it in the replaced it this whole process took about 2 wks but bye this time all the evos were gone not to mention now BB does not offer the same amount for the tp2 as they did a couple of weeks ago. Then come to find out the BB will be getting the white evos but going to miss that also because it is in between pay again. Once again they will all be sold out That means that I may not be able to purchase this phone until august t When u live in a house with no internet and regular tv a smart phone such as the evo will become the one central form of entertainment for the entire house but until one is found I will stay on the hunt for one of the greatest devices of the year


    I got the worth to get it

  • Shiriin

    ME! Please oh Please me!!!! I need an Evo, because my husband always has the coolest gadgets and gizmos, and for once I would like to beat him at somthing. I would buy one, but obviouslyh no extra money is left after all the Bills are paid. Im a hard working gal, and I need to beleive that good things happen to hard workers! I would be forever grateful and happy !

  • Arthur Lewis

    Due to financial reasons thus far, I have been yet to get my hands on one or even pre order one. A free one would be extremely nice considering the fact it would allow me to save $200. This would be outstanding for me and my family budget. Thank You for choosing me.

  • drkimbrough

    Need to be forgiven of my ways for going the way of the Blackberry after leaving my HTC Touch. HTC wants me back in a big way and the EVO 4G is calling my name.

  • @caramello101

    My boyfrient is tryna to get me the HTC EVO 4G for my birthday on 7/3. Hope I win- or the doghouse may be crowded. We have been with Sprint for 9 years and thought I was ready for the release, but a few thousand people were more ready then I was (Boo-Hoo-Hoo. LOL!!). Sprint marketed the EVO like they wanted everybody and thier cousins to buy it and when that happened Sprint obviously couldn't handle it. Plus, Sprint hasn't said whether they are going to extend the $100.00 rebate.__

  • @caramello101

    My boyfrient is tryna to get me the HTC EVO 4G for my birthday on 7/3. Hope I win- or the doghouse may be crowded. We have been with Sprint for 9 years and thought I was ready for the release, but a few thousand people were more ready then I was (Boo-Hoo-Hoo. LOL!!). Sprint marketed the EVO like they wanted everybody and thier cousins to buy it and when that happened Sprint obviously couldn't handle it. Plus, Sprint hasn't said whether they are going to extend the $100.00 rebate.

  • @Curtis29

    Hi my name is Curtis. I think i should win a HTC EVO because ive been a loyal intomobile reader since 2008. This site is the reason why i got the G1 ,my girl getting the tp2 & turned me into a Android fanatic. I have to admit this site is addicting. The Evo is like a dream of mine like being a rockstar but it just wont happen lol. I want to switch to Sprint just for the Evo but i cant afford the phone with having 2 kids & living on my own. Im tired of the G1 & T-mobile. I will do a little traveling this summer & starting school this fall so i think this phone will help out alot with that…..thanx alot for reading & keep up the great work guys**

  • Hamilton

    After following the Supersonic officially named HTC EVO 4G since January, I knew I was going to get one on opening day like I did with the Palm Pre. Unfortunately I was unable to do so. Not due to stores running out, but do to financial issues. I decided to help a friend out (fortunately for this post, it was a sob story), and they’re unable to pay me back anytime soon. So then I planned on getting it for my birthday next week- 7/3. Turns out I’m so in the hole financially right now that I wont be seeing it in my hands till probably Christmas, thats if one of my friends are feeling generous,lol. Either way I would love to get this phone. Watched and followed it for way too long not to have it yet. Can’t deal with the Pre anymore. So if I was to be chosen, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, and good look to those that are hoping to get it too.

  • James Christ

    Our company recently downsized and we layed off some people. I basically took over all customer services for our company. On off hours, I still need to check to see if anyone is having any problems and have to go to a computer and do this is a hassle. I would need a phone like the HTC EVO in order to sinc this with my outlook email server so I could use this phone to keep up with any customer service issues during off hours. I'm already a sprint customer but with my wife losing her job it was hard for me to justify the cost of upgrading from my voice only plan and 3 year old Sanyo Kantona phone. I would like this phone to help me out with my job and hopefully start a good luck streak where I can get my work done and my wife can find a job.

  • matt

    Because I got a tattoo of the Evo on my back and I think that rates a free one,… thats called dedication to your cause.

  • jomnoc

    Help me become a happy EVO owner ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Amit

    i don't want to make up any sad story but please free me from the Apple & iPhone Jail. i cant afford a new phone and i dont want to get into a contract

  • Tous

    My Sob Story: I have a Palm Treo (enough said)
    My need: I desperately need a phone that can allow me to receive my work emails properly otherwise I might get fired – so maybe still part of my sob story. Aside from email, the apps that I will use for work are endless !
    My want: The EVO is amazing and I have so many uses for all the things it does !!
    My good deed: If I get the phone, I'll donate my treo and my old flip phone to a charity
    So please randomly pick me ๐Ÿ™‚

  • andy li

    i visit this page like five times a day! love all the latest gadget news and i want to win this badboy so i could sell it and get an android phone that works on tmobile, maybe galaxy s or nexus one lol keep up all the good work!

  • Will

    I have been following the Evo ever since it was rumored to be called the supersonic. For five months I was saving money and drooling over its features. I just lost my job of three years 2 days ago and a sprint rep called me today to tell me I was next on the list. I felt as if I were an Olympian training all his life only to be told he couldn't qualify due to an injury (well maybe not that bad). I hope you consider me and good luck to the others submitting.

  • Josh Baker

    Since I first heard about this phone back in march, I have wanted to get my hands on it. I was actually reading about Evo news every day in my banking principles class (sometimes instead of doing my work). After about a week i knew the spec sheet of this device like the back of my hand. I had previously debated getting an iPhone when my contract was expired, but when i saw this phone i quickly changed my mind. When the phone released on the 4th, the Evo was sold out at all local Best Buy's, Sprint stores, and Wal-Marts. And unfortunately the Radio Shack in my area is not a Sprint authorized reseller. To this day I still do not own an Evo. I would do ANYTHING to get my hands on this phone.

  • harold mazyck

    Does this remind you of a James Bond film, an evil Czar trying to take over the world?

  • Allison

    I think I deserve to win this phone because I've been a loyal customer with Sprint the retailer of this phone for the past 7 years. I've been through hoops and back and my loyalty to Sprint has been indissoluble no matter what other merchants had/have to offer. My contract will be ending in October and the phone that I am currently using is a total mess. I would love to remain a valued customer with Sprint for many years to come and having this phone would surely seal the deal. Thank you for the opportunity to voice my opinion on why I think I should be the WINNER of the HTC EVO 4G.

  • paul armendarez

    I love this phone. I check Google news every 30 minutes just to see if there is any good news about the evo. I have a picture of the phone by my bed, and I find myself flashing a light at it like tom hanks does on cast away . I can’t wait till next year for my upgrade. I’m a tech head and internet nerd so this phone would be perfect . For the past two years I have been involved with a charity call new day and they help needy familys, and filled a guy I didn’t know gas tank up about two weeks ago . Hope I can win I have never won anything worth mentioning .

  • @techvudu

    I need this phone because I simply do not have the money to buy it. Bottom line, no sissy sob story. I want it and cant afford it. Im in, Thx.

  • Patrick Lippy

    Hello, I would like to own an HTC Evo because it would help me to keep track of my step-father (and wife). He was admitted into the VA hospital yesterday up in Tampa for having heart problems and will be there for awhile. This would not normally be a problem, but Tampa is 3 hours north of where my wife and I work… not only that, my wife cannot drive for 3 more months because she had a seizure 3 months ago (and does not have a history of seizures) and I have to drive her to and from work because Florida law does not let you drive for 6 months after a seizure.

    I work over an hour away, and my phone is over 5 years old (Sprint Sanyo 7400) and it does not hold a charge, it drops calls and the antenna does not work well at all (other Sprint customers tell me they get a great signal on their newer phones). This all worries me with everything going on… I would like a phone I can rely on, and winning this HTC Evo would help me to stay connected to the people I love and the people who need to contact me in case of an emergency.

    Thank You for your time.

  • Asad

    I am following Android from 2 years. But I never got a chance to buy an Android phone. I bought my first Android phone 6 months ago, and I lost it. And now I don't have any, don't have money to buy one too. So I think I deserve it. I Love Android so much, as well as EVO 4G

  • Chris V.

    I should win because I'm still using an X1 with Windows mobile.

  • J. Jenni

    With the EVO I will bring world peace. I promise.

  • Daeshawn

    Let's me think. I have a Palm Pixi. I love the OS, but the hardware isn't sooting me. Its hurt me to many times. I cant do anything with it because its to lazy to open up a gift for me(an app). I need you baby Evo. I want you, I need you, I love you. I check online day and night trying to see if your okay. They have said mean things about you Evo, but I love you anyhow. I don't believe what they say though I haven't had you YET. Once I get ahold of you baby Evo, you and I will spend so much time together. Beach, mall, wherever I go, you'll go. When your sick, I'll fill you up so you can heal over the night. I know you will suit my needs and I will too. Look at you and your beautiful self. No one in this world can't call you ugly. If they do, they're missing out and I'll prove them wrong. I'll be right by your side baby Evo. I will never forget the first day I laid my eyes on you. Your coming home to me Real soon. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Daniel

    I would like the EVO because I need a work phone to VPn and VNC into my servers. I run a small Server Farm in Southern VT. I do not want an iPhone (though I do want iPhone apps) and I hope to begin developing for the android platform shortly. I also provide solar installation and assessments – there are plenty of iPhone apps for this, but not many on the android platform.

  • jennifer

    I would like to win, I thought i was happy with the blackberry until my husband came home with this new phone ( EVO) he started showing me all the things it could do.I fell in love with it. I had never played with any touch screen phones before.I asked him to get me 1, we have tryed the are all sold out! my kids love the phone, when ever i show the kids pics on my phone, they always put their fingers on the screen to make it bigger. but i have to keep telling them mommy doesnt have a phone like that. so please let me win so i can show my kids mommy can have cool things too!!

  • Slyce

    Yo, names Slyce, and I'm gonna get dat EVO. Check it. I'm sick an tired of havin to check mah pager when someone be blowin it up, then havin to go to a payphone… Whens the last time you even seen a pay phone??? Think about it>! I have to sometimes look for hours just to find a phone, and I usually end up just aksin for some fool on the street to use his phone…lemme tell you, people aint trusting some random ass peeps walkin up to them and aksin for they cell phone.
    I aksin yall to bring me to the future…like doctor brown once said,"theres that there word again…heavy, why's everything so heavy in the futurez?" I'm saying its the past thats heavy…this goddam pager be weighin like 2 pounds.

  • devon

    The evo will help me deal with my g1 and iphone 2g that are not able to update without it being rooted or jailbreaking. also wimax is better than tmobile slow 3g internet.

  • Al Y

    I think I deserve an EVO because my bb 8330 is on its last leg and I'm absolutely in love with the Android OS at the moment.

  • Frank Battista

    my phone just broke and I have to wait a whole year to get a discount on a phone from sprint because I just renewed my contract

  • ami levy

    im a college student wanting to delve deep into Android development, i have so many ideas but not the resources! HTC EVO would be an amazing tool to help me learn!! thanks for giving us the chance to win one!

  • bob

    As a child of the 60’s I have been waiting and buying one fake dick Tracy video phone watch after another. As a child I talked my mom into buying one sugar laced cereal after another to get the phone and each time I was ripped off.
    I cannot count the number of times I ordered it out of the back of a comic book. Waited and when it arrived I was shocked to see it was only a sticker of Mr. Tracy and it couldn’t make a phone call or tell the time.
    After so many years of “not getting what was advertised” I gave up and became the world’s greatest skeptic.
    I saw the windows phones and after a few minutes realized it was just another version of the sticker rip off and steered clear.

  • bob

    I saw the iphone but couldn’t turn my back on Mr. Tracy and go with the other evil empire, so I ignored it.
    Now after 40 plus years I find someone really has made an actual “working” dick Tracy phone and its code name is EVO.
    With tears of joy I drove to the local best buy. With my mouth moving but no sound coming out I pointed at the demo as I wiped tears from my eyes and reached for my wallet prepared to pay whatever the “real thing” cost. The evil sales clerk laughed as he put his Dick Tracy phone into his pocket and said “sorry but were all sold out and don’t know when we will get anymore”.

  • bob

    Looking down at the floor I started drawing circles with my foot as I said in a voice I haven’t heard in many years “please sir I am a very good boy, don’t you have just one more, not even for such a long standing member of the good guy club”.
    The sales associate or whatever they call the clerk these days looked as if he might call security and said “I can put you on the list”. Having been on the “list” for over 40 years and holding the demo in my hand I noticed it was being held to the desk by what appeared to be a plastic string. In that split second I lost control and with all my old man might I grabbed hold with both hands and started to run as fast as my old legs would carry me. But when I came to the end of the plastic string it didn’t break and I was pulled up short. Landing on my head but not letting go of the do everything Dick Tracy phone I swiveled around and started gnawing at the string thing with the few good teeth I have left. Try as hard as I might I couldn’t get the thing disconnected from the fake plastic string (it must have been made of something along the lines of Kevlar woven with Bucky Ball Steel and Unobtainum).

  • bob

    As two really big young guys hauled me up off the floor I heard one yell over his shoulder to the manager “we got another one”.
    They pried my trembling hands from the phone and dragged me to the back room. I was starting to come to my senses and began to wonder if I was going to get one of those things my kids call a beat down.

  • bob

    Once we got to the back room I saw a line of old farts where a very pretty young lady was explaining first come first served. Followed by having them repeat over and over “it’s not a do everything Dick Tracy phone”.
    I will leave the rest of the story to your imagination.
    May I please have the do everything Dick Tracy phone, code named HTC EVO. Other than the one slip up at the best buy I have been a very good boy and have waited somewhat patiently for over 40 years.
    Peas peas peas, as my granddaughter says.

  • KM12K10

    Def would love to own this phone!

  • Adam Aadms

    I have no need to make up a story to win an HTC EVO. I'm gonna be quite honest. All in all I love the Android. Apple can kiss my backside. I never cared for Apple. I've been pretty much an Android lover. Now, this phone seems to have class. Nice screen and the looks of the future. Anyways, I don't really care if I win or not to be honest. I just thought I would post this and see what my chances would be.

  • dave

    Got the evo the day it came out. Wife got the moment and realized it was a mistake and wants the evo.

  • @awoolee

    “Cap’ain, you see him small drop tar on water dere? You see him? well, spose him one whale eye, well, den!” and taking sharp aim at it, he darted the iron right over old Bildad’s broad brim, clean across the ship’s decks, and struck the glistening tar spot out of sight.

    “Now,” said Queequeg, quietly, hauling in the line, “spos-ee him whale-e eye; why, dad whale dead.”

  • Bruce Burke

    I really need to win this! I’ve tweeted like one million of your posts! I’ll put “won from into mobile” on my email signature for a month if I win it!

  • steven minnerly

    I have been a sprint costemer for many years and i have this old phone and just cant afford to buy a new one.I have 2 children and all the bills that come along with them and i can no way afford this seems to be awesome phone and i would sure appreiate the win!

  • @SteeVWonders

    The Cell Journey By SteeVWonders

    Once upon a time I bought the Nexus One with T-SLOWABLE. My friends and family members LOVED the device but I wasn't satisfied with the service…WOMP WOMP! Next I thought about going with AT&WEAK to get their iSAD device but then again AT&WEAK is worse than T-SLOWABLE. "How about I try VERISIVE (Verizon)," I thought to myself. YEAH I'm not about to pay billions of dollars for a JUST a DROIDDDDD device. U.S CELLuNO was next on the list….uhhhhhhh….I'm #TeamAndroid and they still have majority phones that do gymnastics….GET It?! So I heard about this new MEGATRON of devices, the HTC EVO 4G and knew I had once and for all conquered my journey, found and great phone and excelletn service with FLASH (sprint)……because I still don't have it! Along came the Messiah (IntoMobile) who is willing to answer my prayerss and end my journey by giving me the free HTC EVO 4G…the End!

    P.S. I tweet a lot (#RANDOM)

  • @bspecnoza

    I don't have any money, my parents don't have any money. I will use the phone to call the salvation army so I can eat today. This phone is also named after one of my favorite cars… that I will never own because the salvation army does not give out cars to people.

    – Desperate college student.

  • JakLundun

    I need it to smack the iPhone 4 in the mouth. Android all day!

  • @gfdurand

    Ready for a non iphone that's not on att– count me in!

  • Rick

    I need a replacement phone for my ATT Fuze. The keyboard is skipping letters and the screen is coming apart. I have been looking at phones and this one is just amazing and it will continue my HTC love.

  • Chau Vu

    I've been an iPhone user for the last 2 years. I love Android's open nature and allowing users freedom of choice. This will finally be the device that will win me over!

  • Milton_Yoder

    Hi, I have a smartphone fetish. I have had 3 different Hero's, 2 different Palm Pre's, 3 Iphones, many Blackberry's, and numerous other phones. I switched to Sprint from Att, 2 months ago. I have gone thru 5 phones in that time. It seems there is always something I am not happy with. I talked my son and his wife into going with Sprint, the Evo was the phone that won them over. It is the 1st phone that I think I will truly be happy with. But I am not due for an upgrade for a very long time. Oh, and I also helped an old lady across the street, saved a kitten, and blah, blah, blah. Thank you

  • Andrew Lam

    The EVO is great, so that I can check intomobile via RSS widget with blasting fast 4G in Seattle on the go without using a browser.

  • torri

    My phone is completey ruined and this s my on shot to gt a new phone….. i stuck with sprint for the next year and im running out of reasons to stay :/

  • Robb

    I think I should win because i dont plan on keeping it for myself, rather gift it to my brother who is stuck using a Samsung Instinct(outdated and embarassing)and probably wont be able to upgrade for a LONG time (college student)! also I’m an avid reader of the site and a Follower on Twitter! So yeah I hope I win for him. It’ll be a nice gift for us both lol.

  • jordan o

    i gotta have the htc evo because my phone keeps breaking and my repair store is pretty horrible when it comes to fixing phones. plus i dont have enough cash to buy one myself. and i believe BP sucks for ruining the gulf coast. basically thats why i think i should win the evo.

  • juan gaspar

    Hey what’s up wel I’m trying to win this phone for mt little brother he has my old palm pre the screen on it had a small crack on it put I gave it to him and it’s getting bigger and bigger. He was eligible for an upgrade but my dad took it so he can get a new phone so he is stuck with the palm pre for two more years. He is always getting mad it’s funny. He always gets mad because he says the phone is ok but the apps suck and he hates that the screen is cracking. He says he wanted to save up and get the evo but he will need like 500 bucks because he doesn’t have the upgrade any more. He says that the evo is a beast and tells me a whole bunch of things that I don’t know about it. He always reads about android phones online. He always asks me for my phone to play apps because he says it’s better on my phone because of the 1ghz snapdragon processor and the huge screen. He says android is the best softwares around. But he is stuck with webOS so hopefully you guys pick me and I’ll be able to give him the phone that he has been wanting since it came. Oh and one quick story when I went to get my evo at sprint. He was about to argue with some guy that came in to the store and started being acting stupid asking the sprint guy how this was better then the iphone 3gs cuz the new one hadn’t been announced. He started telling me a list of all the things the evo had and the iphone doesn’t have. I told him to go tell the guy that was acting stupid and he said that their was no point because the guy was just annoying the sprint worker and he was going to leave the store with nothing. The next day we went to go buy a case for my evo and he asked the sprint worker about te guy that came the day before. My little bro was right. The guy left without buying anything. Well again hopefully I get picked.

  • Albert Alejandro

    All my friends have pre-ordered the iPhone 4 and have been gloating about it for days. I would like to shut them all up by showing up with this phone. The EVO blows everything away right now. I can even forgive the fact that is tied to SPRINT. That's how much I want, no need, this phone.

  • Shimmyx20

    I want, nay, need this phone. I’ve been wanting to get a high end Android phone for a while, but AT&T has left me disappointed.

    Enter, the Evo 4G. A beautiful phone. I would love to get it and switch over to Sprint.

    But alas, times are tough, I don’t have any savings, and any money I have go to bills and stuff. Monthly service will be cheaper but I can’t afford the phone itself.

    I’m a huge fan of the blog and check it out every day either through the website or through my reader.

  • juan gaspar

    my little bro was been wanting an evo since it came out. i gave him my old palm pre. The screen had a small crack when i gave it to him. It was when i got my evo that i gave him my pre. since then the crack has been getting bigger. he says he like the phone a little bit but he hates it because it barely has any apps and that the phone is really slow. He is always telling me about the thing the evo has since he spends his free time reading about cell phones online. He was going to try and save up and get the evo. In the end he wasnt able to getit because my dad used his upgrade. So he is stuck with the palm pre for two more years. He always tells him about how much of a beast the evo is and how android is the best thing out their.He really wants the phone but doesn't have the 500 bucks to get it. so hopefully i get picked and i give him the phone he really really want.

  • Kristal Loynes

    I got the Samsung Instinct s30, thinking it was a good phone, because people said it could be better than the iphone. Now i know its horrible. The Evo is too expensive for me, so please, can you help?

  • Evaristo Palmer

    I need the new HTC EVO 4g because this has been the worst year in my life with my current phone the Nokia N97.After selling my Iphone, On launch of the Nokia N97 I drove all the way up to Chicago and paid the launch price which was somewhere around $700 for the device. I was so excited but as time went on I had to send my phone in for repair multiple times. Received a refurbished phone and had to send that back for repair. I really need a new phone to take me out my misery and if that means switching carriers then I will. Pleas pick me.

  • Juan Ramirez

    Not being one to bs anybody (that's why I'd be a lowsy saleman), I'd just want one cause it's a cool toy. I haven't had a PERSONAL phone for about a year since my company gave us all 8310 Crapberries and have been waiting for the best phone to hit the market (not on at&t) and I think this is the 1. And being a teckie, I can't WAIT to root that thing & customize the HELL out of it.

  • brandon

    Want this phone because ill never get the chance to get it. Thanks :).

  • Dino

    In what? IntoMobile!!!!!!

  • Thom Murphy

    My Moto Droid has Evo Envy…. Hook me up.

  • James Tomlinson

    I could use this phone for school, work, and personal use. It has everything and I would be delighted to have it. Im a little broke at this time due to some health issues, but am on my way to recovery.

  • gregory smith

    my palm pre was ruined in the floods in nash tn on may 1st, along with my job which was under 7ft of water. Unfortunately I had no insurance on my phone so to say the least it’s been rough, however it would be nice to win a great phone like the htc evo, I really apreciate the chane to apply for it thank you so much.

  • Jean Claude Araque

    Hello! I just turned eighteen two days ago! Heading out to College and no money to buy this phone.

    Help me out with the ladies by letting ME win. ๐Ÿ˜›

  • @KImberlyNejjari

    My soon to be exhusband is about to boot me off of his plan, and what would be better then getting the EVO the best phone on the market for FREE?

  • Karla O.

    I moved down to Florida 2 years ago and I thought to myself: "Self, its a new town, a new life, lets get a new phone." So I went to Sprint and signed up with them and got an LG Lotus and I've been kicking myself in my….Converse since then. This phone has been the worst ever and I cant seem to get rid of it! I wont be able to get a semi decent deal on an upgrade until December. Unfortunately for me this phone is my lifeline to my family and friends. Every time my phone shuts off, thats one less drunk text message or phone call I can make. My friends miss me. I think I should get this phone made of win and awesome for my friends and family. They deserve to see and hear about my misadventures. After all, "pics or it didnt happen!"

  • @neryencarnacion

    i've been stretching my fingers to play with this bad boy's awesome screen! can't wait to watch world cup games on it with sprint tv! c'mon guys, help me out here!

  • jason v

    Pick me! I need 2 Evos.

  • Andy Aheta

    I want "a device that's so hot it can’t be kept on virtual shelves." Also, I'm sick of going back to the same page with the same status. No estimated date. Nothing.

  • Dale Wong

    I would definitely love to be considered for the HTC Evo as it would be my first Android phone. I current have an old Samsung Instinct and have heard many great things about Android and the endless applications that are supported. The Evo seems like it has a clear and large display and a very nice web browser, which is difficult to say on my current phone. This would be a very nice upgrade to anyone with an older phone.

  • Ecnovr

    Dude were's my EVO???

  • Dennis Meraz

    Definitivamente , tendria que tener esta maravilla estuve revisando los reviews , y me parece que es un telefono de tecnologia avanzada y a mi parecer podria obtener con sus aplicaciones bastante trabajo dia a dia , siento que si promulgo en mi lengua natal pueda tener alguna suerte y de alguna manera quisieran que les traduzca al idioma ingles.

    Thanks for the opportunity!!!!

  • Dean

    I'm a clippers fan, pirates fan and lions fan. Nothing has gone right for a really long time. I have never won anything. I just totalled my car and lost my job. However, the clouds have peaked thru. I have a new car coming and a sweet new job. This would make a good 3 for 3 of events.

  • @hotzb22

    im just a nice guy ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Frantzy J Philippe

    I need the EVO because I am going off to Cornell this summer. It will be my first phone ever and since my friends are on Sprint, I wanted the best Android phone with the best carrier. I will be elated if I win because I really need a smartphone to manage my workload in college.

  • kaynukka

    I want the evo because i loov double stuffed oreos. Mm..

  • Nancy B

    I have never had a smartphone – EVER. I work for a non-profit doing noble work for the greater good of humanity which means I can't afford a shiny new phone! I'm embarrassed to take out my 3 year old LG something-or-other with the giant crack across the screen. I can only dream of fancy features like GPS *ooooooh* and WiFi *aaaahhhhhh*. Pretty please take pity on me!!!!!

  • Sal Galvan

    I have been using a G1 for 2 years!! I think that it self is a sad story! But honesty I just started working and I don't have the money for new Evo 4g. Plus its sold out all the time!

  • Farhad

    I deserve evo 4g because I live in la making minimum wage in this economy and have a day and night job and don’t have time to see my family and need the 4g to view my family on a video cam app during my 15 min cigarette breaks from work

  • sean murphy

    Im gonna be honest. i upgraded to a new samsung exclaim a few months ago. Really liked it, but unfortunately i got really drunk one night and lost it at a bar….. So now i am using a piece that Ive had since 2004. The reason for this is that sprint will not let me upgrade my phone until Aug. 1st 2011!!! so i wil have to pay 500 bucks for the Evo instead of the 200 bucks upgrade price. really sucks bad! thanks

  • schomp

    i don't think fandroids understand the concept of random.

  • rach a

    i would love to have an EVO right now. unfortunately my blackberry is being really stupid and whenever people reach me, my phone says unknown caller and it goes straight to voicemail so i have no wayy of knowing who called unless they leave a voicemail. i just use my texting now to contact people and not all the people i know have texting. i can't buy a new phone right now cause i'm broke. i'm currently a full time college student and with the expenses adding up i don't have enough to buy a new phone and plus i hate asking my parents for money. so please let me win this phone. it would mean alot. thanks.

  • Arturo Martinez Jr

    Reviewing it on countless youtube videos and google searches I absolutely fell in love I have been trying to get this phone for the last 2 weeks ever since i heard of it. Always ending in the same way, "sorry we are currently sold out of this product". I currently don't have a phone, as i have been waiting to find this one in stock so I can buy it at the discounted price with a new 2-year contract. (I cant afford full price as I work at Mcdonald's, I know embarassing huh, but I'm having trouble finding a better job in my town). Poeple from work call my house to ask if i can work for them or get to work early because they're really busy but I'm not always at home which is another reason i need a phone. I'd like to mention that I havn't littered in about 3 months and if i walk to work I sometimes pick up trash and throw it in nearby trash cans. I know that sounds like a lie but it's the honest truth, my friends think i'm wierd 'cause of it. Also I give my parents some cash every payday to help out with bills and stuff. And to whoever had to read all these comments thanks for taking the time for reading mine.

  • gwevo

    My beloved Trojans were sanctioned by the NCAA couple of weeks ago. I've been a loyal fan (and alumni) for over 10 years. I will continue to support them during this tough time and wear my colors proud! Winning the EVO would definitely help me get through this! FIGHT ON!!!

  • Cris

    My sob story: I Have a sprint blackberry that the only thing it does right now is just plays music….. So I really need this phone also I have a picture of the EVO 4 as a background on my blackberry because I think that’s the closes thing that I will come to the EVO 4…

    My Good deed: I used to have the iPhone 3G S keyword used to……. Why because I smashed it with a hammer in hopes of me winning the EVO 4 ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Jose g

    I want the Evo to show my friends that anything their new iPhone 4g (which they hope to get the first day) can do my Evo would do it better. Plus I want then to be mad when their data plans are not enough and they have to pay extra. Plus that size of the screen on the Evo would make their iPhone look insignificant. But more than anything I want to show them all the features in person with their iPhones at hand and they can see that the evo is a great phone. Also I could check out blogs of people trying to hate on the evo. I have seen too many reviewers hate on the evo and yet they admit that they have used the iPhone since the first one came out, so really it’s not that the iPhone is better it is just that the reviwers are just used from daily use and are too dumb to understand that ( it would be my chance to set them straight with an evo at hand)

  • marcus

    I would lie like most of these people but truth is I like new phones butam not eligible for an update and really can’t afford the evo off a unemployment check status so all I can say is PLEASE.

  • Sunny.K

    I need this because i am fed up with the iphone. Been trying to get one and is always OOS…

  • Osiris Waring

    Lets see… been an HTC for years starting with the PPC 6600 then the Mogul/6800 and now the TP2 which leads me to my next point, having all of those means I've been stuck on WinMo and I'm looking to get a little robotic with some android in my life…ok maybe that was corny but i do want to lose myself in that sea of apps for a while. I do live in a city (Charlotte) where I can take advantage of the 4G, although ironically according to the map my house sits in one of the random dead zones for 4G here (now thats funny). Lastly I'm a big guy and as you can see by my phone selection I've been avoiding the onscreen keyboard for a while but 4.3" might be big enough. So… whaddya say?

  • arphillipa smith

    I would really love to have this phone…ive been in love with it before it even came out. I have a tired phone atm…and this would be awesome to win!!!

  • mikebe

    The father of two who is going to work this early that hasnt had a raise in five years should win this. O yeah thats me. im on my way out of the door as my wife and babies sleep away. Did i mention i havent had a new phone in such a long time i cant even remember if it was three or four years ago, maybe longer. LG Chocolate anybody! Pick me!

  • @khiem_nt

    After a little over a year of dating, my g/f just broke up with me. I have a 3-4 year old clamshell Samsung MM-A920 that ran out of memory slots for new phone numbers. A lot of my friends live and die by the iPhone.

    I should win b/c with the new EVO, I'll be able to better pickup girls by enticing them with Eclairs and maybe FrozenYogurt ๐Ÿ˜›

    I should win so I can show my iPhone friends what Android is really about.

    But more importantly, I should win b/c I'm just cool like that =]

  • Nick Gligor

    I’ve wanted to purchase this wonderful piece of machinery since the day it was announced. I was THIS close to doing so not too long ago, but life priorities took precedent and I was in the process of moving, so I wasn’t able to spend the money on it. Now I really can’t. Expenses, expenses! I’m still using a crappy LG Dare on Verizon for the time being.

    Help me out guys!

  • Diego Rivera

    Well here it goes im a 20 yearl old high school grad, Currently Job-Hunting im good at Graphic Designing and have been getting small income by free lancing but cant get hired for that because i dont have money for college to get a degree on it. So what ever job opp shows up is good right now….The problem is that last sunday i accidentally drop my old samsung behold in water and it doesnt charge no more only works if pluged in so now i got a land line…lol so if its not connected i cant received calls for possible job interviews ….So i would really like to win this phone because i dont have much money to spare for a new one. . Plus ive been following all the updates on the Htc Evo since june 4th to see all the features ups and downs ….So im a big fan with little money ……..Thanks Guys

  • Stangz68

    I purchased a Hero excited to get into the android experience. Unfortunately the experience has been horrible and have returned my phone 3 times now to get a replacement and the phone is still laggy and at times almost useless. I don't want to give in to the Apple Empire and go with the new Iphone, but unless my luck turns around I'm afraid that I might have to. Please @IntoMobile! Hook me up!!!! Oh BTW, I have a 15 yr old son and he laughs at me when ever I try to make a call on my Hero and the stupid thing takes a minute to respond and finally dials the number… His comment is "Should have bought the Iphone like I did"… Teenagers ๐Ÿ™

  • Ka-Ron

    I have been with sprint for 11 years and with windows mobile since 2006. For the past three years I have been in desperate waiting for a phone that can complete with the iphone. After my mogul broke for the 40th time sprint decided to give a me touch pro 2 which has another set of problems too long to write about. I can get the phone for the 200 dollar upgrade but unfortunately I was laid-off and if I had the money to spent they are sold out in my area. I would be regretful if you can free me from this hell hole call windows mobile.

  • Jason Wheeler

    I can’t find one, I totally can’t afford one. My phone brings me so much joy, and I could only imagine the evo love. Plus my grandma gets this one if I win! Please

  • HINCHO03


  • jlung

    I need to replace my BB Tour

  • Jason

    I am considering cancelling my iPhone 4 upgrade, and I am a doctor. I will remember the outcome of this contest this well into my young career. Never know who my next patient might be…

  • Casey Hunt

    I think I should be the contest winner as I am on your site the most reading and digesting all of your info about our mobile world we live in. I enjoy reading all of these articles and like when the writers use comedy and really show their true feelings. I am a true believer in Sprint and believe what they have done in the past few years with their customer service is amazing. I would be honored if you choose me and believe me; no one would praise your name more than I. P.S. Willy you rock bro!!!

  • Cedric Harrell

    My whole life revolves around my phone.From talking,texting,watching tv n browsing the internet.N after reading the reviews on the Evo,it the phone I need.Y carry a labtop,a tv r have a house phone if u can have a all into one device like the Evo.With the Evo,there would b no more missing out on entertainment,bcuz it now goes were u go.In all,I love the Evo.But may the best person win.

  • Jon

    Oh I have been calling sprint for days.. Now leaving my verizon contract for this phone. Now its never in stock :(. Oh well It will be in soon I hope! Tho a free one would be very nice ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • alex ruiz

    i need evo because my ex wife broke my palm and because i have three kids and a mortgage to pay its hard for me to get one anyways. she's not buying a new phone thats for sure. she's a crazy's chick!!! lol.

  • LongTimeLurker

    I have followed intomobile since Stefan rolled ringnokia into and have followed daily ever since! I have never posted a comment before and as a long time lurker I think you should pick me as your contest sucessfully motivated me to post my very first comment…ever!! Thank You IntoMobile editors for your great articles and insight into the wireless industry.

  • @JeffFranklin

    I should win the HTC Evo 4G because I have been stuck with the LG Voyager since it 1st released way back when it was the phone to have and since I haven't found a huge reason to upgrade. That is until I met the Evo! This phone has everything that I could ever need right now, but the problem is I cant track it down. Its sold out EVERYWHERE and being able to finally secure one would be awesome!

  • Kate

    I recently got stuck with my husbands’ old beat up blackberry pearl. As an electrical engineer, it is embarrassing to have such an old, outdated phone. A guy at work just got an evo and I have just been swooning over it. I do belive that it is an iPod killer!

  • Darryl

    At&T is CRAP!! (The real smelly kind too). They can go and keep their darn Iphone. "Iphone, there' an app for everything." Well, is there an app for getting better service? I mean, it's bad enough getting dropped calls. But when you do't get signal in your own house? Okay perfect scenario. During the night, I'm lying in bed. Then a luminescence glow shines through my windows in my bedroom. I look up, first suspecting it could be mother's ghost coming back to haunt me. Anyway, I'm wrong; it's a giant UFO hovering over my house. WTF!! I see the aliens, with their slimy green glowing skin approaching me. I have to call for help. The only thing in my reach is my iphone. I pick it up, try to make a call. The Operator picks up. "911 what's your emergency?" "Help they're coming-" (call is dropped) Oh F$#@%K!! Then, the aiens abduct me. (Darn, I knew I should of brought that Alien abduction insurance!) Anyway, I'm trying to win this phone for my son. He's so obsessed over this devie. Spends countless hours looking through everything about this device, and could really use your help. I want to give it to him as a gift. (He won 5 awards at his graduation, I'm so proud!) I know this will leave him with a smile on his face for the rest of the year.

  • MzYoung

    I BELIEVE that I am the winner ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Bezzle Martinez

    Honestly… i would love to have the EVO. my GF wont give it to me as a gift because is “too expensive” between diapers, hospital and house bills and milk… im living check by check to make ends meet. I have a sprint account and i was elegible for upgrade but my brother wanted it badly and i used my upgrade so he can get it (since he had the cash.. and i didnt…) i believe in karma.. every good action has its reward..yet dont be waiting for the reward. just let it happen.. im into technology a lot but i feel i have very gifted talent yet i cant expose it or develop it cuz i dont have the sources..
    its not a made up story.. the things we do in life that usually go unrewarded.. ๐Ÿ™

  • Jmac

    Truely, I NEED this phone, I have a samsung M300, need I say more!!!

  • RyMoNEC

    I need this phone because I was burned by the Instinct two years ago. Ugh! I like Sprint, but I need a real smart phone. Help. Please.

  • Scott

    I was on my way to work where I spend all day scanning bar codes and taking 8MB photos of today’s weather, and I stopped to help a sick little puppy with only 3 legs, and dropped my phone and it broke, and I can’t replace it because I need the money for my little sister’s operation.

    sob story – check
    act of kindness – check
    professional need – check

  • D. Hayes

    This is my chance to finally win something of VALUE!!! It is also very use full to my lifestyle ๐Ÿ™‚

  • stevemathew

    i won a contest from intomobile a while back and will park emailed me and said id get my tee in the mail and i never got it so i'm sure i wont have a shot here but i love android and the EVO looks absolutely sick – id love to have one..

  • Steve Richter

    Time to leave AT&T. Nuf said.

  • Kish

    I am going to take over the world and i need the phone to do it.

  • Keith Gregory

    I'd like to win the EVO 4g simply because I don't want to have to buy an iPhone 4g, but that is pretty much the only other option i have since this phone is so hot, Sprint has none in inventory.

  • @sarav_oxy

    I have a nexus one on AT&T, but i think the Evo is even more awesome and I like Sprint ๐Ÿ™‚ No sob stories from me, but I am a tech geek who keeps checking my RSS reader every 5mins or else I'll burst!! haha, so I think I deserve this beautiful piece of hardware.

  • Jeremy P

    I really need to win this EVO because I am a giant big LOSER….but if I had an EVO I would be a loser no longer. I would finally brask away from an old school flip phone. I would finally be able to jump on the texting bandwagon becasue I wouldn't be getting all frustrated with trying to type words with a number pad. When someone passes along a cool little tidbit of info that I am interested in, I would no longer have to wait until I get home from work to look it up on the internet.

    Nope, I would not be a loser any more and my family and friends could finally admit to people that they actually know me. I really appreciate the oppurtunity to de-loserfy myself.

  • milan

    I need the Evo 4G because my iphone is slow as s**t after updating to OS4.0 and my reception with att still blows.

  • Ilona Lanning

    Hey ๐Ÿ™‚

    I think I should win the HTC EVO because i'd use it for alot of things ๐Ÿ™‚
    Its a great way to stay organized in school..
    I volunteer for Meals on Wheels, and the phone is a phenominal way to stay in touch with people
    The style is really great, and going from my phone now to this EVO would be a HUGE change ๐Ÿ™‚
    Im alwyas busy during the day, the different home screens would keep me on track, I babysit and keeping in touch with parents is essential.
    I participate in sports, and great pictures and moments can be captured with the great camera,

    I reallly really want this phone but dont have the money, and I could use it for so many different things!! *crosses fingers* ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Alex Yust

    This is it. This will be the first time I win anything that actually really matters.

  • Brad

    I don't have any "sob story" or anything, but I am a poor nerd that loves gadgets. I would be the perfect candidate for winning this EVO 4G. Feel free to end this giveaway early and hook me up. ๐Ÿ™‚ cheers!

  • Jason

    I really need a new phone and i love sprint, thats hard to say

  • robert queen

    I need a ego I work at a sprint store and still can’t get my hands on one

  • @AP1618

    Im currently with at&t, and I'm looking for a good reason to move to another carrier..! ๐Ÿ˜€
    also on a recent hiking trip, i found out that at&t didnt have reception for the duration of the whole hike, whereas Sprint did the whole time.

    so, please give me that good reason…. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Carla Crooks

    I want this phone……..because it’s there. I love the newest and the coolest. My daughter just got this phone and since she showed it to me, I haven’t been able to STOP thinking about it. I’m obsessed. (and can’t afford it right now)

  • Jbee

    When is this contest going to be over ?

  • Kelly T.

    I want this phone so
    @!?#ing BAD!!! I have been trying to get a good working phone for the last 10 YEARS! And every phone I’ve had, has been a HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT!!! A friend of mine has an HTC, and all I hear is her bragging about how AWESOME this HTC phone is…I WAAANNNTTT OOONNNEEE!!!

  • Christine

    I never win anything and just thought I'd give this a try.

  • W.N.

    I just dropped my Treo in a glass of milk while trying to carry it under my chin. Such a boob. This phone looks great.

  • karen cairel

    My daughter gave me her blackberry when she got a newer one because I had always wanted a cell phone. It is a very nice phone but because of my age and arthritis the small buttons are very hard for me to use.This new phone looks like it is much bigger and would be easier on my hands. I know I will never be able to afford one because of my husbands illness and the cost of our medicines.I've never been able to have something this nice and it would be so helpful and nice to have a phone like this.It would truly be a blessing and big help to win this phone.Thankyou for giving those of us who really want one a chance to get one.

  • Z.S

    I want a htc evo 4g because my phone sucks.

  • ezra m

    I really need this phone. I dropped my G1 and it does not work anymore. I will take very good care of it and make everyone on this post proud. Please make me happy with the Evo. I really need it in order to save the world. Without 4G I can't defeat the bad guys, and we all know what happened in the planet of the apes. Don't let the monkeys will people…give me the phone.

  • Bill

    I am about to dis my blackberry for this awesome phone.

  • David Hayes

    I need to get a new phone for my wife, who after completing an undergrad and master's degree almost 20 years ago in a different field, She has been a stay-at-home mom for the last number of years, and just finished nursing school yesterday–to be a RN. We have 4 children, the oldest is 9 and the youngest is 3. So, some of you can imagine the level of determination that a feat like that takes, but probably not many of you could do it with 4 young children and after being out of school for almost 20 years!

    She's amazing and deserves a new phone as a reward!

  • Joe Marrone

    I went to the store to buy an EVO 4G, I live in Northeastern Pennsylvania. I waited in line for 3 and a half hours. While doing this i was on intomobile the whole time watching videos and getting super excited for my evo! I figured i would get one because they said they had about 15-20 in the store. Then when i was next in line the guy announced that they had ran out, and they had no more left! I basically had a tear in my eye. I then noticed that they still had one more on the shelf behind them, and i asked them about it… their response? "Oh sorry thats for an employee"

    I left the store in dismay. And to this day i have yet to get one. =(

  • Chad

    Why should I win? Well because I haven't had something go my way, for well I don't know how long. I don't need to be a millionaire, but It would be nice to have something cool like an EVO. Not to mention something that would be incredibly useful to help organize my life. I don't have 200 bucks to blow off on a fancy new phone. Got kids to feed, rent to pay. Doubtful I could afford this phone, as I have a middle of the road salary and my wife works part time for minimum wage. I'll beg if I have to. PPLLLLLEEEASSSEEE I want this phoooone!!

  • Mimi Mornay

    I would love to win a brand new HTC EVO. Why? Bc it's hot!!! and from what I'm hearing…it's the best phone coming out this summer. Why can't I buy it? Bc I'm a broke college student with a car note on an old car that shouldn't have a car note attached to it. What seperates me from the other broke college students is that I'm a cutey pie and I'm smart. I am in desperate need of this phone. Please give it to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! not demanding just asking.

  • michael123456

    I just made the mistake of renewing my contract to get an LG Rumor2 since I was under the impression that our family plan would never be upgraded to a data plan. A month later my dad gets an HTC Hero and upgrades to a data plan leaving me no way to upgrade my line to get a discount on such an awesome phone. Would love the opportunity to get an Android device so I can start doing some Android based development on it.

  • Susan

    It would be a very cool reward for being a loyal Sprint customer for over a decade!

  • Ernest B

    I absolutely need a new sprint phone! I have a Samsung A920 that my fiance handed down to me. She has an Evo and all she does is brag about how cool it is! I envy her so much. I haven’t been on sprint long and just got this phone from her when we got on a shared plan. She said it was very “reliable” It is but its absolutely “NOT COOL!!!” If I could get the Evo and use all the cool features that I read about this site, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for this oppertunity to make me “COOOOL!!!!!” lol

  • James F.

    I remember when cell phones used to last many years and through multiple contract extensions. Now you’re doing good to make them last long enough to get the two year upgrade discount, whether it’s because the phone is falling apart or simply outdated already. I am in a similar scenario with my Samsung Instinct, and although it has done well, it’s getting a bit slow and glitchy. Perhaps a new phone from Taiwan rather than Korea will be a good change of pace for me…

  • keepingitonethousand

    this is pretty cool phone I might purchase me one really soon!

  • Jeffery Modest

    Because i have never own anything so nice.

  • imani garrett-gadson

    i bought a palm pre offline three months ago and it has all kinds of deffects and it never picks a signal and because of that i missed the birth of my nephew and my phone call for acceptance into a 4year univerisity now i am forced to go to a crappy technical scool until next year. i want a reliable phone that will help me in my everyday school life. i also know that i can use this phone as a hot spot for $20 more a month which will be helpfull when i need to connect to the internet on my dinosaur laptop for class so thata i can go the $ year university ๐Ÿ™ please help.

  • @poncho881

    I want this phone so bad! I stopped by the sprint store to check one out the other day in person and fell in love with it now I feel like I'm in the stone age with my old blackberry curve. I should of been able to get one but sprint screwed up my upgrade and I had to spend half a day with their infamous customer service to get it fixed but they said the change wont take effect for 3 billing cycles!! Please don't make me wait 3 months for this phone! I'm dying for an android phone and that delicious app market, I signed up on twitter just to participate and you guys were the first I subscribed to follow

  • Tim Surber

    I should win because I need something to show off to all the applephiles who can't connect to the internet and have their phone calls dropped. I would also enjoy having a cool phone without being trendy.

  • JSheldon

    Last year my husband and I purchased the HTC Touch Pro 2. Don't get me wrong, we love the phone, however with the lack of Windows OS updates we're a bit disappointed. And ofcourse even more disappointed that the HTC EVO is out and seems to be overall better than the Touch Pro 2. And then there's the fact that there are actually accessories for the HTC EVO whereas the Touch Pro 2 hardly has anything. So, this is why I feel I should win a free EVO…because I bought the Touch Pro 2 and am disappointed with the lack of support for the phone and lack of upgrades to improve the phone.

  • JSheldon83

    Last year my husband and I purchased the HTC Touch Pro 2. Don't get me wrong, we love the phone, however with the lack of Windows OS updates we're a bit disappointed. And ofcourse even more disappointed that the HTC EVO is out and seems to be overall better than the Touch Pro 2. And then there's the fact that there are actually accessories for the HTC EVO whereas the Touch Pro 2 hardly has anything. So, this is why I feel I should win a free EVO…because I bought the Touch Pro 2 and am disappointed with the lack of support for the phone and lack of upgrades to improve the phone.

  • gregory smith

    my palm pre was ruined during the terrible flooding that took place on may1st in nashville tn, not mention my job was under 7ft of water also so it’s really been rough. I didn’t have any ins. On my palm pre .being able to win the htc evo would really help to start getting things back in order I would be so grateful , because it seems like my luck can’t get any worse, thank you for the oppurtunity to try and win this great phone, I would definitely show it and of course I would get insurance this time. So once again thank you so much into mobile.

  • Tony Brum

    I've never owned a cell phone, but the EVO 4G sounds and looks sooo cool. It makes me want a cell phone and finally join the 21st century.

  • Tommy M

    Wife lost her phone, Can't afford a new one. Would really like an EVO

  • Juan L.

    I would like to win, because I want the HTC EVO. I also, belief sprint has shown us to be one of the best phones company and services in the US. And because there is not other reason why we want a sprint phone, we are loyal customers.

  • Jason VZ

    My company doesn’t allow us to check email, tweet, facebook or any contact with the outside world unless it is on your own computer. My wife is 8 months pregnant and if she were to go into labor while I was at work she doesn’t have many options to get a hold of me, none at all if I wasn’t in my office, which I am not usually at. Currently I have a contract with another cell phone subscriber and they want to charge me $300 to get out. The reason Sprint would work is because my company has Sprint towers at the office and they are the only cell phone service available for 20 miles of where I work. I’ve been waiting for Sprint to come out with a good smartphone and now Evo is here. If I could procure a free Evo I would break out of my contract and be a happy camper and my wife would feel a lot better.

  • daniel lung

    The thing is…I don’t deserve this phone at all. I spend lots of money on new cell phones all the time, but I forgot to buy my wife a 2 year anniversary present. I am a total jerk. This phone would be going straight to my wife (as well as a card begging her forgiveness!)

  • Clarissa

    I was going to buy it, but i never win anything sooo here it goes.

  • David

    I want the evo to prove to all the iphone lovers that the HTC EVO is far superior.

  • DeMorian Priester

    I really need a new phone, I’m still rocking a nokia 100 with a black & white screen, polyphonic ringtones, and no email……this phone would get me back on track with the ladies & tweeter & google.

  • Jimmy Jo


  • Paul Aragon

    I want to enter the contest so I can give the phone to my sister. She just found out that her shmuck of a husband has been cheating on her and they are getting divorced. He controlled the mobile phone accounts in their household and I want to help her get a phone of her own so she doesn't have to deal with the divorce drama.

  • Larry W

    I LOVE THIS PHONE…..!!!!!! I am an I phone user but went to the sprint store and fell in love with this phone… I really want to switch to sprint just to have it!!!!!! Please pick me I really want it but can't afford it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




    well i just sold my i835 blackberry curve because im in up-in-coming barber look i didnt even finish high skool cant even spell rite well lets go back the reason y i sold my phone because being the new booty at the barbershop dont no one trust the guy in the first chair. their for i got baby momma drama so she was saying the baby needs clothes ,milk,diapers so i sold the phone with the quickness didnt event think twice before i was just broke but now im broke with no phone. i cant go to the club with a pen and a pad talking bout let me get ur number ill get laughed at but with this one ill be pulling a least 350lb of shade in the summer and heat in the winter big girls need loving to and i need a suga momma so i think i deserve this phone……….props to 16TH ST BARBERSHOP IN NATIONAL CITY CA

  • @JeninaR

    I think I would be a good choice as the recipient for the free HTC EVO because my family is really tight with money now-a-days and my screen cracked on my blackberry (that i got for free from sprint or else i wouldn't have been able to replace it) and I dont have the $100 fee that it costs to fix it.

  • @djstr0be

    Hello! My name is Chris and I would absolutely love to experience the EVO. I was the unfortunate victim of a house fire that destroyed everything in my house last Monday. What was not destroyed in the fire was ruined due to the water from putting it out including my Samsung Rant. My dog and 2 cats were trapped in the house and didn't make it. Me my parents and my 3 sisters all are living in a good friends house until we can get our insurance adjuster to check it out.Life just honestly sucks and things never go my way.Im just a big old ball of bad luck. I am currently using a lg rumor my friend lent me. All my friends have Iphones and droids and I always wanted to experience android for myself. The evo looks really really incredible. Ever since i seen the commercial for it Ive been having dreams about it,hehe.Thank you everyone who has read my current life story. take care and god bless!

  • john dungeon

    you can keep it it is junk like a used car needs alot of work

  • Greg Smith

    I should win because I'm slow and need something to speed me up.
    I also helped a little old lady with directions at the shoe store the other day. It would have been nice to show her on a big Evo Screen a nice clear map.
    I hear by promise – If I win I will pledge help to lots old people everywhere I go with my big screened EVO.

  • Steven G.

    I can’t wait to get the Evo 4G! I have the Palm Pre and want to upgrade once all the bugs are fixed and the price goes down a bit.

  • sgalla04

    I can't wait to get the Evo 4G! I have the Palm Pre but want to upgrade once all of the bugs are fixed and the price comes down a little bit. I already bought a mini HDMI cable on eBay, for only $2.73 (including shipping. If I get the Evo for free then I will have it sooner!!!! Otherwise I have to wait a couple of months for the price drop.

  • henry

    looking to buy a EVO 4g so bad. but my wife wouldn't let me get one, so now i need a real good excuse to get one. i get her everything she wants and now i want this and i can't have it. god please help me!!!

  • David S

    Why should I win this phone? Well, if I don't win this phone, the terrorists win. The EVO is a boss phone in so many aspects, while my phone is comparable to an obtuse, turd colored transmission from the year 1999. Help me out, IntoMobile, you're my only hope.

  • john dungeon

    need to have win a free i phone 4g not sprint evo if want junk go out to alley and pick up garbage evo

  • jake

    i have been watching the evo for months since it was first a rumor…i can name all the specs off hand, i love this phone i know everything about it i tried getting one many times but could never get it if i get this phone i will contribute allot to app development and it would be amazing to finally just get this device thank you

  • Tracy

    I had a drunk roommate that held me back from living, Always bailing him out of stuff, I think I need a break now. The HTC EVO 4G would be just the ticket.

  • Pedro G Dominguez

    In 2008 I bought an iPhone and unlocked. I personally don’t like how apple responds to their customers demands. I mean we are their business and the wanna act like cell phone monarchs and like we don’t deserve a kickass phone with a better service provider. If you asked me in January what phone I’m going to buy this summer I would of said the iPhone 4 but after some weak specs and a lousy unveiling performance I had to pass. I was a big iPhone fan but it’s hard to when it lags as I’m typing this up. So I’m just going to buy a HtC EVO next month or whenever I can find one.

  • John

    As a Sprint premier customer for two years now I must say I have been quite pleased with the overall service of sprint from the tech support to the reliability of the service I receive on my phone. I started with a Blackberry 8330 which met all of my expectations and then some. At times i found it hard to put down. Then with my one year upgrade i went to a Palm-Pre and I have been a Palm addict for the entire year I have had my Pre. It never ceases to amaze me. And BTW the Tiger Woods port to the Pre is amazing. Now onto the main reason of me writing this. I had heard of the new EVO for quite some time and was excited. I loved the fact that it had two cameras included considering I am a picture junkie. And with the addition of a 1ghz processor and the fact that it records it 720i really sold me. Well enough of me rambling on. I would be grateful to win the EVO as for I could pass my Pre onto my son who finds it hard to keep in touch with me seeing as how he lives in MD and I'm in the Burgh in PA. You would truly make me the happiest person and my son as well if i would win this.


  • Vanessa

    My boyfriend has the cheapest phone Sprint offers ( It's always breaking and they constantly replace with the cheapest phone they have) and I've been wanting to buy him the EVO but can't afford it. He's been wanting it for so long and I always feel extremely guilty. He's such a hard worker and takes care of us very well. I know having this phone would make him oh so happy and he deserves it more than anyone.

  • Kashif

    Just feeling lucky today! God willing

  • kevin

    I would love to win the HTC EVO 4G from IntoMobile: It would be the coolest thing ever and is just what I need to foster world peace and prosperity, end hunger in the third world and save the polar bear.



  • Duy Cao Nguyen

    i'll be a surgical resident in dc and i've started working at a hospital and att has absolutely no reception. it's the perfect time to switch over to sprint and the evo is the best. please help me out with this as i need to be able to communicate with my team frequently. thxbai.

  • Mark Dearing

    One of my vendors has one and is lording it over me.
    I now have extreme phone envy!

  • Michael Higgins

    I need it to help me get my life back in order, as it can organize my schedule, help me communicate with everyone, and so much more!

  • vpuik

    My roommate who got one on day 1 is laughing at my N 5800 ๐Ÿ™

  • Patrick Burkhalter

    I want to win because I see these contests all the time and never bother. I need you to make a believer out of me….can I really get that lucky? ….finger crossed…..

  • orbitalrage

    I WANT THIS PHONE SO BAD. I have friends with the Motorola Droid but I am in a Sprint contract so switching is out of the question. But I was waiting until I could properly get the new phone after my two year contract is up. It is way better then the Droid and is HOT!!!

    I really hope I win…

    Thanks guys for the chance.

  • BALV

    I work at a company using lotus notes and blackberries with Sprint. I want to demonstrate how everything we work every day to achieve can be made seamlessly and without any pain if we moved to google/htc services/products. Better service, cheaper service, more flexible service. That would also help transition to voip world with Google voice now being open to everyone.
    In short: I want to revolution the world, don't mind investing time, just mind investing the very little cash I have to do it… hence the need for the free Evo 4G.

  • @transitionpete

    Because I'm "stuck" on Sprint's network, I can only opt for the best available… and the HTC EVO is it! I'm lagging behind still using a Palm Centro and am chomping at the bit to upgrade, but the budgeteer (aka wife) makes a hard sell for maintaining status quo for the time being.

  • DJ HAT

    I WIN I WIN I WIN the EVO is mine any question

  • @InfamousDEL

    I'm practically useless in the city of angels without a way to get around (smartphone)… I use my gps all the time! I am depended on technology, as it revolves my world. I just graduated from college, and paying my dues by doing a minimum wage, pay per project internship… terrible, i know. so the days that i have no projects, i'm just hanging out at work, with no pay, but I'm paying for parking and food and my 70mile drive everyday; oh yea not to mention my loans!

    My smartphone (instinct, 1st gen), its old i know, its about to die on me… sometimes i spend 30 minutes hoping the gps will work, so i can get home. i NEED this new EVO. This can be the help I need for the next evolution of my new career, and you can be a part of it. Also this can show the Apple fans that iPhone 4 is not all that… it might say 4, but is NOT 4G. Help me, so I can be of help for you or another in the near future.

  • jerry

    When i had a iphone, i was helping my staff members getting 2 small yorkie puppies out a abandoned trailor.While i was getting the puppies i accidently dropped my iphone and the screen shattered. But i ignored it because my $200 phone was less important than saving innocent puppies lives. Untill this day i use a nokie 6030, and i have always wanted a Evo 4g. God Bless —

    1 Peter 1:21 Through him you believe in God, who raised him from the dead and glorified him, and so your faith and hope are in God.

  • andyi816

    All my coworkers are getting the new iPhone 4 and I'm stuck with a crappy Samsung Moment. Not eligible for an upgrade until next year so it would great to have a phone that I can proudly show off.

  • jerry

    When i had a iphone, i was helping my staff members getting 2 small yorkie puppies out a abandoned trailor.While i was getting the puppies i accidently dropped my iphone and the screen shattered. But i ignored it because my $200 phone was less important than saving innocent puppies lives. Untill this day i use a nokie 6030, and i have always wanted a Evo 4g. God Bless —

  • Ishmael Kamara

    I need this phone because I'm still rocking a Sanyo flip phone from sprint which has no threaded text messages, no apps and most of all no real internet. I'm in college and I definitely get teased when everyone pulls out there iphones, droids and blackberries so as you can see I need this.

  • Ryan

    After diving in deep with Android with the Sprint HTC Hero in January on 1.6 I have fallen in love with the platform. I have rooted, modded, and ran stock. I love 2.1 and I am going crazy to get my hands on 2.2 Froyo. My Hero is a decent piece of equipment but the abysmally slow 527MHz Qualcomm chip causes me depression with a fever of about 105 degrees and nausea. If only I could operate Google Maps, Beautiful Widgets, and FriendStream with smooth-scrolling precision I would be a happy and complete man. Shhh, don't tell my girlfriend.
    As a poor, macaroni consuming, student of astronomy I would love the ability to use Sky Map and still receive a phone call from the admissions department, financial aid office, and/or my attorney without my phone freezing up in a fashion similar to a freshman Representative when asked about his views on abortion. Please, oh mighty intomobile Gods, please bestow your favor upon me and deliver the HTC Evo to my sweaty and undeserving hands.

  • jose longoria

    i am tired of using someone elses phone and i would like to have one of my own. and the evo is the best way to start.

  • Rachel Maddox

    The EVO is all sold out,
    And because of that I sit around and pout!
    With so many capabilities this phone is better than ever,
    It’s pretty amazing how sprint got so clever!
    This phone is perfect for me,
    Grad school and work would go by much faster with 4G!
    I can’t spend money on the EVO right now,
    My mom’s in Iraq and my dad would have a cow!
    I’ve looked at your review and can’t find anything better,
    This free phone could save me money to buy a sweater!
    Will, Marin, Simon, James, and Blake,
    Pick me to win and I’ll bake you a cake!

  • Edwinn,

    I Really Think I Deserve The Evo ! I Cant Afford It Right Now ut I Really Want It ! PLEASE Consider ME !


  • ali mack

    great phone

  • shane gorske

    i want one.

  • zola

    i should get this fone because i have a samsung moment and i hate it and im gonna make a rap
    htc evo is the best
    heck yea its better than the rest
    faster stronger better all around
    evo knocks all those other fones to the ground
    i need it real bad
    i need it right now
    and if i get it i will yell WOW!!!!!

  • chen

    i want the EVO because it's the last piece i need for my time travel machine! please and thank you!

  • L. Hall

    My hubby is cheap and makes me get the "Free phone" every other year! I even called sprint and asked when it would be free and the rep just laughed at me…… I have no shame or pride anymore so yes I AM BEGGING!

  • Ravil Patel

    I refused to use apple iphone this is because they limit on what i can do with the phone…the authority should not be in the hands of phone it is I who should have the authority…Android is open source and have very good apps to maximize usage…plus I am already on sprint so this prize will best suit me…..EVO is the god father of smart phones..!

  • Mike Corbett Sr.

    My wife has always had hand-me-down phones. I want this one for her!

  • Bob Zaruba

    The Sprint EVO rocks. 4G, HD, Android, huge display and unlimited data. Wow! I need it.

  • William

    I'm about to graduate to become a math teacher. Saving money on a new phone would be great.

  • Nicholas Hendrix

    im trynna get a phone that i can make a call on and update twitter and facebook..I really need to get off my moms plan. i want /need a new experiance

  • alex

    i want this phone really bad. i cant wait.

  • Solomon Pineda

    Wow I just lost all my hope when I had to sell my iphone because of an issue. now with this new htc i think i still have faith in a smart phone.

  • Gh0st Michael

    All the comments here are funny and probably bluff… but hey some people do want to get free phone like this right? So yeah here's my own reason to win the contest!

    I need to win this phone so that I can use it before 2012 theeeeeeeee endddddd of the worlddddddd lol…

  • @iJonBrown

    I deserve a new HTC EVO because I am currently a slave to an iPhone and AT&T. I want the freedom of android, the ability to develop without having to buy a mac and pay Apple just for the right, the awesome Google apps that Apple said no to and the better data plans of Sprint. I want to get an EVO but I am too cheap to buy the phone AND pay my early termination fee to AT&T BUT if I won the EVO I would be happy to pay it.

  • joel2917

    I need a new phone for college…and i am a phone fanatic.. This phone just amazes me

  • Ryan Decker

    i really need the EVO cause im tired of my samsung rant and i want to show off my awesomeness This phone woudl make me look so much more aweome. Please pick me I want my co workers to be JEALOUS

  • @itsandyman

    I want an Evo because I am sick of Verizon and want to take advantage of the hottest phone on the market !! I will also use it to clean up the BP oil spill, as well as to call the Ghostbusters.

  • Amanda Sabia

    The EVO would substantially improve the quality of my life. Please! =)

  • Austin

    Let me put it this way…last June I woke up and waited in line at the local sprint store for the Palm Pre at 4:30am (the store opened at 9) and yes I was first in line (but had plenty of company within 10 minutes) Anyway, I decided I wasn’t gonna do that this year for the EVO and I have regretted it ever since…please help me fix my stupidity.

  • Kevin

    Eight years with Sprint and 4 lines and now my son's phone went down yesterday and now I want to give him my Instinct so I can rock an Evo as my ride!

  • Rolando Montez

    i think i should win.. cause i cant get one evo for the life of me. college student with no job.. its hard these days. it will be great to get the evo to replace my old instinct. i would help an old lady cross the street if i have to win…

  • Sonny Gallegos

    Hey this is Sonny. I feel I could use the Sprint EVO because I am going to be a New customer at sprint in July because I am simply tired of Verizon which is the carrier I have now. All of their phones are trash that they put out and don't compare to the 4G network that sprint is using! Also I'm a College student in Kansas with one more year left to get my BA in Sports medicine and I feel this phone will help tremendously with keeping me on my schedule throughout the rest of my college career. As of right now I can't purchase the EVO because I'm home on Summer break with no job to pay for it so getting this opportunity for the EVO will help me out big time.
    Twitter: @SonnyBaby6



  • @GuessWhoJQ

    I would like to win this phone after having the same phone for 3 years and having to deal with my palm centro falling apart piece by piece, not being able to text less and less as my phone fails slowly with the email servers not working and the same collapse app that I've played on it for three years. I've had to watch everyone around me go to their respective Service stores and get an upgrade to really nice phones and to see me still trying to text and use my phone as well as I possibly can. As of now, due to the weathering of time, none of the vowels on my phone work and some of the consonants as well. I've never lost or broke a phone as long as I've been with sprint. This HTC 4G Evo would be the perfect and probably the greatest upgrade I would have recieved!! I would be very excited to win!!

  • ΩΔΦ Angelo Fernando Banayag

    Hello Everyone
    I deserve this HTC EVO because I've been crazy about the Android cell phones
    I can say that I've fallen in love with it.
    And I don't have the money to get this Amazing phone
    Lots of bills to consider first
    So I really hope that I win this item

  • troy mckee

    I would love this phone I have been a blackberry user for a few years now and I upgraded (downgraded) from the curve I now have a kids toy I want performance I don’t have internet at home I have my everything plan with sprint which I love I don’t have a sob story I just am going to be real and ask you to please pick me I love your guys reviews they are from people who give the product a shot which I love no fanboy reviews so I am asking please choose me

  • henry

    I still have my original g1

  • David K

    I've had difficulties with my palm pre and Sprint won't do anything to support me. The story of Palm. Please help me out with the Evo.

  • Earcis Brake

    My step daughter is turning 16 soon and she wants a car and a new phone . Since shes not going to get the car i decided to buy her the evo , but times are touch around here and i cant pay for the full amount . and her rebate isnt until novemeber , and her birthday is july 12 . ive been with sprint for 10 years , and deserve a new phone , but they wont give me one , so if i get this free evo , me , my wife , and our daughter will be much happier . and my daughter woudnt have to get these rebate phone every year



  • Raphy

    I hope I win the htc evo

  • john dungeon

    keep the phone just give me the box i can cook my soup in it

  • Marc Alvin R. Bauzon

    What is up everyone?! Hook me up!!!

  • khadijah sabir

    why I think I should win the evo is because I have an old samsung flip phone that I’m currently using with sprint right now because I could not afford to pay asurion to replace my broken palm pre the power button to turn the phone on nd off doesnot work nd when receiving or making phone calls I can’t hear anything but the caller can hear me nd to top it off that is my 3rd palm pre so my warranty is up nd even tho I’m using this phone flip phone for temporary I’m still paying full price for my bill nd this phone doesn’t do wht the palm does which sucks. I need touch screen in my life up to date Winning this phone would put away all my troubles with sprint because since I’m under contract I am not eligible for an upgrade until august 2011 I don’t know what other options I have to get a brand new phone but this option please help me!!

  • David

    well i just joined sprint 2 months ago and paid full price for the blackberry 8530 and now want the htc evo but i cant afford to pay the $450 but would love to have one

  • Clint

    I deserve the HTC EVO because Last year this time I waited in line for the much hyped Palm Pre. It was good at first, but then the cracks started to appear. After the first two months, the phone was blistered with stress fractures all across the face of teh phone. Absolutely terrible that I bought this piece of poor engineering. I returned it for replacement only to find that the problem was not local to just myself, but all Pres and soone found fractures on my replacement. To this day, I am stuck with this terrible phone that not only now looks very unaesthetically pleasing but now has devolved into numerous touch screen bugs and slow downs. My younger brother just bought anHTC EVO and is flaunting it in my face by taking it to the Country Music Awards and taking stunning pictures with the 8mp camera. I CANNOT LET ME LITTLE BROTHER HAVE THE LAST SAY!

  • khadijah sabir

    why I think I should win this phone is because I am currently using an old sprint flip phone for temporary because my palm pre no longer works the power button to the phone is broken so I can’t turn the phone off nd it’s no way to turn it back on if it turns off nd callers on the other end of the phone can hear me but I cannot hear them and to top it all off I still am paying for full service under the palm pre even though I’m using this flip phone which sucks because this phone doesn’t do half of what the palm pre can. Nd to add I been through 3 palm pre’s nd every single last one of them gave me a problem and I’m not under warranty with the manufactuer company so I would have to pay for another refurbish palm pre I can’t even afford a new phone how can I pay for a use one. And I’m under contact so I’m not eligibile for an upgrade until 2011. I have no other options but this one please help me

  • @Will2lewis

    I would really love to win this phone, aside from the birth of my son last December and my lovely wife, I have had the worst year ever. My parents lost their house thanks to Parkinsons plus MSA disease. My brother and I had to move them from Florida to Virginia. Then my wife got HELP syndrome while pregnant, my son was born 6 weeks early and spent 3 weeks in the NICU. The day he was born my employer laid off my entire Department -except for me. I took six weeks off of work to spend time with my son, and the day my I returned to work my brother was killed on his way to work in a head on collision at 32 years old. Since last October this has been a wild depressing ride….It is all true. and to top it off…today I am going to have a vasectomy. So I REALLY need something to look forward to this year!!!

  • michael iveson

    I truly desire the evo 4g, my baby mama wont let me get one because of the hefty price tag. not to mention i NEED it mainly because the android 2.1 that my mytouch seems to be forgotten about. 720p HD video and 8mp camera seem like a great way to keep my mom up to date on her ONLY grandson's every growing moment plus she lives about 500miles away. mobile hot spot to keep me gaming even if my internet goes down. i guess what im trying to say is that with this phone there are far too many reasons to list and i mostly just want it so bad i can taste it. (garlic and cream cheese; wait thats the bagel i just had for breakfast. nevermind)

  • Andy Davis

    My reason for wanting the EVO is simple. I have an old phone with Verizon and want to upgrade. Since all carriers now require data packages I figure I might as well go for the best technology out there. The EVO has it. Winning the phone would be great!

  • Emmanuel Banks

    I am not going to try to give your a sob story or some act of kindness I have done. Because I don’t want you all to cry! I want to win this Sprint EVO because I am an upcoming YouTuber. I get lots of comments from viewers saying that I don’t have the products so I would never become a real YouTuber. I don’t feel that way, I feel that I can compete with the big guys and then one day, when I can, I will become better and better with my tech reviewing on YouTube. But having this Sprint EVO 4G won’t be something I will use necessarily. I will be having a contest on YouTube after I review the phone to give it to someone who might would need the phone more than I do. I feel that the person who would win the phone in my contest would definitely appreciate it. Mainly because most of my viewers are 13 – 17 years old and many can’t afford to buy the phones they want. I hope that you pick me, because picking me will also pick one of the millions of people on YouTube today who might be more deserving of the phone than me. Thank you for taking the time to read my comment.

  • Don

    I should NOT be picked to win!!! I hate technology and am a complete loser when it comes to figuring out how to use all the wonderful things a great phone can do, like the EVO 4G. People will most likely laugh at me when I show them this new phone, since I won't be able to make any of the features work. So in closing, You should NOT pick me since I would be considered an Id10t with this cool contraption, not to mention I'm an Old, dorky, nerd and couldn't hold up to the coolness. JK ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Greg

    I work in a Hospice enviornment and currently utilize a flip phone. I think I am probably the last person on the planet with a flip phone! It would be an awesome feat to advance to the latest technology!

  • EJB

    Would like to replace my Palm Pre with this.

  • Krista Drager

    I currently have a Palm Centro that I bought oh, almost three years ago now? Yes, its chipped and the screen is cracked. There are delays when switching programs, and even typing texts… its getting pretty bad.

    For the last year or so, I've been super psyched up to get an iPhone, but I refuse to go to AT&T. I've been waiting, hoping and dreaming that Steve Jobs would face-palm himself for signing the agreement with AT&T and finally branch out and open the iPhone to different markets.

    In between rumor reports and hoping and wishing for the iPhone to come out on a different carrier, I've also been looking for a phone that would out-do the iPhone. If a phone came out like that, my quest for an awesome phone would be over.

    Well, guess what. My quest is over. The Evo is my new phone love. We're talking soul mate, here. I was in a Sprint store and played around with one for two hours (everyone hated me, too, but I couldn't put it down). I would have bought one that day, if I could, however being a fairly broke college student, the $300 up front is a little hard to swing. So for now I dreamily longing for my love to be mine.

    So why should I win this phone? Because its my soul mate. And you couldn't possibly deny true love, could you?

    Don't be cruel.

  • Heidi Immell

    I don't have a cell phone. I had a lot of problem with sidekick; therefore, I just disconnected last month. I am deaf and really need a cell phone to communicate via e mails, instant messages and texts.

  • Brian Bakalar

    Hmmmmmm. . . . . Why do I want the EVO? Well let me ask back, Why would I not want the EVO? Actually I went to a wedding a week ago and my best friends dad just bought the EVO. I was eyeing it all day wanting to get some "alone time" with the EVO. As the night went on we were enjoying adult beverages and having a great time, and then all of a sudden, he pulled out his phone and started to talk about it RANDOMLY, CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!!!!! Well lets just say that on thing led to another and we ended up talking two plus hours about the EVO, and I am a firm believer that this is the COOLEST PHONE AVAILABLE. Actually my best friend, the guy that just got married, and Congrats DOODE, he has the iPhone and I like the iPhone and all, but the EVO is freeking SAWEET!!!! With the front facing camera and all the home screen options and the pinch to zoom and android and the apps and the touch sensitivity and the way that everything is fully customizable and that . . . . . . well you get the point. But anywho I have a phone and its ok and all but . . well lets be honest, ITS NOT THE EVO, not even close. So in conclusion I would love this phone because I spent 2 full hours with my friends dad talking about the phone and, HE SOLD ME ON THE H T C EVO!!!!!!!!!

  • Wayne Campbell

    I really want this EVO, oh yes it's true,
    Because ever since they came out, out the door they flew.
    But even if I had the chance to buy this little gem,
    there is no damn way my wife would say, well go ahead and get it then.
    Ok.. dumb poem. Sorry about that.. Now the sob story.. I am a network administrator at fairly small school district and I don't even have an e-mail capable phone. How pathetic is that? Teachers do, Administrators do, crap even students do.. But do I, no, because I have 2 hungry mouths to feed. 4 if you count my wife (God I hope she does not see this -lol) . So, pick me – Wayne Campbell – Yes that really is my name — Party time, excellant!

  • Nfinit3

    So I bought the device for my significant other for her birthday (she was in need of a new phone) and as much as I loved the whole Sense UI interface, I decided she was the one who deserved it. After opening the box and getting her knowledged on the android device I became rather sad/jealous over how amazing, fast and advanced the device truly was. With that said…I would love to own an EVO myself.

  • Kim

    You should give me the EVO because I've read a million reviews on it just to make myself feel better,
    because I know I'd never be able to afford it. People are here complaining that all they have is a blackberry, all I have is a rumor2. Come on now.

    Sympathy, anyone? ):

    here's my email:

  • @apr78

    This is an awesome phone for which I would be a great advocate.
    I am a long time win mobile user and was expecting a lot from WP7 which will turn out to be the lamest OS ever.
    So backup plan, embrace the Android revolution, however for now stuck on my plan so a free phone upgrade is just what I need

  • John Fair

    Thanks for the giveaway I hope I win. I’m a music producer and I make music of all types of genres. Having this phone would help me stay up to date with things gong on in the industry. With the evo I can feel that I’m more connected and it could a great step towards me in the music industry as fa. Connectivity. Also it would feel great to not be the odd bunch of the group since everyone I hang with has a smart phone. Plus I’m moving soon to an area with 4G coverage so I can use the phone to it’s full affect. Also my pops is in Iraq serving the war and I told him about this contest and he said that he hopes I win. Also from me if I win Ill make a free beat for yall website of intro music to a video or something! Lol

  • Joni Drake

    Roses are Red Violets are blue The HTC EVO is black and I want it too.

  • Dale McLaughlin

    Pick me! I am stuck on AT&T right now and need an excuse to switch to Sprint, like having one of the best Android phones.

  • Bill Murray

    I love the EVO, I have had my eye on this phone from the first day I saw it. Unfortunaetly I can't afford the phone because my wife and daughter are asthmatic and the cost of medicine each month is too much. My wife was going to try and buy it for me for fathers day but again there is just no way we can afford the phone with our medical expenses avery month. I refuse to buy an I-phone and would love nothing more than replacing my slow Instinct with the Evo, also my older son lives an hour away and the wi-fi capability would be great for entertaining my younger children on the long drives to pick him up and drop him off every week. I beg you help move into the modern day of technology by giving me this phone.

  • ChupaD

    I am an Operation Iraqi Freedom Veteran and my friends from the war keep telling me I need to get a better phone so I can text, send pictures and get on social networking sites to keep in touch and find some of my other friends from the Military. I am a disabled vet and cannot afford a 400-500 dollar phone. I would alos like to use it to be able to access helpful websites that asist veterans form the war.

  • @davidquinlan

    I would love to upgrade from my Hero, I like my Hero but would love to have my own EVO.

  • @rjanja

    Intomobile rocks! Whoever wins the phone, it's awesome seeing an Evo giveaway!

    I'll take a 1 in 25000 chance to replace my iPhone 3G any day- I'm so ready to leave Apple's walled garden. I really want an Android phone to develop with, and the Evo would be the bees knees. Cheers!

  • ArielS

    I made my first foray into smartphones over 2 years ago with Sprint's Blackberry Curve and I'm more than ready to step up my game. Bring on droid! Bring on 4G! Bring on mobile hotspot!

  • shaun

    the evo rocks!!!!

  • Diane

    I'm the web producer for a TV station in Chicago. For the last year my life has been consumed by "get the iPhone stream working! Get an App for us! iPhone iPhone iPhone!" but I kept saying, DUDE, it's going to be an Android market. The HTC EVO is tangible proof that the Android market devices are surpassing the iPhone by leaps and bounds. I would love to get my hands on one so I can show them what it can do (streaming the newcast live? You betcha!) I even do a segment on air on Wednesdays — I'd be sure to promote intomobile and the HTC.

  • Jose Irizarry

    I switched to Sprint and got the Samsung Moment a month before I ever learned about the HCT EVO. If I would have known, I would have waited for the HCT EVO. This is my first smart phone and it will be great to have the HCT EVO to welcoming me to the smartphone era. Thanks!

  • DeMonta Bethel

    I need the htc evo because im tried of my old motorola that dont even have a camear and i think its time to upgrade so pick me!!!

  • Nate Anderson

    Well bought the Samsung Instinct when it first came out, then purchased the Palm Pre when it first came out and planned on getting the EVO with a short money supply hoping that the deposit was less than $250.00 (College Student No Credit) then i found out that i do not have to put a deposit down at all, so i went to the sprint store heart pounding waiting for the device only to hear that it was sold out, i didn't panic i went online to find out it was sold out everywhere Bestbuy, Radio Shack, And I would love to get this phone regardless, hopefully for free thanks.

  • Jeff

    I had to leave a job last year and relocate for family health reasons. Since that time, I've only been able to find temp/contract work. I truly need a robust phone to stay connected to family and other potential employment opportunities while doing temp work. I've got a very old phone, and Sprint remains the best service for me. Sprint's other phones are wholly uninspiring — and of course the Evo hasn't even been in stock. I'd really make great use of the Evo — if granted a free one, I would commit to doing additional volunteer work that truly benefit others less fortunate than me, and most others seeking the phone.

  • Jakeem Hawkins

    When I first got Sprint I was 17 years old
    Making things work with my old Sanyo flip phone
    Bills were high and my parents would never understand it
    They almost canceled the service but I really wanted them to keep it
    Went to college, stayed with Sprint and became more educated
    In December 2009 from the University of Hawaii is where I graduated
    I'm trying to make it to the NFL because I play football
    But being out of school and training, it's challenging to get my girlfriend a gift for her birthday when I have no money at all
    My girlfriend and I are both Sprint users
    We both want the EVO, but if I win I would give my prize to her
    She is very special to me and her birthday is July 24th, which makes her a Leo
    Now you see this is why I would love to win the Sprint HTC EVO

  • Mercedes Estrada


  • Angel

    hi my girlfriend was telling me about how she entered here because she wants to win this phone sooo bad.i know she wants to get us both one but she cant afford it and i dont want her to buy us both a phone because its not her responsiblity,it mine and that was always my goal to get us one.yes i am entering it for me because this phone is really sweet but also because i hope you would pick me and my girlfriend(Mercedes Estrada)to win because it would mean the world to us knowing that we won together and have the best phone anyone can ever would save us money on the phone itself too.i would absolutely do anything to make sure my girl is happy ๐Ÿ™‚ so much stress would be tooking off of us then what we are going through right now so please everyone,please choose me and my girlfriend as the winners in this begging on my knees please!!!we will never be more happier :]

  • Shaun

    I wanna win the Evo because I'm a Sprint customer already and want a better phone.
    Plus, I do NOT wanna become a victim to the iPhone epidemic!!!

  • IVY

    If I would have waited for for June to come to switch back to Sprint I would have the EVO 4g but now I cannot upgrade until Jan 2011 that is waaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy to long to wait for this HOT PHONE!

  • Bryan Mabe

    I NEED an HTC EVO. I am 7' 6" with EXTRA large hands. People laugh at me when I am using my Hero. It's so hard to type with my giant fingers. I can't have anything that seems to fit how big I am. The HTC EVO is perfect for me. All of my friends, Yao Ming, Bigfoot, Andre the Giant, and this blue Avatar dude that keeps bugging me to buy his DVD, keep insisting that this is the best phone out there. Please help me with my small phone syndrome. Thank you.

  • Camar Green

    well my First Palm Pre Broke so i took it to be fixed Hurray it got fixed……So I thought….It breaks again…drove by the sprint store I took it to last time ehh the SOB is closed down. Pre is great but that EVO makes my Nipples Roar like a half Power ranger Half Thunder Cat Ooo lala

  • jason diego

    I think that I deserve this phone because my little brother already bought 1 (2 for 1 special) and I really love the features, especially the videophone features and the huge touchscreen. This will be my first android phone, an EVO-lasting treasure!!!!!

  • Sam H.

    I've been stuck in a financial rut recently and am now just starting to get back on my feet but can't afford this phone at the moment. So it would be extremely helpful to get this HTC Evo 4G from you guys. I hope to get it, thanks!

  • khadijah Sabir

    Why i think i should win this phone is because i really am in desperate need of a new phone As of now i have an old sprint samsung flip phone because my palm pre is broken the power button is broke so if that phone turns off and die there would be noway for me to turn it back on and also my speaker where i hear ppl on the phone no longer works the caller can hear me but i cant hear them its a disgrace because that was my 3rd refurb palm ore with sprint and now they said i can get a new one unless i pay this time because my warranty is up i dont have the money to pay for a new phone let alone a refurb one and then at that im still paying full price for my plan even tho im using a phone that doesnt do as much as the pre does. and i cant get a whole new phone but my upgrade is not due for eligibility for a very long time but I REALLY REALLY want this phone but i been looking to find ways to get this phone but i thought i didnt have any options but to wait for them to restock and i build my money up and then purchase full price which i really didnt want to do but now you that is really a sign to me because this is my option i can use to get the EVO!

  • Harren Brown

    Hello my dad is 73 and he has never had a cell phone car or computer for his 74th birthday i wanna get him something that will wow his ancient brain like the EVO. My father is a war veteran (Nam) and a old school type of man he deserves this phone because he is a honorable man and human being!

  • camar G

    here what it boils down to. At work I have a girl who has a phone that looks like something my dog chewed up and pooped out..yes I’m being real.. Two other people with the iphone 3gs ..sigh everytime I look at the phones I wanna snatch them and toss the across the room. Oh boy oh boy got another guy with…ready for this a sidekick ??? Wtf god only knows why this man goes aeound sporting this phone. I could have sworn it died before the all mighty beeper..whatever. Last on the list is my co manager who got the new zune hd…wait I mean iphone 4 sorry it just kinda reminds me of it lol I won’t toss this phone cause it deserves me dropping a duece on it. So can I get a htc evo please. I will say see see this is a real phone.

  • Nichelle C.

    I need this phone so that I can continue Living, Loving, Free & Fabulous. I would like to blog my way throw life freely and with much fabulocity.

  • Al D.

    Why do I need the Evo?
    1) It would be great to "kiss my kids goodnight" via Qik on the days that I'm working out of town. It would also be great to use Qik to show the people back at the office in realtime some of the critical issues I find during my inspections. I would also LOVE to have access to 4G! Ive been using a Samsung Instinct for the past 2 years and its on its last legs. I have never won anything in my life and it would be cool to win something. If I dont win the contest, I sure hope someone working for a non-profit or a disabled veteran gets the Evo.

  • draco181

    The HTC Evo is a techno nerds dream come true. best of all you don't have to worry about all those pesky bugs like having to hold it a specific way so you don't drop a call. cough "iphone 4" cough

  • Kyle

    I'm a college student who needs a new phone. However, I have no money to buy one. (Stupid cliche')

    I would go whine to my parents to buy me one, but I really don't want to get on their nerves. They've already done enough for me.

  • Tony

    I like chunky beef stew.

  • TashaJ

    Please pick me! I am a single mom that goes to school full time and works part time! My birthday is coming up and it would be a GREAT present! Thank you!

  • Christina Sipes

    I need this phone so that i can give my current phone to my nephew so he can have a device to call home with to check in.


    I have been needing a new phone for quite some time now i am getting big into developing phone applications and love the android os. The sad thing is that i have no phones to try it out on. I have wanted to get one but as alot of us know and feel right now the economy has been on the crappy side. my employer has lowered my pay and this has taken away my chance to get an android phone. My old teacher in college said that my developing skills are really excellent and has tried a simple app i created. I think that if i was to win this phone i would be alot better at developing apps on this phone and others like it. I have a medium size list clients that is wanting new apps for there employees but i can not help them out because i do not have an android phone. I was very depressed when i saw the price tag of the phone. So i hope with this mini paragraph i can win this phone.

  • Vic Ervin

    This may not be the winning post but I feel that there are somethings I must get off my chest. I have been following the android platform from almost the beginning and excited about the possibilities. Carefully and cautiously tracking the g1 hardware and t-moblies service. Impressed by the hype around the new Hero for sprint, I pre-ordered one in September from Best Buys. On October 9th I was the first to pick mine up (no lines or news crews on site for this product launch). First week all was fine until I realized that the 3.5 audio jack did not work at all. No problem figured I just got the first bad one, returned to Best Buys for a replacement. The next one should be great I thought, after two month the phone began to slow down and freeze. By the end of that month the phone would only turn on with no touch screen or push button response. Back to Best Buys, this time phone was sent off for repairs (3 weeks total time) then returned as non repairable. I was given a 3rd new HTC Hero, maybe this on would be the charm…Not, three months in the phone began to lock, freeze, and no touch screen response every now and then (And this is with limited apps. installed). After the update the locking and freezing was more often and as I type this the phone has been frozen for nine hours, turning it on every 2 hours. Now I am contemplating rooting and trying a different ROM. If not, it is back to Best Buy to return the phone for a 3 week repair, And a cheap none smart loaner phone. If chosen to receive the EVO from it would greatly appreciated. And I am sure it does not have these same issues as the 3 Hero I have owned. Thanks for your consideration. Note that all of these statements are true and would repeat under oath in a court of law.

  • Brian

    I need an EVO because I am using a blackberry curve.
    2pointsomething inch screen is killing my eyesssss
    also my trackball is not working anymore.
    save me!!!

  • uncwmark

    I've been stuck on AT&T's network for four years. I could use a break. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • M.J.

    the reason why i am entering this contest is for my granddaughter.she means the world to me and i know how bad she really wants and loves this phone!she just keeps talking about it for more than a month now.i really like it myself but i already have the new iphone and im planning to stick with it but my granddaughter who is 19 really needs one.for her friends and family,to entertain her,for her boyfriend and also for just in case of an emergancy.she deserves it more than anyone!!!and i am willing to make sure she gets it.she cant afford onee but if i win this for her…it will be the happiest day of her life!!!!so please pick me as the contest winner!!!thank you

  • carlos orellana

    OMG, i cant even begin to express my reasons why i should win the HTC EVO, there's so much to say, so little time to explain, i might just go crazy, it bothers me because i might not win but i would kill for this phone, i have never ever ever ever ever ever in my life have had an android phone before because well you know moms they always saying things that make or sound in away good to others but not us as teens, i turned 20 this past January, i got a job, my grandfather suffered a heart attack, i lost my job, my mom went crazy, i went crazy, and for the worse i was diagnosed with a heart problem, now i need surgery, I'm not going to take the treatment because it's to expensive, sometimes i ask my self, why can't i just be happy once in my life, this life that i ask why was i born for if all my life i have suffered pain, its too much to handle, sometimes i feel like committing suicide, but I'm afraid because i don't want to burn in hell, i just want to be happy once, i just want this phone, because i know its something that would make me happy for once in this painful life that i live in, sorry for my story but it's the truth, i wish i could make it disappear but i can't, so please i ask with all my heart please let me have this awesome new HTC EVO, please please please, and thank you for your time.

  • @AJ714

    Please IntoMobile I need this phone. Save me from the misery and embarrasment I go through daily. Every day I need to whip out my sprint touch pro 2 and do something important it knows and either freezes on me, slows to a crawl or just seems to magically turn off. I am your loyal servant IntoMobile and I am looking to join the kingdom of android, please have mercy on me as I suffer in windows mobile land.

  • Ricardo Wright

    Man being an android fan cant resist this.. we want the best and the fastest.. well I want the best there is for android somethings so smooth as the evo. It will help keep me the long night working tech.
    Hook me up intomobile. Lets take the evo for a spin

  • Tyler White

    I want the Evo 4g because my old phone is broken,and i would love a bigger,better phone to take it's place. i'm just dying to hold it and get a shot at it's fast speeds and use the camera to take crystal clear pictures and videos. Plus i'll tell everyone how awesome intomobile is and why it's the best site ever to learn about all kinds of phones. And I'll promise to tell EVERYONE i know about intomobile. And the Evo 4g.

  • Russ

    An EVO would be most impressive for my wife. I was able to get one but my wife did not. I am deplyed through the military and would love to benifit from what the video chatting could do with my moral and of course hers while we are apart. We both own the embarresing first model of the instinct promising apps like the iPhone and must more promises that I never saw. My experiance going to the Evo has never been more rewarding and now with my wife still stuck on that Instinct its time for an upgrade for her. Thank you so much just for the chance, lets hope im lucky enough now…

  • DeJhan

    LETS GET TO IT!!!! THREE REASONS I DESERVE THIS PHONE… 1. super unhappy tmobile customer with a sidekick lx that hides my contacts and resets on me whenever it feels the need to… 2. EVO 4G DEMOLISHES ALL OF THE OTHER PHONES WITH IN COMPETITION RANGE (cough cough especially the "i-clone" 4) and 3. LIFE is ROUGH and im not afraid to ask for a break every once in a while, becuz i NEED ONE!!! PLEASE MAKE THIS EXTRA-UNORDINARY PHONE MINE!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Mixi

    I've had a Moto Q for years. The 9C, to be precise. It had the potential to be a great PDA phone but flopped flat on its face. I'm an aspiring writer, so as one can imagine, I'm also broke. Hence why I could really use the HTC Evo being given away here. With any luck, the EVO will help me hit it big and maybe I'll toss a bone your way! If nothing else, it will make this little Mixi a very happy gal!

  • Jeff R.

    Love my Pre but more than willing to have an HTC Evo! I'd support anything that will shut up iPhone users! Hahaha!

  • rza101

    ok so i have cricket service its freaking stone age!!! i need a new phone im broke , college loans etc. help me fet the ladys with a hot smart phone!!

  • dwayne

    The Evo is a sweet phone! I'm out of work currently so winning this phone would be a positive during this unpromising period.

  • @bellebeauti

    I am so ready for a android. I can't afford it at the moment, but I would love to be able to win the EVO. Please pick me.

  • @bellebeauti

    I am so ready for a android. I can't afford it at the moment, but I would love to be able to win the EVO. Please pick me.

  • Una Yang

    My boyfriend and I are both going to pharmacy school this fall in Oklahoma City. We will have no friends or family there. We will be living off of loans for the next 4 years, so we will not be able to afford anything nice for ourselves. We need a cool phone to show off to our classmates. One that will look up the symptoms of diseases and the properties of the medications in a matter of seconds to aid in our studies. We need something that we can hold out to their faces and say “Mine is better than yours,” despite what little we actually possess. Not to mention that the current phone I have broke and when I was sent a new phone to replace it, it was broke too.

  • DeJhan


    1.) I think everyone deserves a break every once in a while, and im not afraid to ask for one… in this society things are never "given" to you, and @ 19 yrs old it becomes more n more prominent how hard this world can really be! So a gift like this would be a dream, i may even give it away myself.
    #2.) I'm a super unhappy tmobile customer that will support a carrier that supports me, get it? A phone that can nurture me along with the best of the best service on the best of the best cell phone Operating System (android 2.1!!!)

  • Mamahnita

    I need to replace my evo because the screen popped off and their all sold out every where.

  • shane kerry

    Well first of all Im on workers comp. We just did a mod on our home cause of have to close the doors on our compnay last year. We had to move the inlaws in the house with us cause my father in law was dieing. This was about 4 months ago. well haveing to take care of them my wife has missed all kinds of work and we have fell behind on everything again. Now we are faceing forecloseser on our home cause we broke the home mod they did for us. trying to take care of my father in law. He pasted away on June 15,2010 in our living room. My son was right there with him when it happened. it has tore him up so bad.(just 3 years ago he watched his 11year old brother die in a 4 wheeler wreck. and was ust getting better with that now he is dealing with this) I guess life has its was of hitting all of us. It would just be nice to have a little good come our way buy winning this phone. please pray for my family even if we dont win. we have never won any contest that we have signed up for. thanks for reading

  • Aaron

    I hope to win the Evo because 2 weekes ago my wife that was 4 days away from dilivering our baby girl found out that she had pinched off her own umbilica cord and passed. I could not call alot of our family because the phone i have its battery didn’t hold a charge…and so alot of family members had to find out this terrible news by the obituary that was ran 2 days early because my phone was blinking out and they thought i said Tuesday and not Thursday. Nedless to say if my cell wouldn’t had been my only phone it would have been tossed over a bridge…

  • dphill

    HTC EVO 4G is the place to be!!!

  • Joseph Moore

    It's a world of Temptation, and I need the HTC EVO…NOW…before the Devil tempts me to put my money elsewhere!

  • John

    Recently lost my sprint phone at all places the SF Ballet.
    Person (janitor) who found it decided to keep it. Had to turn off.
    Know someone's paper weight.
    First day with replacement, dropped and cracked screen.
    Luck has to change. Gotta win me an EVO.

  • Randi

    I absolutely love this phone, but I am a graduate student who was just laid off from a public school teaching job. So while this phone is awesome, I obviously cannot afford to buy it. As of right now I am stuck with my Blackberry Storm which is crap. I hope I win this phone or hit the lotto.

  • Sayso1985


  • Ralph

    there is no true reason why anyone deserves this phone 4 free. It is indeed a great phone with a variety of features and whoever wins it should be thankful and use it for what it’s for.

  • Jazmin Harley

    i been tryin to get this phone since it came out and everybody is sold out ugh!

  • Curtis

    Hey, I'll be heading off to college soon and I'll need a phone that can do more than my current one. So this would be perfect!

  • Toni Morrow

    me nead EVO! me steal use fone frum stoan age!

  • Clint White

    I need this phone. Don't ask me why.

  • Clay White

    Things will randomly work out.

  • calvin

    this will come as a surprise but the HTC EVO should be mine because i simply want it…

  • Erin White

    I'm due.

  • @beenswank

    There are several reasons why I should win:
    A. I'm damn near broke.
    B. I invest what little money I do have in public transportation, tuition, coffee, and Hamburger Helper.
    C. I'm almost inclined to offer you my soul in exchange for this device.
    D. My washing machine just broke.
    E. It costs like $1.50 per load to wash my clothes at the laundromat
    F. A few months ago I realized that I'm the only person that plays Magic | The Gathering anymore
    G. My spirit needs uplifting
    H. I'd be honored

  • V Darden

    I would love to win the HTC EVO. I am ready to move on to sprint with a wonderful Phone and leave T-Mobile behind.

  • Denae Williams

    I rly want a phone so bad that is nice but I can't afford one and I have never had a phone in my child hood because my parents never thought i needed one and its killing me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I went through a long life of being made fun of and not having a phone so I am just rly wishing and hoping I get this free phone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Plz Pick me I RRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY NEED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • John Williams

    I would just really like to get this phone for my daughter because she has been so good to me and I rly want to get her the phone she's been dieing for!!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • yvette pennington

    I should win a the HTC EVO is because I dont have the money to buy one for myself. I want this phone cause I am tired of my palm pre that battery doesnt last long at all. So I need a phone that does. I wish I could afford the EVO but I cant.

  • Kevin Eldridge

    This does appear to be a very nice phone. I used to have a Sprint phone and loved it. Ever since been using AT&T (bleh) and Verizon.

  • Marcella

    I think I should win this phone because I am a young, 14 year old child with the needs that this phone distibutes!! Haha funny but really I FELL IN LOVE WITH THIS PHONE AT FIRST SIGHT!! Please Please Please!!

  • Rich Kennedy

    I'm on my third defective blackberry in a row. sprint won't let me get a different phone without paying full price. Winning this would hopefully allow me to respect the mobile community once again.

  • Aaron

    I would like a chance to win an EVO because 2 weeks ago my wife and i watched as our 3rdchildwas still born and when i went to call my family and friends this horrible news my battery life drained bfore i could tell everyone i needed too. Than on top of that when i tried calling my local news paper company for the obituary than ran it 2 days ahead of time becase my phone blinked out when i told them i wanted it ran on Thursday instead they ran it on Tuesday instead. Boy was that a shock to my wife and friends that did not learn about it till than. My wife and i want to try again and i would love to be able to tell friends and family good news from a WORKING phone. It would also be a great gift for my birthday which is Thursday special since my fathers day was good but was missing my one child….

  • levonte w.

    I think i should get the evo because i am haven’t had any thing for my birthday in two years. i’ve had the same dumb flip phone for almost four years, and its so hard to type texts and emails. i’m not trying to beg, i just need another phone. i can’t even afford a new one; my mom had buy the phone i own now. but the main reason is i cant even get a girls number. as soon as they see my phone they laugh and walk away. o and the phone is purple.

  • Jaylin Meeks

    Man i Wanted This htc evo ever since i seen/saw it on the internet but i wont have an upgrade until next march and 500 bucks is a lot of money on a phone but this phone is more than a phone i mean its kinda disrespectful to called it a phone but anyway as im searching the web for the free evo and i see this contest from INTOMOBILE for a chance to win a sprint evo and i started to get nervous because i thought the contest was over but luckily it's until tomorrow at 6/28/2010 but anyway i hope Mr.Will Park , Mr.Martain Perez ,Mr.Simon Sage, and last but never least Mr.Blake Stimac Can answer my prayers but awarding me the sprint evo but if i don't win still thank you for hosting a chance to win a sprint evo (EVO Crazii)

  • Ian Wizard

    I don't expect to win, and I probably don't need it as badly as some of the people here, But my dad is about to get an iPhone, and I can't afford to get this phone right now.

  • Glenn Adams

    For nearly 15 years I have been a dedicated Sprint customer. I am not a tech or a geek but each time I am interested in a phone for myself or my family, I learn everything I can about it. I go to the Sprint store and tell customers about the phones and even the store managers. I even helped out some of the Sprint techs so they could help other customers. If there is a product that I like, I turn others on to it. My friends and their friends still call me when they have problems with their phones. I think this phone would be fun, fantastic, and challenging. Please choose me.

  • @skalak32

    I want to be able to show up all my friends iphones.

  • damien crawley

    i cant wait to win i heard so many great this about this phone. I have the highnote now. hope i win. i need a upgrade.

  • Jermaine Cooks

    My HTC Touch pro 2 just took a dump. So, I'm phoneless right now. Pick me please!

  • aaron huff

    I sell the evo in my store, they are so hard to get even for my store stock i just dont feel right holding one for myself. ive been waiting since march for this device and i feel that i will not be able to hold one for myself and feel good about having the phone because i get about 10 to 30 calls a day from people who want this thing. i hope i win this htc evo so i can feel good about having this sweet phone in my pocket…. via la evo

  • @lslemond

    Do I need the EVO 4G no I don't would I like one yes…. I was recently fired from the start up company I was working for and subsequently had my phone turned off. I have been waiting to get a new phone for over 2 months now and decided to wait for the EVO because one thing I have learned is that its better to wait and work for what you want as opposed to settling for what will be fine for now! I've loved this phone since its first rumors and murmurs on the web, Google basically runs my life I have EVERYTHING on there… if I could send my kids to Google School I would!

    • @lslemond

      and I missed it by 20 MINUTES!!!! FML! ๐Ÿ™

  • AznBeast42

    pick memememememe!!!!! i had to suffer the samsung instinct and the palm pre. by the way, i heard loves asians ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • @Gordante

    I would love to have an Evo. I'm a iPhone 3G user who's stuck on AT&T's terrible network until July and I'm not impressed at all at what the iPhone 4 can do (not to mention it's lovely reception issues if you don't hold it right – who does that?). My brother (who has an iPhone 4) keeps rubbing the "features" his phone has in my face, and I would LOVE to use an Android phone instead and show him what it can do.

  • L. Williams

    I am a single parent mother of a toddler with special needs, I also am a full time college student struggling with my old blackberry phone to recieve the emails that my classmates send regarding school. I already have sprint but can not afford to buy this new evo. I would really love to have it. It would make my life a lot easier, I also wanted is as a graduation giftto myself. I only have 3 courses left to take before graduating. Please pick me! My toddler will even benefit from it because we can download apps to help with shapes, colors, numbers and matching games. It would be wonderful if I could win this phone for free.

  • @six6sixfox

    I have to say, the EVO is a beautiful phone. It's the first phone I've seen that I enjoy typing on without a keyboard. They finally got the force feedback right. And, it runs Android blisteringly fast. I can't upgrade to it because of my third party discount on my line, if I do a real upgrade it goes away… ESN swap keeps my rate. Also, props to IntoMobile for a really cool contest.

  • @orbitalrage

    My connection timed out trying to submit my comment so if there is more then one comment here it was not my fault…

    I really hope I win, I LOVE this phone!

  • @e_merkys_evo4g

    I NEED this phone. My wife and kids left me, my dog got hit by a bus, and my car broke down.

    Well, not really, but I really would like to win this phone!

  • Jessica Lee

    ** I really hope that I am not to late in commenting to win the EVO! I read that the contest ends today, what time exactly, I did not see. Why? Because my wack BlackBerry constantly messes up my web pages! I would adore a smartphone that doesn’t freeze up on me *at least* twice a day or doesn’t display the “hourglass of death” as I like to call it. Me winning this phone would save my blackberry from being thrown against a wall or onto a sidewalk. Please have a heart & save a BlackBerry. Lol **

  • Suzi Ramsdell

    I'm a business owner still using my Nextel Motorola i880. Surviving many concrete crashes, recently it started screaching at me. Before that, Bluetooth pairing failed. Law kicked in and I am tired of yelling into my speakerphone. A mobile office would help me a lot! Not to mention, I come from the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" generation. I still use my orig. Amana Radarange circa 1975. I got the call from Radio Shack the EVO was in. Two traffic jams + an hr. later, I arrived just in time. They couldn't access my Bus. A/C, thus I left w/o the phone; but I was nice enuf to call my friend, who was also on the list & told her to bust it over there if she wanted a phone. (She got it.) I left R.S.,& saw the Sprint Kiosk, checked it out…they had 1. They accessed my a/c, got the phone set up, paperwork done, then asked for a whopping $368, for phone, car charger, and face protector. Imagine my shock & dismay when told they couldn't put it on my A/C; I have to come up with the $ & wait the 4 mos. or so for the $100 rebate.

  • Suzi Ramsdell

    "Continued": I had no idea the kiosk was privately owned. Well, long story short, I didn't have my bus. CC, they wouldn't take a check, and so I walked out w/o the phone, again. "Try the Sprint Corp. store across the street" they told me. At this point with 2 strikes against me, the little voice in my head said "go home without the phone", so I did. Very bummed. My #1 son emailed me that both he and his brother had new iPhone 4's, their Dad even got one; now I must join the family and get a new iPhone 4. Save me from iPhonemania!

  • Phil

    I need this phone for my wife, I got one on the release date and she hates me for it cause she wants mine, but I just can't please send me this one. I can send you my address

  • BogartOfElCajon

    I have a winmo phone. You gotta pick me

  • @nanpalmero

    I entered the Sprint Blaze Across America Contest to tell the story of how fast I am. I believe that I was DQ'ed due to not being a Sprint Premier customer. Maybe you guys will consider this entry since being a Sprint Premier isn't a requirement –

    Time to win an EVO!!!

  • @MillennialDusk

    I deserve to win because well… I want the pone. My TouchPro2 is begging more and more every day to be replaced. AND I can't get a hold of an EVO anywhere in town. So, you should just give it to me, and save me all of the hassle. You know you want to. And I want to do what I can to help you, so if you give it to me I will graciously accept it.

  • Kev

    I follow on twitter everyday and my birthday is coming up soon and I’ve been dying for this phone. I was gonna get it for myself as a present but I just got laid off. I’ve never had luck with this kinda stuff but what the heck it’s worth a try now. Thanks again. Anyways I’ll still follow the site u guys r great.

  • Stanford

    Hi, my name is Stanford. Wow first off I've had a mogul for couple months less than two years, in the last 6months I've had to replace my phone 9 times due to malfunction. Gps not working which I depend on for work, gps would freeze and I would have to take the battery out to restart the phone on the interstate. Countless times passing the exit missing my appointments. Text messageS has no time stamp and displays just a date for 2016 which is critical I respond in time for work. I couldn't access the internet, email, or gps for a month due to IOTA problems but still got charged, took my phone to 6 stores and nobody could fix it so I kept getting new moguls and none of them worked.

  • Stanford

    Continued… Called Sprint 4 times today and the Supervisors sucked!Just like every other time I called. He's arguing with me about how sh#tty the service was wasting my time and not helping. His new solution hard reset and send me a new Mogul… Sweet just what I always wanted another PHONE that doesn't work. I've literally missed 14 days of work due to poor customer service and a broken phone since it's necessary to use gps and the internet for my job. Every day I work I have an opportunity to make $900. You do the math! Thank you Sprint. Without the EVO I am cancelling service!!!

  • Eric

    With the EVO, i wouldn't have to use the Samsung Moment and I would be able to fight the minions of apple using all the amazing Android Apps that would actually run decently (damn you Moment!!!)

  • Raymond Alcala

    Would really like a good phone to bring over to Iraq this time, a good one to keep me out of trouble and have been with sprint for years.

    • WINNER

      You will receive an email from us regarding how to ship the phone.

      Once again CONGRATS!

  • shawnsukhu

    i wanna enjoy videos on the train ride to and from work.

  • srikanth yarlagadda

    want to see if this works at all,
    If i win would sell my iphone 4 and keep evo ๐Ÿ™‚

  • @dduporte

    I am an 18 year old third year college student, i completed my associates degree in high school. i am juggling two jobs and school right now in order to keep my scholarship dorm and help my family and do not have the funds to purchase any new phone but i am in need of one. I am in grave need of this phone for work because i work on campus at an office where most of my co workers have iphones and the job entails me to be in contanct constantly by email and schedule phone conferences daily while every weekend i go home to my family and work at a department store in my hometown. I would also like this phone to keep in touch with my younger sister im 18 and she just turned 17 we've been close since we were little and even closer since our mother passed away of cancer 5 years ago, i felt horrible leaving her when i went off to college and its very hard to have long phone calls or text message clearly with my phone. I have a sprint sanyo phone with no real title its keys are small and it shuts off constantly though i just updated to this phone for free all my emails i receive hours to days late which almost caused me to lose my job and its extremely hard to keep in contact with everyone. I also am excited about the 4G and Video calling features on this phone actually the first one to ever have it which would make my job and staying in contact with my family so much easier.

  • @vincemash

    I really need this evo….my dog ate my HTC diamond

  • @vincemash

    definitely need to upgrade my old antiquated HTC Diamond, I have to soft reset once a day…..really need the EVO and also I need a big screen as my eyes are getting bad in my old age LOL

  • Kyle

    I need to have the latest and greatest phones so I can be one of the cool kids! I dont want to wait till my upgrade is available, it well be yesterdays news by then!

  • @blwolfe0706

    I am on Windows Mobile and am chomping at the bit to make the move to the Android OS using Sprint's 4G via the HTC Evo. Sprint has said there's about a 3-4 week waiting period where I live so I'm hoping to win one and cut down on the lead time and save some cash!

  • @style70

    all my friends are getting one! I dont wanna be left out in the cold, people pointing me out in a crowd and laughing because i'm using outdated technology a year old. i might as well be walking around with a brick, or breifcase phone! and have rotory phone as my lan line at home. dial up interent using AOL or compuserv. plaving video games on my atari 2600, watching repeats of " tales of the gold monkey" (who remembers that one!?) on TV that I need a wired remote to change, keeping a collection of fold up maps in my car that runs on leaded gas becasue I don't have GPS navagation.. all of this could be solved with one phone!

  • Kim Hoang

    I am being laid off my job, which provided me a company phone. So as of Friday, July 2nd – I will be without a cell phone. I need to get one so that I don't miss my pregnant wife calling and saying "Its time to go to the hospital!" I am a current day 1 Palm Pre owner and don't want to leave Sprint!

  • Victoria Lung

    I am going to use reverse psychology….DON’T give me the evo….

  • Hayati Akbas

    Andy Dufresne: Hope is a good thing…

  • Carnegie

    I NEED this phone because I allowed my friend to go to Google I/O in my stead so I wouldn't miss work, and he comes back with a free HTC EVO!!!!!!!!! What in the world…I'm pretending like I'm not jealous of him but secretly I am! I have a weak little flip phone on Verizon and its been a drag for years now, I need to be updated!

  • Bruce Montgomery

    I would love to win a Sprint HTC EVO and Chicago is a 4g City Too…How Sweet It Is…Let's Roll Baby!

  • Jessica Silva

    Well I'm not going to lie and make up some story just to get this device. I would just really want to win this device for my son. He is always constantly checking Sprint's website to see if Sprint has restocked its inventory, and its sad to see him disappointed. Sprint might not even restock until the white version of the Evo,which is in almost a month. I would just really love to win this device for my son, so he doesn't have to wait. Thank You.

  • jeff

    finally a chance to get my hands on the evo without breaking the bank, take the chance when you get it…

  • Tara B

    I would love to win this phone because my current phone is now broken by some one who i did not know wasted a drink on it, and since times are hard now i can not get another dude to my finicial situation.

  • Richard Davenport

    Okay so all i can do is all i can do. while many of the users here are complaining about a slow "Hero: or :Moment" Im just a poor college student who despite the two years android has been operating, i have yet to lay my hands on an Android phone i can call my own, much less a touchscreen phone at all. yes, unfortunately Im not a part of team android, team blackberry, not even team Touchscreen. Ive been with sprint since 2008 and i do love and appreciate their service. the only phones ive owned are the LG Lotus & the Samsung Rant. I Pull out my celluar at times and do feel a bit embarassed, but i try to stay humble. Anyway, not too bore you with a sob story, i would REAALLLLY Love to have the HTC Evo. Ive been following up on it since the planned name was the HTC SUpersonic. so again all i can do is hop, pray and cross my fingers. i hope this phone ends up in deserving grateful hands.




    I have been managing a corporate wireless account for over 15 years and this is the most amazing device I have ever seen. I have complete and total confidence in Sprints ability to handle to data load requirements of the user (as opposed to ATT who are already peaking out thanks to the iPhone). I would love to have one of these devices to show around the office and home and wow everyone I come in contact with.. This is really an amazing device…

  • @dearman72

    Great looking phone, and it will be upgraded to Android 2.2 will make it even better.

  • Hamilton

    The EVO looks great!

  • Jonathan Lasswell

    Wow, a free HTC EVO 4G. That would make an awesome first smartphone. It's interesting to see what things folks will write for a free phone. ๐Ÿ™‚

    ^ ^
    * *

  • Liam L.

    I should win because… my cat's breath smells like cat food. =)

  • Anthony M.

    Evo is aweeeesome end of STORY YEAH PURO MEXICO(to bad they lost)

  • Athonym

    I done posses a phone and i stopped smoking(certain things) and PURO MEXICO to bad they lost

  • Eric Oberman

    I would love an Evo so that I can finally get over the agony of using my painfully slow Palm Pre!! I need a phone thats much more customizable!!

  • Michelle Hanback

    First off, I would like to win this phone because I am a current user of T-Mobile and it SUCKS MAJORLY…Plus my contract with them expires on July 10th, 2010…I have heard so many great things and Sprint and their coverage/phones/service and have always wanted to have service with them, but have always been stuck with T-Mobile since I got my first phone @ 16…Please help me break away from T-Mobile and their crappy phones and especially coverage/service….I have been in love with the HTC EVO 4G from the very minute I heard about it and saw the phone on commercials..Also, my boyfriend and his family have been Sprint customers for many years and he currently has the HTC Hero..I would love to outbeat him and have a phone that not only is a smartphone, but is better than his so I can rub it in his face and make him jealous…The HTC EVO 4G would be perfect for me since I have never had a smartphone and I am being added to his family's contract once mine is up…MY BOYFRIEND IS A MAJOR TECH JUNKIE SO PLZ LET ME WIN THIS PHONE SO I CAN MAKE HIM JEALOUS!!!!!!

  • josh

    i went to the store and i was planning to get a new phone and the sprint person asked me what i want in a phone i told him that that i wanted just a touch screen and the sprint guy says evo is not for you and they sold the last 1 i was pissed

  • Jeneen Morris James

    I would love the evo because i am a previous iphone user who fell in love the android and google phones. I switch to sprint when the hero came out I absolutely loved it ! I love technology and i enjoy being a sprint customer. they have good pricing excellent service in my area and awesome phones. Hands down i would follow sprint over apple & att anyday! or

  • Tisch

    And who is now the winner?!?

  • Kristina Tolliver

    I upgraded to the Samsung instinct in february not knowing the evo would come out a few months later. I wasted my upgrade ๐Ÿ™

  • Yasmine

    I want to win this phone because I really need a new one. Right now I have a Samsung Propel. I'm on ATT and their service is just horrid. I can't even get service in my own house sometimes and I can barely get it in my town. I love the Evo. The screen is so huge and great for any and everything! Please pick me to wint it, I'd greatly appreciate it.

  • Juan Lujano

    i live in a shack, and in the midst of poverty. and im in dire need of an htc evo. i need my evo like chris brown needs air. and i feel that i cant wait any longer for the evos to go back in stock at my local sprint store. i need that phone like right now..

  • Treasure

    i really want like…… a free gift for my birthday my birthday is june 25 just when michael jackson died i love that phone my aunt has one but she says that its too much for her and me but she mocks me with her phone everybody and i mean EVERYBODY has a phone but me and i dont get alot of money every day i go on my computer looking for the free htc phone i look on tv my sister was gonna take me that LAST saturday to go to the the store for free phones because it was fathers day sale everybody could get one for free so i asked if she could take me that saturday but she said her car broke down and i was out of luck so i would have luck,hope and faith if you give me this phone i would be truly truly a million times TRULY BLESSED

  • Nancy B

    OH. MY. GAWD. I-won-I-won-I-won-I-won!!! (jumping up and down, getting strange looks from co-workers) I can't believe this. IntoMobile, I HEART YOU! Thank you thank you thank you. *virtual hug* I can't believe I'm getting my first smart-phone. No. I'm getting THE smart-phone. I've never gotten anything so nice and I can't wait to show it off!
    Thank you again! (Going outside to go wait by the mailbox now)

    • WhatTheTits


    • WhatTheTits


    • WhatTheTits


  • Mila Lynn Turner

    I am an HTC FAN!! I love my Touch Pro2, but FELL in LOVE when I seen the EVO!! My fiance is jealous, and is wondering where he would stand in our relationship if I were to win the EVO!..I told him that that depends, on whether or not the EVO can do all the things he can't. I told him that I heard that the EVO can do EVERYTHING, so he just might be in trouble.

    Please choose me to win the EVO
    So I can upgrade from my Touch Pro
    I want the best of the best in the palm of my hand
    With HTC products I am a HUGE fan
    I want the cell that can do EVERYTHING
    please don't make me sell my engagement ring
    I'm desperate enough to have this phone
    I won't settle for an knock off clone
    I want to be one of the lucky ones to be chosen to win
    because I really don't have the extra money to spend.
    I would do anything to win this cell phone from you,
    I would even get a an IntoMobile tattoo
    A walking billboard I will be
    Just let me win this new HTC

  • Theresa Gregory

    Have been looking at this phone since it was advertized on sprint way back before they even sold it…..I am unable to get it for a lower price, because I am currently a sprint customer. I am currently in school fulltime for becoming an LPN and the funds are just not there to afford to buy the phone full price. This phone would be awesome as I can download so many apps that will go with my profession and also use it as a mobile hotspot for my laptop whiie I am finishing my education this year. Really would be awesome to have this phone. Thanks again for considering me!!! Happy fourth of July!!!

  • Vic Ervin

    Congrats Nancy, I will be upgrading in October to the EVO myself. Thanks again for the great give away.

  • keesa brenae

    ♥qoodness ineed this phone SUPERRR BADD (: ilove this phone && ihave the WORST lUCK WITH MY PAlM. PiCK ME !! pLZ..♥



  • chris

    My old phone just broke so i really need a phone so please please please help me out.

  • Keithroy Nurse

    I would love to win, I fell in love with this phone the day I picked it up in the sprint store.

  • Rick Solis

    My dog ate my old phone. I would love to get a HCT EVO.

    • HTC

      HTC makes is Rick.

    • HTC

      HTC makes is Rick.

    • HTC

      HTC makes is Rick.

    • HTC

      HTC makes is Rick.

  • noel stankewitz

    I really want this phone. I was going to try and buy it but it cost so much in stores. I have 1 kid that has eye problems an i have drive a long ways to go see his doctor. It would help me with everything i need to set appointments and knowing i have a phone that will always have serves i will help a lot. I HOPE I WIN THIS PHONE>

  • Hersh Patel

    Its my birthday and my parents don't think its supposed to be celebrated, so they made work


      Dude your parents suck. Im sorry to read this. Unless of-course, you’re lying to us.


      Dude your parents suck. Im sorry to read this. Unless of-course, you’re lying to us.


      Dude your parents suck. Im sorry to read this. Unless of-course, you’re lying to us.


      Dude your parents suck. Im sorry to read this. Unless of-course, you’re lying to us.

  • Justin

    I have the old sprint flip phone, I think it would be great to look on-line and do text messaging with out looking at the numbers to see what I am doing. My wife wont let me buy a new phone:( Pick me please:)

    • URUHhomo

      You are whipped, Leave the old lady… Its not healthy.

    • URUHhomo

      You are whipped, Leave the old lady… Its not healthy.

    • URUHhomo

      You are whipped, Leave the old lady… Its not healthy.

  • tay

    i think that this would be the best thing to get on my birth i didnt get anything else because i have little brothers and sister and im the oldest and i would love to get something

  • Eddee Sebala

    my name is eddee… musician and small businessman. the evo will be the next step in the evolution (lol!) of my carrer/business plan. started out a few years ago with a palm treo… stepped up to htc touch pro… now, hopefully an htc evo! i think it's logical, don't you? internet productivity, social neworking and business connectivity all in one! awesome!

  • cassie geurin

    I think that I should get the HTC Evo because I have been struggling for 2 years now on all of my finances. My husband had to quit his job because he wasn't making enough money where he was. My job didn't even cover all of the daycare expenses. We have to kids we haven't been able to just go on a date in 2 years. We have no money to do anything. My husband joined the military and we still are having problems. I can't go to work because I have 2 kids that I need to take care of. We moved to California and away from our family so we have no one to help us out with them. I really love the HTC Evo and I have wanted it from day on. I just wish I could win it and catch a break for a moment. Thank you. Cassie Geurin

    • FOODstamps

      Well your husband fucked up! Little money is better than no money. Thats why my tax dollars go to your food stamps.

  • Karlina L

    I would love to win an EVO 4g for my husband. He wants it so bad and i think that he needs it. He has been staying home with our 8 month daughter all day while i work so we do not have to pay for day care. He is the best husband in the world and he wants this phone so bad!!

  • Jared L

    i love the eve but me and my wife just had a baby girl and well i just dont have the money to spend on a phone like that my baby comes first so i would love to win so bad

    • EVO

      …. Its called an EVO!

  • Steve

    The reason I would like to win is simple. My 15 year old son has an iPhone that his mother bought him against my liking. He has bragged about this phone for a year. He constantly is making fun of my old phone. I have been a customer of T Mobile since the days of Aerial even before Voicestream and have never had a smartphone. My feeling is that after a while, he will be wanting a phone like mine and of course, Sprint would be adding several new customers.

    • Beat

      You need to beat your kid.

  • thomas

    Hi i would really like to win the HTC EVO. I have a phone that is very old and my dad lost his job and cannot afford to buy me a new phone. and i would like a phone were i could receive emails for college or my final year in high school.


      Thomas, im sorry to hear that… Were sorry but your last sentence doesnt make any sense.

  • Gary

    life sucks , you think al the bad things come in threes but they dont , im realy not one to post my personal life on a blog but here it goes, my father just passed away last month on the 16th( which im having a horrible time dealing with he was more then just my dad, but also my best friend), so its just me and my mom , and as some people may be able to respect this next part while other will probly try and make fun of me but i wont leave my mom all by herself i plan on living with her for the rest of my life… im currently haviong some legal problems( im not going to go into too much detail) , then about three weeks ago we where served with forecloser papers…..,so im trying to help out as much as i can and all of my money is giving to her to help pay the bills so having the new htc evo dosent look as though it will be part of my future..its not really that big of a deal , but honestly it would be nice to help take my mind off of all the things around me.. i know when the first gen iphone came out i was wrapped in that thing for months, unfortunitly at&t is a groupof i guess thats about it thats my story …

  • prempal tomar

    hai sir i am prempal tomar and i want win a free mobile so hope i will win a mobile

    • Ihatemexicans

      FUCK YOU! This is america… Speak our language asshole.



    • Damnsprint

      Sheeeeeeit i did the same damn thing…. wait for your sprint premier to kick in and you’ll be able to buy the phone in six months.

    • Damnsprint

      Sheeeeeeit i did the same damn thing…. wait for your sprint premier to kick in and you’ll be able to buy the phone in six months.

    • Damnsprint

      Sheeeeeeit i did the same damn thing…. wait for your sprint premier to kick in and you’ll be able to buy the phone in six months.

    • Damnsprint

      Sheeeeeeit i did the same damn thing…. wait for your sprint premier to kick in and you’ll be able to buy the phone in six months.

    • Damnsprint

      Sheeeeeeit i did the same damn thing…. wait for your sprint premier to kick in and you’ll be able to buy the phone in six months.

  • Waymon Spitta Smith

    I have an old sprint blackberry, like the 3 one to come out.
    For one, it doesn't have a camera.
    Two, it is very slow at times and cuts off for no reason.
    Three, my mom and dad won't buy me a new phone knowing that i need one.

  • Devin Lamb

    I would like to win because I want to rid myself of My BlackBerry 8100 and this crappy T-Mobile service and I would like to upgrade to something more advanced like the 4G Evo by Sprint and I would like the new plan with Sprint also, I love advanced technology so I think this would but a major break for me.

  • Chris

    Sup I’m chris and been wanting a cool phone because mine got stolen and now I have to use some old flip phone and I really want the htc evo 4g so I could get rid of my old flip phone

  • @GVIPN

    Just give me the damn phone!

    • Winners

      Fuck you, give me the phone.

    • Winners

      Fuck you, give me the phone.

  • Austin

    I need one for the wifi use because its the only internet availible in my area and my family cant afford it now and i would be so happy if I could win thanks for your time.

  • Hi, My sons been mopping around cause his birthday was last week and I couldnt find the money to buy him a new phone. He’s been stuck with his blackberry for almost two years. Its beat up and worned down. Its actually on the verge of breaking.And his charger connector is barely working so you have to tie it around the phone to get it to work. The reason so is because he gets frustrated cause its a “piece of crap” so he throws it at the wall. Luckily its still working but i fear it wont much longer. Please help if you can, thank you for your time.

  • Ishmael Moore

    I really need a new cell phone and the evo is what im looking for in a cell phone.

  • justin

    it looks like im late it always seams to work out that way i was hoping to winn something this time lol oh well

  • monte mix

    please i am not like other people i am not going to lie to you about any thing i dont lie but i would really love this phone beacause i have never had a phone or any electronic ever in my life and i would be so grateful and thankful to have this ,this would be like a godsend to me and would bring me so much happiness my family is to poor to buy me one

    ps: i know what you are thinking if i dont have any electronics than what am i doing on a computer

    well i am at a library that gave me 5 min to use one of there copmputers
    so please pick me i will be ever so grateful and for the rest of my life stay with sprint and thats a promise with my hand on a bible ,this would be my ever first account with any company

    oh and thanks for taking the time to read this comment to whomever reads this

  • Code Jammer

    OMG! i want one ๐Ÿ™
    I tried getting one from the sprint store but they wanted an arm and a leg.
    It sucks cuz i all i ever get is hand-me-downs…
    but man, id make love to that phone everynight if i had it, lol

  • jerry

    I should win because i have a metro that came out like 6 years ago and is a little out dated, never know, hope i win !

  • Byronbrunsonsr

    I have been with sprint some time now. I have had the samsung instinct for a little over two years now and it has been nothing but a hassle. I met a your lady I liked alot. Set up a date for a friday nite. Got ready at 7pm to leave and go pick her up. Got ready to call her and my phone was frozen. It would not respond to me touching the screen. I could see her calling and could not answer. To this day she thinks I stood her up and I really had no way of contacting her to let her know what happen. Sprint gave me a refurbished instinct which isn’t that much better than the first one. It still freezes up on me from time to time and I can not afford to purchase the EVO which I am for fond of.

  • Zachklempel

    Ive been trying to get an HTE EVO for awhile now and cant afford it. Its a little hard to save for it living pay check to paycheck and supporting my baby girl, I sold my iPhone and have a pos phone right now trying to save up for the EVO. I have seen and played around on it for awhile and its truely amazing! I cant wait to get one!

  • Jay_Tha_Sickest

    I really need this phone it is important to me. I am a full time student and paying for college. I don’t have a scholarship so college is expensive. Moms can’t afford to get it for me and I really want this phone. I don’t have a job because no one wants to hire a full time student right now. So I’m trying to get my education as of now. I don’t have a father at all only a single parent and its my mother. She would give me the world if she could. As a child I was always getting the least things and sometimes didn’t want anything but to see my little sisters happy. I always told my mother don’t worry about it, you could always get me something later. Knowing I’m the oldest I have to do what’s right, but its a shame. My mother is paying bills for 2 house. Her house and my grandmother house. Even though she is a single parent she is still trying to do what’s best for us. This year for Christmas I want a HTC Evo and that’s all I want. So if you could give me this one thing I would cherish it for the rest of my life.

  • jace

    Having this phone would make life a little easier for me. I was laid off my job and lost my apartment recently. I found a new job recently and I am staying in a hotel until I can find a new place. I am constantly looking for a better paying job and an apartment online but without a computer it can be a little difficult. This phone make life much better for me.

  • jace

    Having this phone would make life a little easier for me. I was laid off my job and lost my apartment recently. I found a new job recently and I am staying in a hotel until I can find a new place. I am constantly looking for a better paying job and an apartment online but without a computer it can be a little difficult. This phone make life much better for me.

  • jace

    Having this phone would make life a little easier for me. I was laid off my job and lost my apartment recently. I found a new job recently and I am staying in a hotel until I can find a new place. I am constantly looking for a better paying job and an apartment online but without a computer it can be a little difficult. This phone make life much better for me.

  • jace

    Having this phone would make life a little easier for me. I was laid off my job and lost my apartment recently. I found a new job recently and I am staying in a hotel until I can find a new place. I am constantly looking for a better paying job and an apartment online but without a computer it can be a little difficult. This phone make life much better for me.

  • jace

    Having this phone would make life a little easier for me. I was laid off my job and lost my apartment recently. I found a new job recently and I am staying in a hotel until I can find a new place. I am constantly looking for a better paying job and an apartment online but without a computer it can be a little difficult. This phone make life much better for me.

  • jace

    Having this phone would make life a little easier for me. I was laid off my job and lost my apartment recently. I found a new job recently and I am staying in a hotel until I can find a new place. I am constantly looking for a better paying job and an apartment online but without a computer it can be a little difficult. This phone make life much better for me.

  • jace

    Having this phone would make life a little easier for me. I was laid off my job and lost my apartment recently. I found a new job recently and I am staying in a hotel until I can find a new place. I am constantly looking for a better paying job and an apartment online but without a computer it can be a little difficult. This phone make life much better for me.

  • jace

    Having this phone would make life a little easier for me. I was laid off my job and lost my apartment recently. I found a new job recently and I am staying in a hotel until I can find a new place. I am constantly looking for a better paying job and an apartment online but without a computer it can be a little difficult. This phone make life much better for me.

  • jace

    Having this phone would make life a little easier for me. I was laid off my job and lost my apartment recently. I found a new job recently and I am staying in a hotel until I can find a new place. I am constantly looking for a better paying job and an apartment online but without a computer it can be a little difficult. This phone make life much better for me.

  • jace

    Having this phone would make life a little easier for me. I was laid off my job and lost my apartment recently. I found a new job recently and I am staying in a hotel until I can find a new place. I am constantly looking for a better paying job and an apartment online but without a computer it can be a little difficult. This phone make life much better for me.

  • jace

    Having this phone would make life a little easier for me. I was laid off my job and lost my apartment recently. I found a new job recently and I am staying in a hotel until I can find a new place. I am constantly looking for a better paying job and an apartment online but without a computer it can be a little difficult. This phone make life much better for me.

  • jace

    Having this phone would make life a little easier for me. I was laid off my job and lost my apartment recently. I found a new job recently and I am staying in a hotel until I can find a new place. I am constantly looking for a better paying job and an apartment online but without a computer it can be a little difficult. This phone make life much better for me.

  • jace

    Having this phone would make life a little easier for me. I was laid off my job and lost my apartment recently. I found a new job recently and I am staying in a hotel until I can find a new place. I am constantly looking for a better paying job and an apartment online but without a computer it can be a little difficult. This phone make life much better for me.

  • jace

    Having this phone would make life a little easier for me. I was laid off my job and lost my apartment recently. I found a new job recently and I am staying in a hotel until I can find a new place. I am constantly looking for a better paying job and an apartment online but without a computer it can be a little difficult. This phone make life much better for me.

  • jace

    Having this phone would make life a little easier for me. I was laid off my job and lost my apartment recently. I found a new job recently and I am staying in a hotel until I can find a new place. I am constantly looking for a better paying job and an apartment online but without a computer it can be a little difficult. This phone make life much better for me.

  • jace

    Having this phone would make life a little easier for me. I was laid off my job and lost my apartment recently. I found a new job recently and I am staying in a hotel until I can find a new place. I am constantly looking for a better paying job and an apartment online but without a computer it can be a little difficult. This phone make life much better for me.

  • jace

    Having this phone would make life a little easier for me. I was laid off my job and lost my apartment recently. I found a new job recently and I am staying in a hotel until I can find a new place. I am constantly looking for a better paying job and an apartment online but without a computer it can be a little difficult. This phone make life much better for me.

  • jace

    Having this phone would make life a little easier for me. I was laid off my job and lost my apartment recently. I found a new job recently and I am staying in a hotel until I can find a new place. I am constantly looking for a better paying job and an apartment online but without a computer it can be a little difficult. This phone make life much better for me.

  • Nameer Azalddin

    I would love to get the Evo.

  • Blair W

    Well,I’m Blair.I’m 20 years old and I’m online coordinator for an up and coming recording label called Dynasty ProductionZ.As an online coordinator,I must stay in touch with all of Dynasty’s website.I just joined sprint thanks in part to my sister,but now I have this really old Samsung slim flip phone a the internet is just bad on this phone.Because it was so bad we lost a few companies that was interested in working with us.By having the Evo 4G,I will always be able to keep in touch with everything and everything and that helps my company.Thank You.

    Yours Truly Blair M. W

  • Kenzell4

    my name iz kenzell.gordon..i would like the evo 4g.first because.ive always been a sprint customer. an i love all sprint phones..When i seen the evo i was like dis iz the best fone i ever seen..its sleek an havin problems at home an would like sumthn that could keep my mind off da troubles.wit my mother. an now currently im living wit my grandmother so i really need sumthn 2 keep me occupied..thank you..

    • Jhfjyd

      the contest is over

  • Alleeway

    I’m going to be honest I had the money for the Evo last month. I went to visit a friend in San Fransisco though and on my way to see him I saw all these people living in the street and begging. My heart was touched and the money i was going to buy mine and my boyfriends EVO with went to grocceries to make sack lunches for the People in San Fran. I still really would like that Evo but I need to do something to help. The look on those peoples faces will stay with me forever. I know i made the right decision.

  • Cholland185

    I,m ready to cancell my sprint service if something with these cheap phone doesn,t get fixed.

  • Dsfkdsf

    good stuff

  • joseph cruz


    • Jfhdjfjhhg


    • Fail

      You. Are. Ungrateful.

    • Fail

      You. Are. Ungrateful.

  • Lilceasers

    Lovin it!

  • Bbbgrey9510

    You should give me that there phone right mhheawwww

  • Hey Hey Hey, I’m Shamika I Go By Meeka For short, But Anyways I Think I Should Get This Evo Because I’ve Been Trying To Get This Phone Like Every Since It Came Out I Love All The Cool Features It Has I Think It’s The Best Phone Sprint Came Out With Better Than An iphone I’m Just Saying The iphone Is Cool But Never Better Than The Evo This Phone Rocks =)

  • ;)

    is it too late to win this contest?

  • Rrcaexx

    I bought the HTC Evo for my husband, and I have been VERY envious of him and his phone… but of course, now I can’t afford another one! I hope I win, so I can get rid of my old blackberry!

  • Rrcaexx

    I bought the HTC Evo for my husband, and I have been VERY envious of him and his phone… but of course, now I can’t afford another one! I hope I win, so I can get rid of my old blackberry!

  • Rrcaexx

    I bought the HTC Evo for my husband, and I have been VERY envious of him and his phone… but of course, now I can’t afford another one! I hope I win, so I can get rid of my old blackberry!

  • jhgjhf

    the contest is over

  • Markeishajohnson80

    Well I just brought me the HTC evo in now my mother want one n she can’t afford it because she have twelve kids and I can’t get it because I just brought mine hope I win.

  • Markeishajohnson80

    Well I just brought me the HTC evo in now my mother want one n she can’t afford it because she have twelve kids and I can’t get it because I just brought mine hope I win.

  • Markeishajohnson80

    Well I just brought me the HTC evo in now my mother want one n she can’t afford it because she have twelve kids and I can’t get it because I just brought mine hope I win.

  • I can’t wait to win the HTC EVO 4G…OMG I would be so excited…..even though i already am!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (email)

  • I can’t wait to win the HTC EVO 4G…OMG I would be so excited…..even though i already am!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (email)

  • Betsills14

    everyone I know has HTC EVObut due to my job I cant afford to buy one. Well you see im a Deputy Sheriff in North Georgia and despite the stressful job we do we do not get paid alot to do it. I would love to have one of these phones while im on patrol, please consider giving a pooooooooor old police man a phoneJason Betsill

  • Betsills14

    everyone I know has HTC EVObut due to my job I cant afford to buy one. Well you see im a Deputy Sheriff in North Georgia and despite the stressful job we do we do not get paid alot to do it. I would love to have one of these phones while im on patrol, please consider giving a pooooooooor old police man a phoneJason Betsill

  • iSpeed!

    DO IT cause then im less likely to get a ticket when going to chattanooga ๐Ÿ™‚

  • iSpeed!

    DO IT cause then im less likely to get a ticket when going to chattanooga ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Kevin Smith

    Yeah stupid.
    You stole my name, hoe.

  • Kevin Smith

    Yeah stupid.
    You stole my name, hoe.

  • Idiocityisgrowing

    I would think that if you type something like ‘’ everybody would realize its a email… OMG SHE POSTED HER (phone number)


  • Idiocityisgrowing

    I would think that if you type something like ‘’ everybody would realize its a email… OMG SHE POSTED HER (phone number)


  • Hookermama

    She should stay off her back. Duh.

  • Hookermama

    She should stay off her back. Duh.

  • Maria houser

    i wanted one. i have a sanyo dont like it i wated aHTC EVO please please i need it

  • im a smart college student in need of a phone.. i have no contact to any family. im currently staying with my grandma an she is about to go over her minutes on her plan :[ i want the phone to stay in touch with family an keep up with emails

  • Mujh14

    Evo looks like its a sweet sweet phone and i wish I had one!!

  • Brittbee22

    I am having a baby and trying to run a small business (that isnt going so well) my dad just had a heart attack and I am a single mom. Please help me get this one thing I have been dreaming of since before it even came out! Its such an amazing phone with so many features! I would use them ALL for business and to keep in touch with everyone like family & friends!!

  • Lunsford


  • David37

    well Is almost my daughters 16th birthday and my wife and i are going through some very bad finacial problems she has been asking me for this phone for some time now and i feel terriable that im not able to give her what she want so guys if uyou read this i am a married man 37 and a father of 2 children only she lives with me and it will mean so much to me if you guys could help me give my daughter the best birthday she’s been waiting for.


  • Ernesto

    Please I need a new phone because I already graduated college I have no contact to my family my mom had a heart attack she couldn’t contact me no one could she went to the hospital and I just noticed when I got home. I need to have contact to my family I don’t have a lot of money to buy a phone. Also my sister has Down syndrome and she lives by herself and God forbid something to happen to her.

    • Willybj

      thats not a good just graduated college…get a job

  • kimberly killgore

    i would like to win htc evo sprint because i am deaf and not need a phone just a video phone for the deaf program called ya will see and understood how i need it because i am single mom with full time farmer cares plus i have three children who go school and school needs to get a hold of me and even my landlord needs me to take care of their farmers while they are gone to errands or families emerceies i have soo much stressed that i missed called from video relay so i had to call and returen it back which it too late i dont want go through in alots of ways so if i won that htc evo i would be very glady to help me alot of attentions for my childrens school and my landlords while i work at the farmers care….i really need that which is very importance to me to stay in touch… thank ya god bless everyone hope for ya understood it but hope i get that prizes from ya

  • kimberly killgore

    i would like to win htc evo sprint because i am deaf and not need a phone just a video phone for the deaf program called ya will see and understood how i need it because i am single mom with full time farmer cares plus i have three children who go school and school needs to get a hold of me and even my landlord needs me to take care of their farmers while they are gone to errands or families emerceies i have soo much stressed that i missed called from video relay so i had to call and returen it back which it too late i dont want go through in alots of ways so if i won that htc evo i would be very glady to help me alot of attentions for my childrens school and my landlords while i work at the farmers care….i really need that which is very importance to me to stay in touch… thank ya god bless everyone hope for ya understood it but hope i get that prizes from ya

  • Joeaa2401

    i have wanted this phone ever since i laid eyes on it i would love to win it.also i dont have a phone so it would be a great thing.

  • Csbrown

    If I won this phone, I would give it to my wife and she would treat me real nice for the next few months.

  • Suride


  • Dwilliams

    i never had a awsome phone like this i look at it day and night if i won it would be the best gift ever

  • jalisarutherford

    I would like this phone because i have a very old phone and i been praying to god for the evo.I dont know any special reason why i deserve it except for the fact that im human and would like a nice phone.I would appreciate it very much.I dont have a sob story,i graduated last year.Hope Im lucky enough but thanks to you guys for putting out this contest. My email address is

  • Karla_gudiel

    I would like this phone cause i been wanting it for months !
    & i really would like to win this phone please (:

  • Ciara Whiting

    Hi mi name is ciara and I love the htc evo and I would to like to win this phone because it will make me so happy and I need some happiness right now thank u.

  • kim

    Hi my name is kim. I would like to win this phone for my mom. I’m a student, i don’t have money to buy this kind of phone for my mom birthday so if im lucky enough to win this phone i would love to give this phone to my mom as a gift for her birthday. thanks

  • ย My son has always wanted an htc evo 4g! Sprint had some difficulties getting one to me and gave me a refund… Most places are sold out or even more costly.. I didn’t want a refund, I wanted the evo! The evo has dazzled him since it came out, and it makes me sad not being able to get him one. Please, if you ever have another contest for one, contact me at It’s his email. P.S. We live in TN and our number is 615-563-1991.

  • ย My son has always wanted an htc evo 4g! Sprint had some difficulties getting one to me and gave me a refund… Most places are sold out or even more costly.. I didn’t want a refund, I wanted the evo! The evo has dazzled him since it came out, and it makes me sad not being able to get him one. Please, if you ever have another contest for one, contact me at It’s his email. P.S. We live in TN and our number is 615-563-1991.

  • Shaney

    ย My 16th birthday is next month and I never had a cell phone of my own & I really really want the htc evo . It would be the best sweet sixteen gift !

  • nick

    ย i know this sounds wierd but i wish so badly that i have this phone, i just cant explain what i would do if i won.this phone is amazing and can do anything and i really will do almost anything for it.

  • Lil Tobsta

    ย This phone is truly state of the art. I feel that is truly second to none and has everything an avid user needs. I would love to own one.

  • I want this phone because i currently suffer from using the Cricket Hawaii Ascend which nothing compared to a HTC

  • D757darkman

    I really want this phone. It really would mean everything if I won it

  • kz2388

    Hi, I’m not sure how this works but I guess I’ll write why I would like to win this HTC cell phone. Wellย two months ago my husband and I went to get new phones at sprint. We got two Nexus S like anybody we were very cautious cause we saved up so much to get our new phones and money this days isnt coming in as it used to. His the only one working right now since I’m a high risk pregnancy. About a month ago my husband went to a friends house and their was acouple of people he didnt know some how he droped his keys from his pocket and someone got them. Theyย stole theย carย and inside was the brand new cell phone. So about two weeks ago the cops found the car parked somewhere with out the front licenseย plate andย yes the phone wasn’tย there. Now his with out a phone and money is tight and he needs a phone causeย how am i guna call him if something happens to me andย the baby. Well we really need some kind of luck so i hope we win this free phone.ย ย ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Jerrichoortiz

    Ok This is going to be a pref message because I dont have time before my foster care parents come. I am writing this to beg someone to have a heart and let me win the new evo. I am 16 i have a job and all my foster parents said i could have a phone only if i get it and pay the phone bill. i can pay the bill, but i cant afford the phone. It has been my dream to get a really high tech phone since they came out. I have never been able to have things like that cause my mouther is a drug atic that is y i am in foster care. I dont like to talk a lot about my past because I relive it sometimes. so PLEASE!!!! READ THIS AND GIVE ME MY DREAM PHONE. thank u so much it would mean the world to me.ย 
    thank uย 

  • Dhabadbarbie

    Hi, My name is Casey. I have sprint. I am 14, & I have the samsung epic 4G. I really want the HTC EVO. I really need a free one because my parents don’t have the money and Im poor. We’re soon to get put out of our house. I REALLY need the HTC EVO. So can i have one please?

  • Guest

    hi i’m craig i’m 14 and i want the phone becouse my step dad cat got sick on my phone and he will not buy me a new one so thats why i need the HTC EVO please can i have one

  • Smoneygriffith

    Hi im shaun and i really want a htc evo because my phone sucks and i didnt get a thing for my bitrthday and since the evo came out i always wanted one and i ask my parents millions of time can i get one and its always been no and almost eveytime i look i see people with a htc evo and i wanna get one i heard sprint is great and tht is why i would like a HTC evo

  • hi im shyianna im really really want a evo all ma friends havee onee nd ma fone i have now suck be cause i cant do notin on iht aht all please pick me

  • Micaylagall

    i really need this phone because my son lives with his dad and i cant always get in contact with him and idk what he is up to i am in college about ten hours away please i really need this phone.. my email i

  • Sam M Windham

    Okay so Im pissed lol My parents are going through a divorce and so everything’s crazy right now. Anyways I finally got to get the HTC Evo 3d cause my mom and sister both took my two past upgrades. Well then when it comes in the mail, my brother steals it. I can’t get a new phone once again. Ugh. I would love this phone<3

  • Yazmin :)

    I would like to win the Htc Evo because about a week ago my phone was stolen at a mini golf course out of my purse, very sad.. My birthday is next month and this would be the perfect gift. Im 15 years old and teenagers NEED PHONES TO COMMUNICATE AND LIVE, im going crazy here. lol thank you for reading ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Anonymous

    i would love to be contest winner to win a htc evo 4gb because i have a iphone 4 an now it is acting crazy an wont work at all.i have been wanting a htc evo 4gb since for ever.i hope im the next htc evo 4gb contest winner.

  • Anonymous

    i would love to be contest winner to win a htc evo 4gb because i have a iphone 4 an now it is acting crazy an wont work at all.i have been wanting a htc evo 4gb since for ever.i hope im the next htc evo 4gb contest winner.

  • i would really love to get this phone, it would mean so much to me. i would like to win the htc evo shift 4g! my phone doesnt work and i must keep in contact with my family.

  • Michealfrancois10

    I really wont this phone. But it cost alot i wish that there was a way that i can get one

  • Mtahakhalid

    i should win this phone because im in living in the earthย  yes that why i should win this phone thanks

  • Mtahakhalid

    i live in the earth planet that why i shouldย  win this phone yes i m wining

  • Asadsaghir

    the phone is sooo awsome i wish iย  win this phone

  • Oshaishai56

    I really would like to win this phone. Im a freshmen in college and my phone was stolen at a party, had to result to my dinosaur phone and been trying to get a new one for a while. this would really be a blessing! PS thanks in advanceย 

  • Anonymous

    i should win the phone because i never had a phone and we really cant afford to buy a new phone.. :/

  • Nikhil fong

    i wish you give me that fone because i dont have a fone and my familys a in nz and i want a fone
    so that i can call them
    plis e-mail me if i win



  • Akileshwarn

    apple is a waste htc is the best in the galaxy

  • Extacynyc

    i deserve it because i am a single mother and need a great phone to do all my everyday stuff on plus i have been with sprint forever they are the best!!

  • jamal

    i would Love the HTC EVO because its the best phone in the solar system

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