Steve Jobs on iPhone 4 Reception Issue: ‘Stay Tuned’

“There is no reception issue,” says Steve Jobs of the iPhone 4. Sure, we’ll buy that along with the bridge he’s selling. It’s not like it contradicts the multitude of reports all over the web, documented on print and in video by customers and journalists alike, that show Jobs that he’s wrong. Even Apple had to address the issue with some lame excuse that all phones have this issue to a degree, thus leaving us sore and incredulous. And it’s not like Steve Jobs contradicts himself when he told another frustrated user not to hold the iPhone in a certain way to keep the issue from arising.

What’s interesting here is Jobs’ follow up, predictably brief and somewhat curt. “Stay tuned,” he says. Whatever you say, Steve.

While many users have been unable to replicate the issue no matter how hard they try, the fact is that this is an issue. How so? There are enough reports everywhere by several users that make it so. Even if only one out of every hundred iPhone 4s is affected by this issue, and Apple really did sell 1.5 milion iPhones on launch day, that’s 15,000 affected units from day one out there right now. That’s not good.

It will be interesting to see what Jobs and company have in store for us regarding this problem. Stay tuned. Could it be a software fix like many have been speculating? Is it even possible to solve a hardware problem with software? I understand I’m being a little harsh and maybe even a little jaded, but just take a look at how Apple and its CEO have responded to this issue. I’m surprised that more people, not including the blind apologists, aren’t bothered by the Apple’s cavalier attitude about its prized smartphone and whether it works as it should or not. So yes, let’s stay tuned indeed and see what Steve and company has up its sleeves.

[Via: MacRumors]

  • RobertH

    what has gone wrong with your technology apple? cant get it right now ure not using nokia patents? looooool

  • @RobertHall

    whats wrong with your technology aple? cant get it working wothout nokia patents? loooooool

  • @jmcomms

    I was staying tuned, and then I somehow touched my mouse in the wrong place and lost everything.

  • iPhone owner 3G

    "Stay tuned" – amuzingly ironic considering the nature of the problem.

  • Dannyboy

    I guess this is what happens when your afraid of competition (Android) and you redesign and rush out a device to feed the masses. I wonder how all of those fanboys feel that skipped work to stand in line for hours to get their trendy phone so they can reassert their social status. This is a huge blow for Apple, especially with the Motorola Droid X coming to further flex Androids growing muscle. I think people expected more from the new iphone and were disappointed. With all the feature rich Android devices coming out at a steady pace, I’m sure it only further infuriates iphone buyers that the 4th edition of the iPhone is not only behind the competition, but its also defective…

    • jimmijam

      i agree. they rushed this phone out because of the increasing threat android is posing to the smartphone market. I am an iphone user from 2007. and I am going to be changing to android in the next couple of weeks. although i love the iphone, i feel no need to continue with a company that puts there business before customers. ahm "flash"… My friend bought the nexus one and updated it to froyo. and i will be doing the same. 🙂

  • 1stkorean

    jobs needs to get back on his rejection meds. jobs is way to sick and sick looking that it is time for him to go, he is hurting apple

  • Anil

    just because we have a webpage to write does not mean we write write anything we want. if i were u, i might reserve my judgement

  • Ted

    Maybe it's just me, but I'm trying to stay as far from the antenna as I can. Not hold directly onto it.

    WTF are THEY thinking? Enjoy increasing your risk iPhone4 drones…

  • Mace

    Does Steve get these lines from bedroom? “Darling, you are holding it the wrong way, there is nothing wrong with my bar. Stay tuned”.

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