Nokia pokes fun at the iPhone 4 reception issue by highlighting the only thing they still do right

The iPhone 4 has a bit of a problem if you hold it with your left hand. You go from full bars, to no bars, and it’s caused by Apple thinking up the concept of making the antenna the actual frame of the device. Problem with this is when you touch two points of the antenna with something that conducts electric current, like say your hand, you cause a small short and get signal degradation issues.

Apple’s own secrecy, forcing people like Gary Powell who were responsible for testing the new iPhone in real world environments to shield the next generation iPhone in a case designed to resemble last year’s model, has come back to bite them in the ass.

Apple is saying you should hold your device in your right hand, and for best results you should buy one of those $29 “bumpers” that cost them $0.07 to make, to get the best results. Some have speculated that a software update will be released to fix this issue, and some people don’t even suffer from the “iPhone 4 Death Grip” as it’s come to be known on the internet.

Nokia, seizing this public relations disaster of an opportunity, wrote up a blog post showing you the many ways you can hold a Nokia device. It’s silly, it’s childish, and I wouldn’t be posting this if I didn’t have a monthly quota to fill and a hangover worthy enough of a full length feature film with a cameo appearance featuring Mike Tyson, but hey, it’s Monday.

  • Rotten to the core

    Yet more anti-nokia posting from the bitter little boys at intomobile.

    It's a joke, lighten up and get a life.

  • @markadoherty

    eeek – such a short memory..

  • calls


    Yes you may be able to hold a nokia in any way but at least the iphone software works and is the best in the world.

    I’ve used Nokia’s for the last 10 years and still don’t have an iphone (I’m waiting to see what happens about the antenna issue).

    In the time I’ve used Nokia’s the software has become buggier and buggier, my n96 is slow, buggy, it crashes…

    Nokia can’t really talk. They have their own problems, much bigger ones.

  • Roberto

    I agree, Nokia has way bigger problems you should be in the Lab and fixing the problem that they have with there Nokia N900 always crashing when surfing the net or on its own. Start developing more apps for your Ovi Store

  • John

    I've had the N900 for several month… and have not had a crash. What do you people do to make it crash?
    Have you downloaded some software that is not properly made?
    Remember Nokia is not blocking people from making apps for their Maemo system. People may make mistakes.
    I have just started to program software on the N900 with the QT. I like it so far.
    I use the N900 A LOT.
    I use it to get up in the morning. It plays web radio when I shit, shave, shower in the morning – connected to the Bose house stereo. Then I connect it to the TV and get the latest tech and regular news. The old Nokia blutooth keyboard was a bitch to connect in the beginning..
    Then I connect it to my cars stereo and listen to music or audiobooks to work.
    At work a use it as a phone 🙂 and I use it to download PDF documents to get service manuals and parts catalogues that I need to order parts or fix technical stuff. I use it as a walkman, and when I'm in noisy server rooms, I use a new pair of blutooth ear protection that gives me the ability to listen to radio, web radio, music or audiobooks. Sweet.
    I use it as a GPS when needed. I play games on it, and I have downloaded software that makes it possible to play C64 and Amiga games. Cool.
    I download movies and TV series at work – because we have a killer web connection.. and I connect the phone to my TV at home, or in hotels to watch the movies I have downloaded.
    Once in a while I make a filmclip that I put up on tou tube, or facebook or twitter… and I take a few OK pictures as well. We have a really good sublimation printer at work that makes it easy to print out pictures for free.
    A xenon blits would have been even better then the double LED blits. But then the phone would have to have a rather bit capasitor..
    This phone is almost perfect. I use it a lot. I like the operating system. I have never had a problem with it. I see there is quite a bit of work beeing done when it comes to porting Debian apps so they can be used on the Meamo based N900. The change from Maemo to MeeGo did probably result in a few projects changeing focus to the new system. I have no need for another phone.. but the N9…
    Well.. I have to use this phone at least until 2011 sometime.. or longer.
    I just don't know how they can fill my needs better.

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