Ducati Shoots Entire Motorcycle Commercial with iPhone 4

I’m a huge fan of Ducati Motorcycles and I also happen to like the iPhone 4 despite my feelings towards Steve Jobs right now. So when I saw this video, a commercial for the Ducati Multistrada filmed entirely with the iPhone 4, I absolutely had to share it. Apple’s new smartphone shoots in 720p HD, so if no one told me this video was shot with the device, I would have thought it was just another commercial shot with typical video equipment.

The commercial was made by recording The Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, which is a race that is normally very difficult to capture with regular video and film equipment. But Ducati managed to record 156 turns of the race using the iPhone 4. Pretty badass, if you ask me.

[Via: Jalopnik]

  • david


  • noc

    Well done video. Not too long, had some emotion, but could have had a few more race shots.

  • Graygor

    Super cool. Also loved this commercial, where they strapped the iphone onto a steadicam, a dolly, and even a helicopter to get the shots!! http://www.vimeo.com/12980073

  • Tom Langridge

    Another good example of how it's the skill behind the camera and editing rather than the camera itself.

  • Anonymous

    The quality certainly is great on the new iPhone. your color correction
    definitely made it stand out. great work and impressive shots!

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