Rebtel launches its VoIP app for Android

The ever-competitive mobile VoIP market is additionally heating up with Rebtel unveiling a new version (1.1) of its Android application, which brings low-cost international calls to all the users with smartphones running Google’s mobile OS.

However, unlike similar solutions (aka Skype), Rebtel doesn’t require a working data (WiFi) connection. The service works in a “callback fashion” and as a background app (process), making VoIP calls perform in the same manner as regular phone calls. As soon as you start dialing some number, Rebtel’s app jumps from the background suggesting it does the calling to save you some cash.

I haven’t tried the app myself, but from what I’ve read, it works perfectly. No need to start a special app every time you want to make an international phone call. It should detect the country you’re calling and suggest taking the “VoIP route.”

Of course, talking with other Android Rebtel users is completely free — just like that’s the case with Skype and other VoIP solutions…

And now it’s demo time – Rebtel for Android in action. Enjoy!

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