Verizon allowing HTC Droid Incredible pre-orders to be switched to Motorola Droid X sans fee

With many users were still waiting to get their HTC Droid Incredible pre-orders delivered by Verizon, the carrier has announced that they will allow customers to change their pre-order to the just-announced Motorola¬†Droid X with no fee. Oh, Big Red, you’re so kind. With Motorola, Google, and Verizon putting their full weight behind this next-generation Android smartphone, the Motorola Droid X is sure to please – even if you’ve been waiting on an Incredible to come in the mail.

This is a good time for Motorola, as the HTC Droid Incredible back-order debacle is getting a little ridiculous at this point. The Droid X is similar to the Droid Incredible in many ways, but in many other ways, the X bests the Incredible. With a bigger 4.3-inch screen and more memory out of the box, the Droid X should appeal to many – as long as they don’t mind having HTC’s sexy Sense UI on their device. Froyo is expected to hit both devices at some point, we know this, but at least we have a time line for the Droid X. We’ve seen how long it takes some HTC Sense devices to get an Android update, and it’s not pretty.

Motorola’s Droid took Verizon by storm, and has been the most successful Android smartphone to date. While The EVO 4G may challenge this title with its 4G (where available) capabilities and front-facing camera, it still has a long way to go to match the Droid’s success. The Droid X should appeal to many customers who are media buffs, and the 4.3 inch display should provide ample room to watch videos. Just how many of those who pre-ordered the Droid Incredible are willing to jump ship for the Droid X remains to be seen, but I’d say there’s going to be a lot. a lot.

Here’s to a smart move from Verizon, and Motorola for providing an awesome piece of hardware. HTC, you’ve got a great line up going on, but let’s see more units shipping. This is working against you in a very bad way.

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  • Bill Fryer

    Since when does a Motofola device run Sense? I think you might mean Moto Blur…

  • Lindsay

    Yeah, I ordered my Droid Incredible on June 6th and was told that it would ship by no later than June 28th. Today is June 30th and I just got an email from Verizon stating that because the backorder is so bad it could be another week or so before I get my phone! They are sending out $25 gift cards to those who have been waiting on their phones to arrive as a 'we are sorry' gift. WHOOPEE! $25!! (In a sarcastic tone of course)

    Not to mention Verizon is not making it easy to cancel phone orders. I called to cancel my order for the Incredible so that I can use my upgrade to get the Droid X instead and even though the phone HAS NOT SHIPPED YET they tell me that they cannot cancel the order because it is to close to the 'expected ship date'. Instead they tell me that I have to wait until the phone ships to me, refuse to sign for it, and it has to go back into the warehouse before they will refund my money and make my upgrade available again! I'm really losing patience with Verizon at this point…

  • Cindy

    I just called to change my order. They first cancelled my Droid Incredible order, which was fine, but then I was told that I couldn’t pre-order the Droid X. Instead, I was told that I’d have to place another order on July 15th. I don’t think that’s right. For those of us that were already waiting for the Droid Incredible and simply want to change our order, not cancel it all together, should be allowed to pre-order the Droid X rather than having to virtually go back to the end of the line and start this whole process over again!

    First, I place an order and pay for it. Then I find out it will be more than a month before I receive my product. Then I’m told over and over again that I can’t change my order. Then I find out that I can change my order only to be told that I can’t!

    So now I have no order!

    What is going on with Verizon!?!

    Sincerely unhappy!

  • Thomas

    I too ordered the DInc on the 6th. I called to cancel my order on the 28th, they said they would try to cancel it but if it came I would have to send it back unsigned as you said. I called again today, the 30th and they confirmed my cancellation. It's worth a shot if you want the X instead, but as they said, it may take a few days to get a confirmation.
    Side note: The reason I canceled was that the screen background looks greyed out compared to the original Droid when viewing a web page with a white background. This made it hareder to read print without zooming in. I didn't notice this at first, and I have never seen anyone else mention it. Am I the only one?

  • Larry

    I called Verizon and was told that I could not cancel my Incredible order but could send it back once I received it. Then I could order the Droid X. Makes no sense at all. I also read that Verizon is giving some people a $25 gift card due to the long wait for the Incredible. Seems like Verizon would give all of their sales people precise instructions are how to handle this situation with customers . A bit confusing when I read some were allowed to cancel their Incredible order prior to receiving the device.

  • Luke

    if I bought my motorola droid on June 2 is there any way I could trade it in for the Droid x and or pay a fee for it?

    • Thomas

      You should be able to. I was told that you have 30 days from the time the phone was activated to return it, and of couse pay the re-stocking fee. Others have said that it is 30 days from the date you received it.

  • Joe

    When I called I was told that I could she would request a cancellation BUT it wasn't guaranteed so I would have to send it back if it couldn't be canceled. Before this a woman at my local store said I could take it to them and exchange it.. but she sounded clueless so I'll have to see.

  • Joe

    What is the rumor that moto has refused to produce any more screens for the droid Incredible??? And that the phone might be scraped altogether…

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