Apple iAds for iOS 4 Now Live and in Action

Getting bored with your average mobile application advertisements? Apple iAds will come and save the day, and help pay developers a bit extra, too! Some companies are already seeing gains thanks to Apple’s new advertising platform before it even officially hit. When Apple announced iOS 4, Steve Jobs introduced the concept of iAds – interactive multimedia advertisements that did more than just sit there on the screen where our brains have learned to tune them out. Not anymore. Now iAds will let us interact with ads so that marketers can bury their message much deeper in our brains. Yay!

One of the first to jump on the iAds bandwagon is Nissan with its new Nissan LEAF:

Nissan and its zero-emission Nissan LEAF are proud to be one of the first brands and the only automotive brand to date to use Apple’s innovative iAd for iPhone.  Just like the iPhone, Nissan LEAF is 100% electric and 100% in demand as the world’s first mass-production, zero-emission car.  iAds will help Nissan continue to reach the early adopters and target customers who have already placed more than 15,000 reservations for the Nissan LEAF, which will be available beginning in December with full mass-market availability by 2012.

The video demonstrates the functionality that the new iAd format – – launching TODAY July 1 by Apple for iPhone – – offers the millions of iPhone users interested in learning more about Zero Emission Mobility and the new Nissan LEAF.

The new iAd by Nissan lets you check out the car and customize it as well as explore options without having to leave the ad and go into the browser. Whenever you’re done immersing yourself in the world of advertising and straight-to-your-brain marketing, you can leave the ad and go straight back into the app like you originally intended – that is if you can remember you were opening up an application in the first place. And of course, what would all this be without a video demo, right?

  • constantino

    I have been looking for this ad in my apps, but I don't think I have any apps with it. What app should I download so I can see this ad?

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