Symbian-Guru is dead, are there any Nokia advocates left?

Ricky Cadden is one cool cat, and a guy who I consider to be a friend. We both started blogging in November 2006. He had, and I had, and while we did go through our initial stage of bitter rivalry, it ended quickly soon after realizing we had a common passion. No, it wasn’t Symbian, nor was it Nokia, we simply both digg mobile phones and what they enable us to do.

After our sites went online there were many that soon followed. Too many to list. Point is, when I started RingNokia there was only 1, maybe 2, Nokia blogs on the net. Now there are 10s, or even 100s. When Ricky start Symbian-Guru there was All About Symbian … and that’s it. Together we saw the Symbian/Nokia community grow, and that slow organic growth brings back some warm memories. New bloggers asking us for advice. Everyone was pumping out a hell of a lot more editorial, often commenting on each other’s work, instead of riding the SEO gravy train to the bank. It was a better time.

Now here we are, in July 2010, and he shut down his site because he’s had it up to here with Nokia, and is switching to Android, more specifically the Nexus One. A move I did earlier this year, in February. His arguments for dumping Nokia/Symbian are very similar to mine, but while I was insulted and called a heretic simply because I used to work for Nokia, with some people going so far as to claim that I was purposefully bad mouthing the company to “get back” at them, Ricky says it best in this paragraph:

“This was not an easy decision to make. To be honest, I’ve wanted to write this post for the past several months – I’ve had numerous conversations with Dotsisx about this, and we both kept saying ‘let’s give them some time, surely Nokia/Symbian is going to improve.’ Guess what – they didn’t, and it’s just … sad. Like watching your favorite sports team lose game after game after game. Eventually, even the most die-hard sports fans have to find a new team.”

It made me wonder, besides Mark Guim, who writes for The Nokia Blog, and Matthew Miller, who writes Nokia Expert, and of course the All About Symbian folks, are there any Nokia advocates left? I mean … the N97 really ruined the company. Sure, they sold a lot simply because the word “N97” was printed on the box, but when your evangelists, and even common every day loyalists hit bug after bug after bug, it makes people want to look elsewhere.

Update: Oh and of course, how could I forget to say this, but good luck Ricky. It isn’t even going to feel like you’re gone since we’re always Skype-ing or Google Talk-ing each other.

  • andref1989
  • erwin

    i still love nokia. i love symbian for ever.

  • @hardiksjsu

    Yes Stefan, there are many advocates, and there will be more. One leaves, others will come up.
    Again, as i wrote in other article by Dusan, you/Ricky/online bloggers, don't fall into the category of most users
    out there in practical life. Your expectations are much higher and different than most people.

    Now, it would really be a great co-incidence if Ricky decided to stop the blog now, when he himself says he has been thinking of this since long, citing the reasons he gave of N97.

    Now that Nokia says Meego is their choice for highest-end phones, not Symbian, so chances of Symbian being more used in developing world and Meego being more used in developed world, there may not be as many visitors to his symbian website, as majority of people using Symbian don't read these kind of blogs. (Believe it or not).

    So even though, not everything is straightforward as it looks and i am sure there are more reasons behind this site being taken down than what Ricky has told in his post. Sure it is the easiest way out, to blame Symbian and Nokia, but that's not the complete truth, as far as i can tell.

  • Mark

    Apart from AAS and Symbian Freak?

    Minor blog dies. No-one cares. Move on.

  • Ricky Cadden

    Thanks for the post man – we definitely have had some good times, and I definitely call you a friend, too. I'll be around still, don't you worry. 🙂

  • tecfre

    Even though I dont write about nokia in so much of depth, still love nokia

  • droidisthefuture

    Symbian will never ne a smartphone OS of choice in the us. Nokia manufactures inferior hardware and their software is laughable. Android has far surpassed symbian in terms of features. Symbian may be the OS of choice in 3 rd world backwaters but who cares? Android is the future. Sorry Nokia fan boys.

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