Apple Admits iPhone 4 Reception Problem, Software Solution in a Few Weeks

Image showing iPhone 4 displaying no signal bars
Image showing iPhone 4 displaying no signal bars

Steve Jobs had let us know to “stay tuned” regarding the iPhone 4 Death Grip, and today we have a letter from Apple letting everyone know what they’re going to do about it. As suspected, it’s a software problem with iOS 4 (and earlier versions), which Apple promises will be fixed in the next couple of weeks. Specifically, it has something to do with how the iPhone displays coverage; apparently the screen shows bars when there’s actually none, and it only adjusts when you try to make a call. In other words, the “big drop in bars is because their high bars were never real in the first place.”

Sorry, but that sounds like a load of crap when you consider that calls go through just fine when the iPhone 4 is placed on a table without any contact being made with the phone’s circumference, but calls drop when it’s picked up. If there really wasn’t any reception there whatsoever, neither call would go through. What really gets me is how Apple talks like severe antenna attenuation is a problem that effects every mobile (it’s not, just ask Nokia), and that the iPhone 4 is still totally perfect and magical. Whatever, that stance of denial is par for course.

Although it’s baffling that such a problem could go on unabated through the iPhone 4’s entire testing process, you have to take into account that when they were used in the wild prior to launch, iPhone 4s were kept in 3GS-looking cases, so no contact between the body and the phone was ever made. FCC testing was in the same boat, since phones were held in place with a non-conducive apparatus.

In any case, Apple has at very least admitted that there is a problem and they’re working on fixing it. Anyone who has already bought an iPhone and can’t put up with having to avoid the bottom-left corner of their phone have probably already picked up an overpriced bumper to overcome the issue, but for those holding out for a solution before taking the plunge, this is announcement is good news. It doesn’t seem like the statement is going to put a stop in that class-action lawsuit, though.

[via PR Newswire]

  • R2D2

    R2D2 here,

    Apple Inc. said Friday that it was "stunned" to find that its iPhones have for years been using a "totally wrong" formula to determine how many bars of signal strength they are getting. Since Job’s first fix “you’re holding it wrong” did not sell well he now has the solution: Use software to pretend that the hardware is working. Yeah, that’s the ticket. Oh, and that new software will also make you weigh ten pounds less and will add 10K to your bank account. Ahhhhhhahahahaha! Oops, help me Obi-Wan! I laughed so hard I fell over and can’t get up.

    It’s July and hot on Earth. Better drink up that Kool-Aid.

    No such problems with my Droids. The hardware is the best in the galaxy. You earthlings can expect another delivery very soon. The Millennium Falcon has just jumped to hyperspace to get my Droids there without delay.

    The Force is with us! R2D2

  • Ikake

    It’s all about the dollars. I have owned every iPhone and never had a reception problem…until now. I drop 75% of my calls. I can put it on speaker, leave it in the same location with full bars and in 5 min it drops the call. I think apple had to cut some of their normal testing phases to launch this phone quick. Thanks to that drunk tech this phone is crap!

    • Death259

      You can't blame the drunk tech… apple screwed up, face it. Stop being a fan boy and trying to find someone to blame, admit that your precious apple messed up.

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