Google Plans Music Service with Android 3.0 in Q4 2010

Google has big plans for its music service efforts after acquiring music-streaming service Simplified Media. Rumors report that the search company plans on launching a music service in conjuction with the release of Android 3.0 in the fourth quarter of this year. After rumors of Apple’s plan to launch its own streaming service as a result of its Lala acquisition, it looks like Google doesn’t want to fall too far behind its mobile competitor.

News comes from an Israeli financial newspaper Calcalist where, in an interview with Android product manager Gaurav Jain, it was revealed that Google’s mobile efforts will be part of the music service right from the start. Jain also happened to mention that the music service will come right along, which basically confirms it, with Android 3.0, or Gingerbread, this holiday season.

Finally, all my hopes and dreams of having a more ubiquitous way of streaming my music on whatever mobile device happens to strike my fancy at any given time will come true. But you know what, we’re not surprised — we already kinda knew this.

[Via: KnowYourCell]

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