Light a Candle for Microsoft Kin Through Online Memorial Website

The Microsoft Kin was gone before it ever really had a chance, but its memory will live on. Or at least for as long as someone remembers to pay hosting fees for, an online memorial site for those looking to grieve the Kin’s untimely passing. Microsoft’s little social networking device was an enigma, but some of us actually liked the little thing and the cloud services it had to offer. The memorial site has a gallery, a guestbook for those who want to pay respects and a section for those who want to share their Kin stories. We’re guessing that the guestbook and story entries won’t exceed 500 posts, but don’t ask me why.

According to

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one,
Microsoft Kin who was born on May 13, 2010 and passed away on June 30, 2010.
We will remember her forever.

If you browse the site, you’ll be treated to the appropriate background track “Gone Too Soon” by Michael Jackson. It really adds to the melodramatic mood, and somehow, to the hilarity of it all. The sad part? There are human beings out there whose candles flickered out too soon that don’t get this kind of attention or dedicated memorials and vigils. Ah well.

[Via: Kin RIP]

  • Oleg Andelman has no affiliation with online memorials website where the memorial is hosted.
    Please use to access this memorial.

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    Dear visitor,

    The humorous memorial to Microsoft Kin mobile phone created by Shmuel Tennenhaus is now shut down. This decision was made out of the need to preserve the integrity of our service, and out of respect for our customers. is an online memorials service intended to help friends and families share memories and pay tributes to their lost loved ones. We have no affiliation with site.

    Visit us at:

    Please contact us for additional information.

    To see this in person visit:

  • ForeverMissed


    The website had to be shut down. Here is why:

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