Photo: HTC Vision: Android 2.1, 3.7 inch screen, QWERTY keyboard, 1 GHz

What you’re looking at above is a picture of what is supposedly called the HTC Vision. For all the awesome devices based on Android, none have an amazing QWERTY keyboard. You Motorola Droid/Milestone users need to finally admit to yourselves that the keyboard is horrible.

HTC on the other hand is known for making solid QWERTY devices. Many Windows Mobile devices, such as the Touch Pro 2 which features a 5 row QWERTY keyboard with some of the most comfortable keys to type on, are evidence that HTC has the engineering talent.

So what gives? Where’s the QWERTY Android monster we’ve all been wanting?

The Vision is equipped with a 3.7 inch screen, just like that in the Nexus One, though it hasn’t been confirmed if it’s an AMOLED or plain old LCD, a 1 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, and … that’s all. Release date, launch price, we wish we knew.

[Via: Engadget]

  • w7info

    Ya… pretty much everything about it turned out to be not true.

    4.3" screen – no.
    Dual core processor – no.
    Gingerbread – no.

    Only the QWERTY keyboard survives. 😉

  • Peter Boughton

    And it's a crap keyboard too – doesn't have a dedicated number row. No cursor keys. No {}[]<> symbols.

    Seriously. All they have to do is copy the G1's keyboard – it's not perfect, but it's still the only non-crap hardware keyboard for an Android mobile!

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