Google Chrome to Phone Syncs Browser and Froyo in Harmony

Have you ever left your house thinking, “I’m so sorry I have to leave home and get some air and sunshine instead of clinging to the Internet via Google Chrome”? If you own an Android device running version 2.2, or Froyo, you’re in luck. The new Chrome to Phone extension will allow you to sync whatever it was you were oggling on the computer right to your phone at the click of a button. The only catch is, well, you have to have a handset running Froyo — at this point, that means a Google Nexus One or a cooked up version on the Motorola Droid.

While Chrome to Phone is pretty nifty in that it allows you to seamlessly sync what you’re viewing on your browser right to your phone, it doesn’t seem as cool as, say, Firefox Sync and Firefox Home. The latter allows you to sync more than just the web pages you’re leaving behind; Firefox Sync and Home allows you to sync bookmarks, open tabs and it also plays nice with the Awesome Bar.

Google says that this is the most overlooked new features on Froyo or 2.2, so you might want to cheer up the search giant a bit by giving it a whirl. Perhaps you can even offer your precious feedback in order to improve it in the future or add new features. Instructions were even put up to make your life that much easier:

  1. Head over to the Google Chrome to Phone Download Site
  2. Download and install the chrometophone-extension-v0.3.crx file (for Google Chrome) or the following Firefox extension:
  3. Download and install the chrometophone-android.apk Android application
  4. Launch the Chrome to Phone application from your Android phone and click the Register Device button
  5. Launch the Chrome to Phone Chrome Extension in your Chrome browser and enter your Google username and password
  6. Start sending stuff!

Now, that’s pretty easy and nifty, but how about letting other versions of Android in on the fun, eh, Google? Please and thanks.

[Via: Android and Me]

  • Jay_A

    URL Pusher does something similar, and is available on most Android OS versions. Simply add the java applet to your bookmarks bar and install the app on your device, then sync by typing the randomly generated code from the handset into the URL pusher website. All you need to do then is click the URL pusher applet on the bookmarks bar and it will push the website you are viewing straight to your handset.

    It's worked for me on the Hero (which was running on 2.1), the Milestone and the X10, the only issue was the X10 would constantly sound the message received notification when the URL was received. But it worked on all devices, and URL pusher works with Firefox, IE and Opera, as well as Chrome.

  • Charles

    the link for the extension does not work

  • la

    i dont understand what i must to do

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