Apple iPhone 4 is Hot Alright; Hot Like Fire!

It’s natural for our gadgets, including the Apple iPhone 4, to get a little hot every now and then. It’s normal with usage and especially when charging. While we’ve all heard the horror stories about our toys catching on fire, however, it’s still a little shocking to see it happen. One would imagine that engineers have solved this extremely dangerous problem by now, right?

Pictured above is an iPhone 4 that got a little too hot and ended up bursting into flames where the 30-pin connector meets the body. As a result, the accompany USB cable melted and the frame of the iPhone 4 is scorched. Apparently, the frame became very hot and even burned the owner’s hand just slightly. Unfortunately, given very limited stock right now, the iPhone 4 user was unable to get the handset exchanged at an AT&T store, but Apple did confirm to the user that it was a defective USB connector. Based on that, we’re assuming that Apple will replace this handset without too many problems.

Word of warning out there just to prevent injuries: although our gadgets and electronics get hot every now and then, be cautious when things get a little too hot or when you suspect something may malfunction or go wrong. Serious injuries have resulted in the past.

[Via: BGR]

  • alizard

    I recommend a change in your headline…
    Apple iPhone 4 is Hot Alright; Hot Like "FIRE!!! FIRE!!! FIRE!!!"

    should remove any ambiguity and get the point across at a glance that the topic is an iPhone4 which actually catches fire as the latest "undocumented feature".

  • Justrambling

    Very Isolated incident there with the cable being defective. Also, i have notice a lot of people putting there laptops on pillows, charging their IPhone's on the couch and worse. If you do things like this your equipment will get hot and not radiate heat away from the device like it was designed to do, thus, causing problems. One other thing the article talks about is geting an exchange at an AT&T store. I recently had a problem with my IPhone 4's battery life and I did the same thing as described in the article. I took it to the AT&T store, and found the same problem, no phones to exchange it with. However, the apple store has a stock of phones just for that purpose. I went there and received a new phone in about 20min. You should be more full in your reporting. Oh P.S. My new Iphone 4 works great I am having excellent results with the new one. AT&T stinks and drops calls but the phone is great.

  • evo4ever

    Things like this wouldn't happen if everyone just wised up and bought an EVO4G.

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