Microsoft Bing coming to Android soon

Microsoft Bing will come to Android as a full-fledged app in the next six weeks, the software giant said.

The company already has a full app for rival Apple’s iPhone and it’s actually pretty cool. The Bing app for Apple iPhone allows you to search the web, find directions with its map and it even includes voice services. There’s already a Bing mapping program for Android but the latest version will include all the desktop functionality, including image searching.

It’s interesting that Microsoft is going to Android because this platform is controlled by Bing’s biggest search rival, Google. Microsoft’s search engine hasn’t appeared to dent Google’s share much (it seems to have mainly taken share from Yahoo and others) but that’s because the desktop search market is quite mature. People just “Google” queries online without thinking twice.

The mobile search game is a different beast altogether though, as Google is still firmly in the lead but it’s by no means entrenched. That’s why Microsoft is trying to bring its Bing app to as many platforms as possible. It also just got on the Apple iPhone as a search option, but it could really start to make waves in this space if it can become the default option, as has been often rumored.

Don’t think Google is going to take this mobile assault lying down, though, as the search giant knows how important the mobile space is and it will fight to maintain its dominance. That’s one of the many reasons it even introduced the Android operating system and it will work hard to improve its mobile services.

Microsoft is aiming to improve its search services too, as it recently updated its Apple iPhone app to include image recognition and social networking integration. We’ll definitely be keeping an eye on this one and it will be quite a battle to watch.

[Via Yahoo News]

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