CyanogenMod 6 caught running on Sprint HTC EVO 4G with Android 2.2 Froyo, Bluetooth mouse in tow

We had no doubt that CyanogenMod 6 would be coming to the Sprint HTC EVO 4G, but we just had no idea when. Now, it looks like the wait may soon be over, seeing as how we’ve got a video of CM 6 running on the EVO 4G.

CyanogenMod 6 on the EVO is a dream come true for me, as the Sense UI – as nice as it looks – is just getting a little too long in the tooth. Sense provides many nice features and optimizations, but I’d pick stock Android over it any day, which definitely wasn’t the case before. CM 6 will give EVO users a taste of Android 2.2 Froyo, without HTC’s custom Sense skin. Better yet, the new ROM will will bring Froyo to the EVO almost half a year before HTC predicts it will be able to officially push out the Froyo update to their devices. Current roadmaps have the update pegged around Christmas time, as HTC has recently said.

It’s really hard to argue against getting Froyo half a year early, even if it means giving up the Sense UI. Not only does CM 6 bring Froyo to your EVO, but it also adds more functionality than even regular stock Android.

One of the coolest things that you’ll see in the video below, at about 25 seconds in, the person giving the demo stops touching the device, but still navigates through it. That’s because he paired mouse to the device, and a cursor appeared. Now, the next step is to get the HDMI port to display the entire user interface to a screen, and then you’ve got a real computer on your hands. This is a cool project that will become available at some point, hopefully. We don’t know when, but by the looks of this video, it might not be too far away from now.

Get ready, EVO users, you’re gonna have a nice face lift to your device sometime soon. You can either get a taste of Froyo relatively soon, or wait till Christmas when HTC releases it officially. But, just know that by that time, CyanogenMod may have Gingerbread up and running. Hurry it up, HTC.

[Via: YouTube]

  • Juan Leal

    if you can display the interface then this will certainly kill the netbook

    • @thecolor

      no doubt! I enjoy an all in one, and this will frickin' rock!

  • nuttymac

    OMG! That is way too cool. Another reason why I love the EVO.

  • CorporalMaxSterling

    why does everyone keep saying you have to ditch HTC? I'm running FRESH and still have full access to Sense UI… granted it's not my home screen of choice, but it still works just fine.

  • john

    No more sense. It's not worth the 6month+ wait for new version on android. I would much rather take the stock UI and have updates in a reasonable time. I will never buy another HTC phone unless they ditch sense. It's too bad too, they make really nice phones.

  • Angel Gonzalez

    Another reason why the EVO as an edge over the DROID X. "You can ROOT it and run custom ROMs.". Thank you Cyanogen Team for you good works…

  • John Vicencio

    Where's the link to this CyanogentMod 6 Froyo for HTC Evo???

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