• Shimmyx20

    I love this phone. Had an iPhone 3G for about one and a half years, and while I really liked that phone, I was itching for something different than iOS.

    Boy am I glad I made that change! I still like my iPhone (and I still carry it around for all the games and songs I have on it), but the Captivate is simply stunning. It has a very fast processor, a”captivating” screen, and Android is a great OS. Still getting used to the differences between the two OSes, but I’m really enjoying the flexibility and customizability I have with this phone.

    I do have an issue with the GPS, in that it takes forever to get a fix. The link that you provided doesn’t work for the AT&T phone according to the comments, but supposedly there is a fix on XDA, so I’ll have to give that a go.

    Battery life seems a little short, but that’s my fault as I can’t stop using this thing!

  • roiji

    i just tried this phone (galaxy s) yesterday and noticed that when using devesh's Flashlight app the Samsung Galaxy Spica's LCD screen is much brighter then the Super AMOLED screen of the Galaxy S…
    i don't know if that's caused by a setting on the phone, i didn't check.
    it hanged on my when i installed and launched Quadrant but that may be because of the stupid 'antivirus free' app someone installed on the phone..
    but still this phone amazes me! i'm getting it on christmas :D

    • enjoimark

      Christmas? Hell, by then there will be far better phones out.

  • zgryfx

    You say "rock" and "rocking" a lot. I don't think it means what you think it means.

    • marinperez

      Ha ha. Noted. Will mix it up buddy.

  • Robert Jordan

    I have this phone, and as far as the lack of flash, the night vision setting more than makes up for that! The thing about having a flash is that it only brightens up what's directly in front of the light. The night vision illuminates the entire picture. Try it in low light, and prepare to be amazed, I know I was! This phone is a beast! I love it.

  • Skyfire

    One way to conserve battery life on the Samsung Galaxy, for those of you who consume a lot of video, is to download Skyfire for your video browsing. Due to our ability to transcode video into Html5, and do the heavy lifting/compression on our end, this can dramatically conserve battery when compared video consumption with other browsers and optimized mobile video.

    • Jesse

      Skyfire is great, Although I do not YET have a Galaxy S ("Canadian") I do however use Skyfire on my Sony Xperia X10

  • dorcon

    Good review. The author writes well, which is unusual for most tech blogs these days.


    Reading your review, I felt the need for an app that would convert the word “rocks” to standard English equivalents, e.g., “uses”. The author “rocks” the iPhone, “rocks” earbuds, basically “rocks” everything. Slang has its places, particularly when it fills in gaps in standard English or extends meaning. Using the word “rocks” ad nauseum detracts from your writing and reduces your readability and credibility.

    • Marin Perez

      Yes, yes. I know. I appreciate the feedback guys and gals.

  • Aida1232

    ??? galaxy S ???? ??????? ?????-?????????

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